Upcoming IPOs this year in India look very lucrative from an investment point of view. Few of these IPOs are good for long-term holding while there are some that can provide you reasonable returns in short term as well.

In this detailed review, let’s have a quick look at some of these Upcoming IPOs that you may choose to invest in along with the ones that can be avoided.

Upcoming IPOs – Introduction

Investing in IPOs has become a quick way to jump your investment returns in a pretty quick time in the recent past. Talking about ground reality or the performance, IPO or Initial Public Offerings in India saw a bumper feast in the year 2017 wherein 100+ IPOs were launched throughout the year across different industries.

There were IPOs such as Avenue Supermarts that are trading at 210% of their listing price, D-mart at 284% of their listing price and so on.

2018 stayed fairly good as well, although in the second half of the year a lot of companies decided to delay their IPO launch plans and pushed them to 2019.

If you are somebody who is looking to invest in any of the upcoming IPOs, you need to open a Demat account with a stockbroker in India. In order to learn about the complete process of IPO application, you can check this review on How to Apply for IPO through ASBA.

You can also check whether you should be going ahead with IPO investments or not in the first place.

From the other side, any company that is looking to raise capital from the stock market goes through a process of IPO filing with SEBI and appoints different financial broking companies to launch the IPO.

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Following the mega-success of IPOs in the year 2017, there are multiple companies lined for IPO listings in the year 2018-19. Here we discuss all those companies, their expected IPO timelines, capital to be raised etc so that you can perform your analysis beforehand and make sure on whether you want to go ahead with IPO bidding or not.

You can search for specific stocks, months and status of the different upcoming IPOs to be listed on the stock market. Furthermore, the IPOs that have been filed or the ones that are going to be filed in the near future have been reviewed by our research team. You can choose to click on the specific IPO links in order to learn the detailed review of these IPOs.

Here is the complete list of upcoming IPOs in India:


As shown above, you can observe that these upcoming IPOs come from different industries and sectors including:

  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Media
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Communication
  • Aviation
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Energy

Thus, before you make up your mind about whether to go ahead with a specific stock or not, it makes sense to understand the performance of the industry in the recent past, performance of peer IPOs and so on. At the same time, it needs to be understood that most of the sectors listed above have seen reasonable growth but still, it is better to perform first-hand analysis on your own.

Upcoming IPOs List


Industry – Insurance

Status – Launched

HDFC Life was established in the year 2000 and has pan India presence with 414 branches. The company also has over 11,200 branches all over India with its top 15 bancassurance partners. 61.65 % of the stake is held by HDFC, 35% is held by Standard Life, and the rest is held by others. 

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Astron Paper & Board Mill IPO

Industry – Paper

Status – Launched

Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd. was founded in the year 2010. It is an Ahmedabad based company engaged in manufacturing of Kraft paper, which is also called as paperboard or cardboard. The paper so produced by the company is primarily used in the packaging industry for making crenellated boxes, corrugated satchels, and composite vessels.

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Future Supply Chain Solutions IPO

Industry – Logistics

Status – Launched

Future Supply Chain Solution Ltd. (FSCSL) is one of the largest third-party supply and logistics service providers of India. Future Supply Chain Solution Ltd. was incorporated in 2006. The company is promoted by the Future Group and Fung Capital.

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Shalby Hospital IPO

Industry – Healthcare

Status – Launched

Shalby Limited was incorporated in 2004.

Shalby Limited / Shalby Hospitals is a chain of multi-speciality hospitals across India. The first hospital was a joint replacement centre which was established by Dr Vikram I. Shah in 1994 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This first hospital was a small six-bed single speciality unit which offered total knee replacement surgery.

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Apollo Micro Systems Limited IPO

Industry – Security

Status – Launched

Apollo Micro Systems Limited was incorporated in 1985. Apollo Micro Systems is a well established and recognized company with a proven track record of more than 25 years. The company is based in Hyderabad and deals in the business of electronics, electro-mechanical and engineering designs, manufacturing and supply.

