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With a plethora of stockbrokers available today in the stock market, it often becomes challenging for beginners to choose an appropriate one for investing or trading. If you are stuck in selecting one out of Angel One and Groww, this Angel One vs Groww comparison guide would help you out. 

If we consider these two, Angel One is a full-service broker whereas Groww is a discount broker. Many traders would choose Angel One over Groww just because the former is older than the latter. Is it the right way to make a choice? No!

As a trader or investor, you must analyze the two brokers on the basis of different parameters. After the Angel One vs Groww review, you can make a wise and informed decision regarding which is better between the two. 

To help you out, we have considered various aspects that matter a lot in choosing the right broker out of the two. Here are these:

  • Background of Company
  • Demat Account Opening Charges
  • Brokerage Charges Levied 
  • Trading Platforms Offered
  • Availability of Margin Trading Facility
  • List of Account Features
  • Customer Support Options

Angel One vs Groww Broker Comparison 

Company background analysis is the first step every trader should take to decide which app is better: Angel One or Groww. Combining inputs from this study along with insights from other parameters can help make the right choice out of these two brokers.

Established in 1996, Angel One serves over 1.5 crore customers with its services. It is a bootstrapped company offering investment services in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, currency, commodity, and derivatives segments. 

On the other hand, Groww is a discount broker which was founded in 2016. It relies for its funding on other entities. Since its beginning, Groww has made its mark by adding to its revenue and overall profit. 

Comparing their growth in FY 2023, the Angel One platform witnessed a net profit of ₹890 crores and its revenue shot to ₹3001 crores. 

Talking about Groww’s growth, the stockbroker earned a net profit of ₹73 Cr with a 10x jump from ₹6.8 Cr. Now, its revenue stands at ₹1294 Cr due to an increment in its customer base. 

If we look at Angel One vs Groww client base, Angel One enjoys 4.9 Mn active clients whereas Groww has its count at 6.67 Mn. However, the speed of progress for Groww is very fast and it has become the leading broker in India in terms of active clients.

If we throw light on the number of complaints received against the two brokers, Angel One’s count is 587. 

The percentage of complaints against the active client base is 0.01 and a total of 508 complaints have been resolved. This is a negligible number which reflects the excellent service by the broker for its customers. 

Considering the complaints against Groww, the number stands at 322 out of which the number of resolved complaints is 290. Its percentage of total resolved complaints is 93.78. Thus, it clearly depicts it takes care of its clients with its top-notch service. 

Thus, if we rely on this point then Groww seems a better option than Angel One. But it shouldn’t be the sole criterion for choosing one. 

Angel One vs Groww Charges 

While carrying out the Groww and Angel One comparison, it is necessary to consider the charges levied by the two brokers. 

First, let’s start with the account opening and maintenance charges of these stockbrokers. As you can see in the table, Groww charges ₹0 for opening as well as maintaining the account for the lifetime. 

On the other hand, Angel One charges ₹0 as the opening fee and it also doesn’t levy AMC charges for the first year. But for the second year, customers are liable to pay a small amount of ₹20. 

Angel One vs Groww Brokerage Charges 

After the account opening charges, users need to focus on the brokerage charges levied by the two stockbrokers. Angel One doesn’t charge a penny on equity delivery but Groww levies a flat charge of ₹20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per executed order. 

On all the other trading segments, Angel One levies the lower of ₹20 or 0.03% per executed order. Groww charges a minimum of ₹20 or 0.05% per executed order for intraday and equity. Here is the complete analysis of Angel One vs Groww brokerage charges:

The thing to note here is Groww doesn’t offer commodity and currency trading segments which is a disadvantage for customers. Also, in the case of equity intraday, it levies 0.05% as the minimum brokerage which is more than 0.03% charged by Angel One. 

Let’s understand how it reflects in the overall charges while trading:

Suppose you decide to take part in intraday trading with a total investment of ₹80,000 (₹40,000 on each broker). 

So, as per the brokerage plan of both brokers, the following minimum charges will be levied on customers:

Angel One Intraday Charges= 0.03% of ₹40,000


Groww Intraday Charges=0.05% of ₹40,000


From the above calculation, you can notice the difference in the minimum brokerage charges imposed by Groww and Angel One. Hence, you shouldn’t just consider the flat brokerage but also consider the minimum amount charged as brokerage.

If not taken care of, it could pile up your brokerage charges while trading in the long-term period.

The best and easiest way to calculate these fees is by using the Angel One brokerage calculator and Groww Brokerage calculator. 

