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HDFC Securities Vs Geojit BNP Paribas

Here is a point by point comparison of HDFC Securities Vs Geojit BNP Paribas. HDFC Securities is the equity trading arm of HDFC Bank. It was founded in the year 2000 as a joint venture between HDFC Limited, HDFC Bank Limited and IndOcean E-Securities Holding limited. Geojit BNP Paribas is one of the prominent full-service brokers in India with 8,00,000 clients across 509 offices across the country.  At the same time, Geojit BNP Paribas also has an international presence across middle eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait.

Full-service brokers such as HDFC Securities or Geojit BNP Paribas will help you, spoon feed you, hand hold you through the process, even if you need an offline help, meet someone, talk to somebody and so on. Choosing between the two depends on your preferences, your online appetite, your understanding of the stock market and so on.

To make things easy for you, we have listed out the comparison between HDFC Securities Vs Geojit BNP Paribas to help you find which of the two suits your needs better. The comparison is made on aspects such as:

Generally above mentioned aspects are good enough to make a decision based on your preferences, but feel free to let us know what more areas you would like us to cover. Most of the content has been vetted by the corresponding stock broking firms. We hope this article helps you to understand which of the two brokers is better for your needs.



Have you in the past or are currently trading with any of the above stockbrokers? If yes, would you like to share your experience(s) with HDFC Securities Vs Geojit BNP Paribas for the benefits of other readers. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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