Apollo Micro Systems Limited is known for providing high performance and critical solutions to Space, Defense, and Home Land Security for the defence ministry, public sector undertakings (PSU) and private sector companies. The company provides customize commercially off the shelf (COTS) solutions to its defence and space clients.

Read the complete Apollo Micro Systems Limited review here.

Aster DM healthcare IPO

Industry – Healthcare

Status – Launched

Aster DM healthcare was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Dubai. The firm runs multiple hospitals, diagnostic centres as well as pharmacy stores in India as well as in different parts of the middle-east.

In the recent past (2012), Aster DM healthcare sold a minor stake to Olympus Capital Holdings Asia for around $100 million. The percentage stake was not declared in this investment but it was announced that Olympus Capital Holdings Asia is the largest investor in the medical corporate.

This was followed by another $60 Million investment by Olympus Capital Holdings Asia which strengthened its position even further as far as the stake in Aster DM healthcare is concerned.

Gandhar Oil Refinery IPO

Industry – Energy

Status – To be Announced

Gandhar Oil Refinery has its head-office in Mumbai with different operational plants across Maharashtra and Dadar & Haveli. The business is looking to cross the target of $650 Million and is running multiple businesses across White Oils, Industrial Oils, Automotive oils, Industrial fuels etc to achieve that target.

The business has running subsidiaries across Singapore and Dubai (UAE) as well apart from its operations in India.

This is one of the Upcoming IPOs that you must keep an eye open since it comes from an industry that has a huge potential in the next few years in India.

Laqshya Media Limited IPO

Industry – Media

Status – To be Announced

Founded by Mr Alok Jalan in 1997, Laqshya Media Group is one of the largest Independent Marketing communications networks in India. The network has over 250 employees across 25 offices and has its footprint spread significantly in the UAE as well.

Coming with one of those upcoming IPOs soon, the firm provides services in different advertising fragments including Experimental marketing, mainline advertising, mainstream digital marketing etc. It is interesting to see such a media group coming out and raising capital from the general public. However, some seasoned traders might want to play wait-and-watch-game on how this pans out.

Although the numbers are still to be put out yet, there has not much of an excitement seen in the investor community seeing this company as part of the Upcoming IPOs cohort.

Prince Pipes and Fittings IPO

Industry – Piping

Status – To be Announced

With its corporate office in Mumbai and manufacturing plants in different parts of India including Silvassa, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu – Price Pipes and fittings provide multiple solutions for plumbing, irrigation and sewerage services.

The company claims to be growing at a CAGR (Cumulative Annual Growth Rate) of 40% in the last 4 years which is a reasonable growth even if a peer comparison in the industry is performed.

Again, the business comes from a very niche segment and certainly has a following that backs this IPO listing.

Genesis Colors limited IPO

Industry – Luxury

Status – To be Announced

Genesis Colors Limited comes from the holding companies namely Satya Paul and Bwitch, that has been around for a while. The group also brings a range of premium designer labels for its users on a regular basis through some of their exclusive distribution rights.

Some of such exclusive brands include Paul Smith, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, Armani etc. At the same time, the brand runs a few joint ventures with names such as Burberry, Canali, Villeroy & Boch etc.

Thus, from an industry rapport perspective, Genesis Colors limited has been taking few extravagant steps and certainly improving its brand equity along the way.

This Gurgaon based company has a workforce of around 500 and has seen gradual improvements in its numbers over the past few years.

Have you heard of these different brands? If yes, we are pretty sure you are looking forward to this listing as part of the Upcoming IPOs in India.


Industry – Finance

Status – Launched

ICICI Securities or ICICI Direct is a prominent name in the full-service stockbroking space in India. The stockbroker is the trading arm of ICICI Bank and has been around for a while now. As of January 2018, the stockbroker enjoys an active client base of 7,52,138 which makes it the number#1 stockbroker in India in terms of the active client base.

Talking about numbers, ICICI Securities posted a net profit of ₹522 crore on March 31 2017, while the revenue posted was in the range of ₹1404 crore. At the same time, the net worth of the company was ₹589 crore in the last quarter.