Angel One vs Groww DP Charges

In terms of Depository Participant charges, Groww dominates Angel One as the former levies only ₹13.5 + GST per company per scrip. On the other hand, users need to pay ₹20 on company sell only on equity. 

Angel One vs Groww Margin Facility Charges 

Margin enjoys great importance in the world of trading. Traders who don’t have enough funds look for stockbrokers who offer a margin trading facility. 

You need to know that only Angel One offers the MTF facility whereas there is no such service offered by Groww. 

Before opting for MTF on Angel One, you must take note of the Angel One MTF charges. Note that traders can only opt for this facility in the case of equity trading. 

So, if you plan to earn more profit by availing of funds through MTF, choose Angel One over Groww. 

Angel One vs Groww Trading Platforms 

If you think just comparing Angel One vs Groww charges is sufficient to select the right broker, you are wrong! Besides this, you also need to take into account the trading platforms offered by these two stockbrokers.

Why does it matter? It’s because a reliable and user-friendly trading platform is needed to enjoy trading to the fullest. 

On this basis, Angel One leaves behind Groww as it doesn’t just offer web-based and mobile-based trading platforms but also offers a desktop app for trading. 

Angel One Super app, Angel One Trade Pro, and Angel One Speed Pro are the trading platforms offered by this stockbroker. 

On the other hand, Groww offers only the mobile app and a web version to trade for its users. Here are the trading platform options offered by these two stockbrokers:

Clearly, Angel One is victorious on the basis of this point as it provides diverse options to trade seamlessly. And it’s desktop app, Speed Pro, is free to use for its customers.

Angel One vs Groww Algo Trading Platforms 

Algo trading is in trend these days due to technological advancement. Angel One offers algorithmic trading through Angel One Smart API. 

It allows traders to obtain real-time market data to use for trading in different segments. Groww doesn’t offer the algo trading facility to its traders. 

So, it is too easy for you to select a winner on Groww vs Angel One in this context. 

Angel One vs Groww Research and Advisory 

Beginner investors often find it challenging to select the right stocks for their investment. Hence, they look for stock tips and recommendations services while selecting their brokers. 

While comparing Angel One vs Groww in terms of their research and advisory service, we must state clearly that only Angel One provides it. Groww doesn’t advise on selecting stocks at its platform. 

If you opt for Angel One, you will get detailed stock reports with the use of real-time market data. The stockbroker does a detailed fundamental and technical analysis before suggesting stocks to its users. 

As a result, it facilitates investors to make the right decision related to their stock investments. So, if you are a beginner, you should go for Angel One as it gives important tips and recommendations about choosing stocks. 

Angel One vs Groww Account Features 

Both Angel One and Groww attract its users by providing amazing account features. You can open a trial account in Angel One and you are allowed to use the guest demo feature of Groww app to explore these apps without opening a trading account. 

As discussed above, you can’t access the MTF facility in Groww but it is available in Angel One. Both brokers offer the referral program so if you want to suggest these apps to someone, you can use Groww refer and earn or the Angel broking referral program for it. 

Angel One vs Groww Customer Support

You can’t carry out an Angel One vs Groww comparative study just on the basis of account opening procedure or charges. What’s more important is to consider the level of customer support service these brokers offer. 

Judging the customer support service of the two brokers on certain criteria has given the following results. 

Angel One provides chatbox, phone, offline and email support to its customers. Thus, you can opt for any of these means to raise queries after opening an account. But Groww being a discount broker doesn’t provide offline support to its customers. 

So, users who aren’t pro at using technology should prefer Angel One to Groww as they can seek customer support by visiting the offline branches of this stockbroker. 

Which is Better: Angel One or Groww?

From the above discussion, it is clear that Angel One has been active in the stockbroking world for a longer time period than Groww. Also, the former is a full-time broker whereas Groww is a discount broker. 

Moreover, Angel One dominates Groww in terms of the number of features it offers. Also, it allows its customers to access offline support by visiting the nearest branches but it is not possible with Groww. 

Groww app is simple to use and it offers free account opening as well as maintenance that tempts beginner investors. But it is also important to consider other pointers like research & advisory services, MTF facility, etc while going through the Angel One vs Groww review. 

To ease your work of selection between the two brokers, A Digital Blogger has given the ratings to these brokers based on their brokerage services, apps, customer support, research facility, etc. 

Make an informed decision after analyzing the features of these apps and considering your trading requirements. It will help you have a magnificent experience in the trading world. 

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