When it comes to raising capital, well ICICI Securities is one of those companies that help other businesses to launch their respective IPOs. And it going to be only fair to assume that when they come out to launch their own IPO, it is going to be a mammoth affair.

This is easily one of those upcoming IPOs we are eyeing forward to.

National Insurance Company IPO

Industry – Insurance

Status – To be Announced

National Insurance Company or NIC is the oldest general insurance company in India and runs operations in around 1500 offices all over India through its workforce of around 15,000 employees. Incorporated in the year 1906, NIC was merged with multiple foreign and domestic business entities in 1966 and has survived well with profit till date.

They may look at a disinvestment of 15% stake that could fetch them a capital in the range of ₹3,500 Crore Plus.

The business is looking to raise capital through an initial public offering in the recent future and has a strong backing of its profitable numbers in recent years. With Insurance industry seeing a reasonable growth in the recent past, the timing of the IPO could not have been better.

This listing was an active part of the Upcoming IPOs list, however, the IPO launch plans have been postponed till further communication.

UTI Mutual Fund IPO

Industry – Finance

Status – To be Announced

UTI Mutual fund brings another IPO coming from a financial house when there is already a streak of such IPOs flowing in. This particular asset management company has been around for 5 decades in the business and has seen all kinds of ups and downs in its history, be it at global-level concern or any domestic hurdle.

It has a presence in around 150 locations and has a strong fleet of 47,000 IFAs who portray the face of the business in front of potential clients.

Currently, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda are some of the investors in the business and may exit once this IPO comes into play.

Stay tuned for its detailed review on A Digital Blogger.

Galaxy Surfactants IPO

Industry – Personal & Home Care

Status – Launched

Galaxy Surfactants comes from the Personal & Home Care industry and acts as a manufacturer in the overall supply chain. It has multiple plants in India, Egypt and USA along with a Research and development office in Navi Mumbai where the company looks to innovate new product lines and keeps the industry moving.

They have launched IPO in the range of ₹1,000 Crore and some of the existing shareholders look forward to liquefying their stake in this opportunity. The total share could that could see a direct sell out from the existing investors is around 63,31,674.

Seaways Shipping and Logistics Ltd IPO

Industry – Logistics

Status – To be Announced

Seaways Shipping and Logistics has been in the logistics business for around 26 years and has NVOCCs operations running in South East Asia and the Middle Eastern markets. There are multiple services offered by Seaways Shipping including – NVOCC, Freight Forwarding, bulk cargo handling, turnkey and integrated logistics solutions and free trade warehousing zone services (FTWZ Services), offshore logistics services.

The firm has been consistently profitable and with increased manufacturing eco-system created in India (with initiatives such as Make-in-India), Seaways sees a reasonable room for growth in the future. With this IPO in their plans, the company’s capacity to grow has high chances of improvement.

The logistics industry has already been seeing a reasonable push through different government policies and this launch is being seen as one of the top Upcoming IPOs in India.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd IPO

Industry – Aviation

Status – Launched

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited or HAL was established back in the year 1940 and is owned by the government of India. HAL carries multiple operations including manufacturing and assembly of aircraft, navigation and related communication equipment and airports operation.

Apart from that, the corporation looks into design and assembly of jet engines, helicopters, aircraft and related spare parts. Looking at the kind of operations the business looks into, you can understand that HAL is going to have limited competition in the aviation space. Furthermore, it carries a history of working and collaborating with big fish at the global level as well.

As far as this IPO is concerned, HAL is looking to dilute 10% of its equity and certainly looks to be one of the lucrative IPOs.


Industry – Transportation

Status – To be Announced

If you make 10 people sit in a room and test them for brand recalls, there is a good chance that most of the people sitting would have known about IRCTC. In a quick duration, this online railway booking portal has been able to win reasonable brand equity. Yes, a portion of users might have their negative experiences as well but still, it is a monopoly and is most likely going to stay that way.

IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation books millions of tickets every single day and is now looking to raise some fresh capital from the primary market. However, it seems that the IPO is going to get delayed due to some lapses in the financial recordings.

The Indian Railway Ministry is looking to fix these concerns first so that this upcoming IPO can get a better valuation and these smaller issues do not lead to any impact on the IPO valuation.

Without a doubt, this launch is one of the most looked forward to Upcoming IPOs.

National Stock Exchange IPO

Industry – Finance

Status – To be Announced

A major chunk of Indian traders and investors trade through NSE or National Stock Exchange. The exchange was established back in the year 1994 and is one of the largest exchanges in the world for the last few years. The exchange NSE launched one of its own kind in India – electronic screen-based trading in 1994, then derivatives trading and internet trading in 2000, which again were each the first of its kind in India.

Now, this particular entity is looking to raise capital from the stock market itself. The exchange has shown a reasonable profit at a consistent level in the last few years and if we look at some numbers, it filed a revenue of ₹2,359.1Crore and a PAT (Profit after tax) of ₹985.4 Crore.

If we are to pick top 5 picks out of these upcoming IPOs in 2018, NSE’s IPO will certainly be featured in that, without a doubt.

Go Air IPO

Industry – Aviation/Transportation

Status – To be Announced

Go Airlines or Go Air is one of the prominent domestic aviation business operated by the Wadia Group. It was established back in the year 2005 and today, they fly around 2300 flights every week. The airline positions itself as ‘Smart People’s Airline’ and offers low-cost air-travel to its customers.

If we talk about some numbers here, the airline posted a revenue of ₹2,973 Crore in 2015, ₹2,791.3 Crore in 2016. Then from the profitability perspective, it posted a profit of ₹277.3 Crore and then dipped to ₹150.2 Crore in 2016. 2017 numbers are to be published soon as well. Still, the picture does not really give a good impression.

Filing an IPO might not be a good time still, the company is looking to go ahead with their plans in the near future. We can only assume that Go Air has few surprises in the kitty before they hit the market. Not much of an enthusiasm from the investor community towards this Upcoming IPOs’ launch.

Acme Solar IPO

Industry – Energy

Status – To be Announced

Acme Solar holdings is one of the largest Independent power producers in India with a current aggregate capacity of 874 MW. The business makes revenue by selling produced electricity to central and state governments along with government-owned corporations. The business currently has 33 operational projects while another 14 are running under construction.

The corporation plans to launch a ₹2,200 Crore worth IPO and then wants to spend the capital raised in paying debt and investing a major part of it in the 200 MW solar power project in Rajasthan. There is a plan of pre-IPO placement of shares and raise another ₹500 Crore capital from it.

With Solar Energy one of the most crucial aspects to look forward in the future along with getting a backing of Narendra Modi, any of the Upcoming IPOs coming from this sector have high chances of success.

Stay tuned for a detailed review soon.

Lemon Tree IPO

Industry – Hospitality

Status – To be Announced

With coverage in 24 cities across India and 40 hotels under its belt, the group ‘Lemo tree hotels’ is India’s largest hotel chain in the mid-price segment and ranks 3rd overall in owned and leased rooms.

The group runs four brands under its name, including:

  • Lemon Tree Premier
  • Lemon Tree Resorts
  • Lemon Tree Hotels
  • Red Fox

The positioning of these three brands is obviously for a different set of travellers and clients.

As far as the IPO listing is concerned, this 2002 established company, is looking to dilute around 24.90% of its equity. Apart from using the funds raised from the IPO into its business activities, Lemon Tree expects that this listing will help their brand to gain customer visibility and improve brand image, which honestly is not an unrealistic expectation.

Bandhan Bank IPO

Industry – Finance

Status – Launched

Bandhan Bank was incorporated recently in 2014-15 and in fact became the first bank to be established in East India after Independence. Located in Kolkata, Bandhan Bank currently has 866 Branches, 2547 Doorstep services and 386 ATMs with an employee strength of more than 25,000.

The bank hit the market with its mammoth ₹2,500 Crore IPO comprising 97 Million+ Equity shares. As far as its recent performance is concerned, Bandhan Bank clocked ₹24,034.98 Million Net Interest Income in 2017 as compared ₹9,328.36 Million in 2016.

Reliance General Insurance IPO

Industry – Insurance

Status – To be Announced

Reliance General Insurance is one of the largest privately held insurance companies in India. It has a presence in 139 offices with 12,000 intermediaries across different parts of the country. This Anil Ambani led company has seen a consistent growth in recent years in terms of monetary performance as well as customer acquisition.

Now, the corporate is looking to launch an IPO in 2018 and has actually got the confirmation of SEBI as well. There will be an issue of 1.67 Crore shares in the IPO and if we talk about company financials, the company’s valuation stands at around ₹6,000 Crore while its book value is ₹1,250 Crore.

It is going to be relatively a smaller issue and the company looks to use the funds in clearing some of the pending debts along with using capital in the operational expansion.

With the group looking towards a bankruptcy stage, not sure this list out of the Upcoming IPOs is seeing much of an excitement. Are you excited?

Amber Enterprises IPO

Industry – Electronics

Status – Launched

Amber Enterprises is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that manufactures air conditioners for brands such as Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin, Godrej and a lot more such brands. It opened its first manufacturing plant in Punjab back in 1994 and today, they have 10 such units in 7 different locations. Apart from ACs, Amber Enterprises manufactures appliances such as Washing machines, refrigerators, water purifiers etc.

The corporation is looking to raise ₹555 Crore through this IPO issue and will use these funds in clearing some debts (in the range of ₹345 Crore) apart from increasing its manufacturing footprint. In the last financial year, Amber Enterprises filed a revenue of ₹1,650 Crore and a major chunk of that came from the AC segment.

HG Infra Engineering Limited IPO

Industry – Engineering

Status – Launched

HG Infra Engineering Limited is a certified construction company that primarily engages in infrastructure based projects such as highways, roads & bridges. Military Engineering Services, railways and land development. The company was founded in January 2003 and has its corporate office in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The company is looking to launch a mid-scale IPO and raise ₹500 Crore capital. The funds raised through this issue would be used for purchasing capital equipment, repayment of some debts and for other general corporate purposes.

Newgen Software Technologies IPO

Industry – Technology

Status – Launched

Headquartered in New Delhi, Newgen Software provides services to clients coming from various sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government based etc. Their clientele is based out of around 60 countries to whom the company provides technology-based solutions.

With this IPO launch, the company looks to raise a capital funding of ₹4o0 Crore. If we look at the some of the recent performance, Newgen reported a consolidated revenue of ₹433.76 Crore and an operating profit of ₹52.36 for the financial year 2016-17. These numbers were a reasonable improvement from the revenue of ₹349.67 Crore a year earlier to that.

This IPO might not be one of those hot Upcoming IPOs that you are looking forward to, but it may end up one of those surprising ones.

ReNew Power IPO

Industry – Power

Status – To be Announced

Founded in the year 2011, ReNew Power is the largest clean air producer in India is looking to launch their IPO in the Indian stock market this year. As an entity, ReNew Power recently commissioned the largest solar farm in Telangana with a capacity of 143 MW. They also doubled their power generation capacity last year and crossed 2000 MW.

Through this IPO, the business is looking to raise around ₹4,500 Crore which makes it one of the biggest Upcoming IPOs to be launched in 2018. Few of the existing investors including Goldman Sachs and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority might dilute a portion of their stakes in the company through this IPO.

Karda Construction IPO

Industry – Construction

Status – To be Announced

Karda Construction, established in the year 1994 has its head office in Nashik, Maharashtra. The business is looking to file an IPO soon this year.

Coming from the negatively impacted industry post demonetization with some impacts of GST as well, this IPO might not be seen as one of the hottest Upcoming IPOs of 2018-19.

More details to follow soon.

Continental Warehousing Corporation IPO

Industry – Logistics

Status – To be Announced

Continental Warehousing Corporation was incorporated in the year 1997 and today the business has operations running from different parts of India including Mumbai, Chennai, Tuticorin. The logistics firm now is looking to raise a capital of ₹420 Crore through an initial public offering (IPO).

The IPO will be listed both at NSE and BSE and the launch will be taken care of by Edelweiss Capital, Axis Capital, Ambit and ICICI Securities. More details to follow soon.

Aakash Education Services IPO

Industry – Education

Status – To be Announced

Aakash Education is a chain of educational institutes that has been around since 1988 and trains budding students into the fields of medicine and engineering primarily. The chain that started as a single batch of coaching with just 12 students, today they teach a student base of 110,000 annually. They boost 135 classroom centres, 78 corporate branches, 57 franchise centres and 3,500 employees.

In early 2017, the group also launched a ₹250 Crore, 230-bed super-speciality hospital in Dwarka, New Delhi. This move gave a hint on future plans of the business towards the kind of segments they might be investing money and resources.

Valued at ₹4,000 Crore, Aakash Education Services is looking to raise ₹1,000 Crore through an IPO. The funds raised through the offering will primarily be used in business expansion in other geographies.

Certainly one of the most interesting Upcoming IPOs this year.

Seven Islands Shipping IPO

Industry – Logistics

Status – To be Announced

Seven Islands Shipping Limited or SISL is a seaborne logistics company which is based out of Mumbai. It was established back in 2002 and currently, it owns a fleet of 12 vessels – 3 crude oil tankers and 9 product carriers. At the same time to gain credibility, SISL has a membership from ISO 9001:2008 as well as from the American Bureau of Shipping.

The company is looking to raise ₹450 Crore through an IPO and plans to use the raised capital to buy a very large crude carrier and for other general corporate purposes. The IPO is going to be managed by Edelweiss Financial Services and is to be listed at both Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as well as National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Srei Equipment Finance IPO

Industry – Engineering

Status – To be Announced

Srei Equipment Finance is a 27-year-old company and has emerged as one of the leading equipment financers in India. The key to their business model is their unique and highly valued relationship with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) coming from industries such as Construction, Mining and Allied Equipment, Tippers, IT and allied equipment, Medical and allied equipment, Farm equipment etc.

With this IPO they are looking to file, they plan to raise ₹1,100 Crore which makes it relatively big if not one of the biggest Upcoming IPOs of the year. At the same time, if we take a quick look at financials, the company reported a revenue of ₹2495.33 Crore and a net profit of ₹148.84 Crore.

Bharat Serum IPO

Industry – Healthcare

Status – To be Announced

Bharat Serums And Vaccines Limited (BSV) is one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical companies in India and has been ranked amongst the top 10 Indian biopharmaceutical companies. The Company, founded in 1971, is based in Mumbai, India and has over 900 employees.

BSV researches before it develops, manufactures and markets injectable biological, pharmaceutical, and biotech products. Its product portfolio comprises 25 brands which include plasma derivatives, monoclonals, fertility hormones, antifungals, anaesthetics, cardiovascular drugs and equine immunoglobulins/antitoxins.

With this IPO, Bharat Serums And Vaccines Limited may get rid of around 30% of equity and raise ₹2,000 Crore in the process. This will value the company at ₹6,667 Crore. The IPO may be targeted in the first 6 months of 2018 and the launch will be taken care of by Jefferies & Co.

P olicy Bazaar IPO

Industry – Insurance

Status – To be Announced

Policy Bazaar is a web-based insurance aggregator that was founded in 2008. Based out of Gurgaon, the website caters to an audience base looking for life insurance, health insurance and occupies 90% market share as far as the contribution to online premium is concerned.

The website gets 5.4 Million visitors every month and 200,000 transactions on a monthly basis.

As far as previous fundings are concerned, there have been multiple investors including but not limited to Makesense technologies, Intel Capital, Tiger Management, Inventus Capital Partners etc. Now with this IPO, Policy Bazaar looks to raise $50 Million and use those funds in expansion of the company’s loan and credit cards disbursement.

The IPO may get on the floor mid-2019.

GMR Airports IPO

Industry – Construction

Status – To be Announced

Headquartered in New Delhi, GMR Group is a major player in the Infrastructure Sector with multiple projects in Airports, Energy, Transportation and Urban Infrastructure. GMR owns and operates some of the prominent airports such as Delhi International Airport, Hyderabad International Airport and a few other projects in the Philippines etc.

Through its IPO launch by May-June 2018, the group looks to raise ₹3,000 Crore to ₹5,000 Crore and use this capital to pay off debt, private equity investors and use the rest for its projects. This one of the biggest Upcoming IPOs this year and can expect huge bidding from retail investors.

Sandhar Technologies IPO

Industry – Automotive

Status – To be Announced

Started as a sheet metal supplier to Hero Honda in 1987, Sandhar Technologies is an Auto manufacture that has become a much bigger name in the last 3 decades or so. The business has grown to 33 manufacturing plants in India and across the globe with an employee base of more than 6,500. The different products the business operates in Handles, Zinc & aluminium PDC, Plastic Injection moulding, Wheel Rims, Handle Bars etc.

Sandhar Technologies is looking to raise ₹300 Crore through an IPO in the next few months and intends to use the funds to prepay/repay certain loan facilities and for general corporate purposes. ICICI Direct and Axis Capital will be taking care of the launching the IPO.

KIMS Hospitals IPO

Industry – Healthcare

Status – To be Announced

KIMS Hospital is one of the leading multi-care private healthcare services providers in southern India and has evolved as the largest corporate healthcare group in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with a network of six hospitals. The group has their flagship hospital at Secunderabad which is one of the largest private hospitals in India at a single location (excluding medical colleges) and has a capacity of 1,000 beds.

At the operational level, the group has a total of 766 doctors, 1,862 nursing staff and 1,002 paramedical staff and 1,997 administrative staff.

With the IPO they are planning to launch, KIMS hospitals’ looks to raise ₹600 Crore. With this amount, the group is looking to expand its presence as well as use a chunk of it for general corporate purposes.

The IPO launch will be taken care by Axis Capital, ICICI Securities and Edelweiss Broking.

Kalyan Jewellers IPO

Industry – Luxury

Status – To be Announced

As the name suggests, Kalyan Jewellers foray into the business of jewellery although the group has a history of textile retailing and wholesaling for over 100 years (as per their claims). Kalyan group moved into the field of jewellery as recent as 1993.

The business plans to launch an IPO worth ₹2,500 Crore to ₹3,000 Crore. More details to follow soon.

Lite Bite Foods IPO

Industry – Food

Status – To be Announced

Lite Bite Goods or LBG is conglomerate of multiple food and beverages outlets with some of the prominent brand names under its kitty. Some of these brands include Punjab Grill, Zambar, Fresc Co, Asia 7, The Artful Baker etc. The business has more than 180 operation outlets across different parts of India and outside. These outlets are located in high footfall locations including Malls, Airports, Multiplexes, Office complexes, Hotels etc.

As per the financials of the company, the revenue saw an increase of 30%-32% last year. The Lite Bite Goods IPO details and review to follow soon.

Nazara Technologies IPO

Industry – Gaming

Status – To be Announced

Nazara Technologies is one of the very few prominent companies in India who has taken Gaming in India to a different level. The firm runs gaming subscription services in more than 60 countries including India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. At the same time in order to create a closed eco-system, Nazara technologies has taken rights to popular brands in Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Hrithik Roshan, Chhota Bheem, Motu Patlu etc.

This gaming corporate is looking to file a ₹1,000 Crore IPO by April 2018. This will make the company valued at ₹3,000 Crore to ₹3,500 Crore. It is one of those few companies that caught the attention of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in the recent past. The company has been profitable since 2007 and in fact, it reported a profit of ₹66 Crore for FY2017.

This is one of those Upcoming IPOs that can be seen as one of the hottest ones for the year 2019.

HDFC Asset Management IPO

Industry – Finance

Status – To be Announced

HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd was established quite a few years back on December 10, 1999, and was approved to act as an Asset Management Company for the HDFC Mutual Fund. The AMC has 80 lakh investors, 170+ branches, 1000 employees along with 55,000 distribution partners. Thus, the overall eco-system created by the AMC is pretty impressive.

HDFC AMC clocked a profit of ₹550 Crore for the FY2017 and until September 2017 the profit already had reached ₹310 Crore for the FY2018.

This IPO could value the company in the range of ₹35,000 Crore to ₹40,000 Crore.

IndiaMART.com IPO

Industry – Online Retail

Status – To be Announced

IndiaMart is India’s largest B2B marketplace where users looking to place bulk orders for their business can get connected to suppliers from different parts of the country. The company was established back in the year 1996 and currently has a network of more than 40 lakh suppliers offering 4.3 Crore Products to more than 3.5 Crore buyers.

The business is looking to raise a capital of ₹500 Crore through an IPO this year. As per the company, they have grown at a CAGR of 40% for the last 5 years.

More details on the Indiamart IPO review soon.

Energy Efficiency Services IPO


Industry – Energy/Power

Status – To be Announced

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is a joint venture of NTPC Limited, Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrification Corporation and POWERGRID. Energy Efficiency Services Limited was set up under the Ministry of Power to facilitate implementation of energy efficiency projects. EESL is an energy service company (ESCO) that seeks to unlock the energy efficiency market in India, estimated to be at US$12 billion.

Energy Efficiency Services Limited reported a revenue of ₹1,400 Crore which is double the amount and through this IPO, the company is looking to dilute 20% of its stake pricing the IPO at ₹1,500 Crore.

ESSL IPO reviews to follow soon and certainly one of the hottest Upcoming IPOs this year.

Lodha Developers IPO

Industry – Construction

Status – To be Announced

Lodha developers Group is one of the top real estate developers in India along with operations in the United Kingdom. While writing this post, the group had 28 parallel running projects across London, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. It has an exhaustive workforce including 1,800 engineers, 25,000+ workmen, 300+ customer support executives and more than 7500+ other professionals working at different levels.

With an IPO, Lodha group is looking to raise ₹3,000 Crore to ₹6,000 Crore with the expected timeline of the IPO be around September-October 2018.

Read this Upcoming IPOs list in hindi.

Indian Renewable energy IPO


Industry – Power

Status – To be Announced

Indian Renewable energy is an enterprise from the government of India under the administrative control of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. It was established 3 decades back, in the year 1987 and now through an IPO, the enterprise is looking to offer 13,90,00,000 fresh equity shares.

Again, due to government backing to this industry, it can be seen as one of the most looked forward to Upcoming IPOs in the country.

Indian Railway Finance Corporation IPO

Industry – Finance

Status – To be Announced

IRFC or Indian Railway Finance Corporation is the finance arm of Indian Railways which helps to raise financial resources for expansion and running through capital markets and other borrowings.

Since the entity is a government backend, there is a direct trust factor added. More information on the IPO to follow.

Devi Seafoods IPO

Industry – Food

Status – To be Announced

Devi Seafoods, USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company Devi Seafoods Limited, India which is basically a vertically integrated company and at the same time, is the largest exporter of shrimp from India into the United States. Its frozen products are exported to the United States and Canada where the former takes around 90% of the exports while around 7%-8% goes to the latter.

It was established in the year 1992 and has its head office in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. Now, the firm is looking to raise an IPO sized at ₹1,000 Crore. With the raised capital, the promoters look to dilute some portion of their stake and rest of the chunk will go towards business expansion.

Anmol Industries IPO


Industry – Food

Status – Launched

Anmol Industries is one of the leading players in the FMCG sector with a focus on biscuit and confectionery segments. The firm reported a turnover of ₹1,200 Crore and boasts of its strong network of 2500 distributors across different parts of the country. The business manufactures 30 different variants of biscuits through its 7 operational parts at Dankuni, Chanditala, Bhubaneswar, Hajipur, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Sambalpur.

Again, like a lot of companies discussed above, Anmol Industries is also looking to raise ₹1,000 Crore through an IPO. With strong financials and robust network, the company looks healthy on and off the books.

With this, we would like to wrap up our piece on some of the top Upcoming IPOs you must be aware of. Let us know which one of these Upcoming IPOs you are interested in.

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