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Angel Broking PMS is well-known as well as an established PMS (Portfolio Management Services) house. It provides customized PMS services to its customers to realize their investment goals.

This service comes from the prominent full-service stockbroker, Angel Broking apart from the other investment products such as Equity, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading, Mutual funds etc.

Angel Broking PMS Review

Angel Broking PMS was established in the year 1997 in the leadership of Mr Dinesh Thakkar. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai, Maharastra.

Angel Broking started its journey as a sub-broker business with a team which had only three members. Now it is present in all over India through 11,000+ branches and became one of the largest broking houses in the country.

Angel Broking PMS, a reputed name in the industry, is famous among portfolio investors for its outstanding performance over the years. PMS is a customized service, provides a variety of investment options which best suited to the clients in the current market situation.

The firm serves its PMS clients through a large network of branches spread all over the country. It has appointed dedicated fund co-ordinators to solve various queries of investors.

They are provided with a unique ID and password to access their portfolio and track the performance.

Angel Broking PMS has a team of portfolio managers who are experts in their field and can efficiently manage the portfolio of clients.

The professional fund managers of Angel Broking create a portfolio for the clients in equities, Debt, Bonds, cash and structured products to full-fill the special need of the clients.

The minimum investment amount is ₹25 lakhs.

The firm makes investments in those companies that are far superior and have a competitive advantage over their competitors. These investments are made through two different strategies created by the firm to achieve the investment objective of investors:

In this review on Angel Broking PMS, we will try to throw light on each and every aspect of the company for the benefit of PMS investors who want to know the details.

We will cover the types of PMS provided, Manager’s details, strategies, performance/return, investment plans, commission model, charges, customer support, conclusion and finally some frequently asked questions about this PMS house.

So, let’s start our discussion with the returns of PMS.

Angel Broking PMS Returns

Angel Broking PMS provides a very good return to its investors that gives trust to the new portfolio investors who want to invest through the portfolio. Its return has beaten 10 years Mutual fund return.

Angel Broking PMS has given:

  • 11% return to the investors for 3 years.
  • 9% return for 5 years of investment and
  • 7% return for 7 years.
  • for 10 years the return increases to 12% and
  • for more than 11 years, the return is around 13% CAGR.

Overall, we can say that the performance or the rate of return of Angel Broking PMS is much attractive to attract more portfolio investors to the company.

Angel Broking PMS Types

Angel Broking provides both types of PMS services to the investors. One is discretionary PMS and another is Non-discretionary service.

Let’s know how it is done in the case of Angel Broking PMS:

Discretionary service:

With this service, the decision related to your portfolio solely remains to the portfolio manager. He gets the right to decide any product’s addition or the subtraction from your portfolio. You can access your portfolio to see the steps taken by the portfolio manager.

Under this type of PMS service, clients Portfolio is managed by the expert with their expert knowledge and experience. So, the chances of positive return increase with this PMS type.

Non-discretionary service:

Under non-discretionary service, You will get the portfolio investment suggestion and investment plan suggestion from the fund manager. But, the choice and the time of investment decision remains in your hand. You will have the right to take a decision about your portfolio.

However, the trade for your investment portfolio will be done by the portfolio manager.

Angel Broking PMS Fund Manager

Angel Broking has a team of professionals who are efficient enough to provide superior portfolio service to the clients. They provide them with portfolio service according to their investment objective and risk-bearing capacity.

Here we are going to discuss one of the portfolio managers of Angel Broking PMS:

Mayuresh Joshi (Fund Manager):

Mayuresh Joshi works at the Angel Broking PMS, is responsible for managing the investment portfolio and fund of investors with different strategies created by the company. He gives his expert solution to the portfolio of clients.

His client portfolio includes HNIs, SME, and MNE. Mr Joshi is known for his expertise in fund management, portfolio creation, performance measurement techniques, and asset allocation.

He can interpret tough financial statements of companies very-well so that can provide informed financial recommendations to the investors. He is an expert in financial risk modelling and valuation and follows all rules and the regulatory requirements.

Mr Joshi has constantly provided a superior return to the clients out of their portfolio investment across different class of assets. He has a strong ability to identify the performers in bull as well as bear markets.

Mr Mayuresh Joshi degree of Company Secretary and has expertise in Corporate Law.

Angel Broking PMS Service

Angel Broking PMS works on three different strategies or the combinations of two strategies just like most of the firms in the industry.

It works on the Large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap strategies or the mixture of two strategies according to the risk appetite and the investment goals of a client.

Though these three strategies are most common in the industry so the firm creates different products/strategies to make the investors win with minimum risk.

Here the company provided you with a choice of two different strategies. Each strategy is for a different type of investors. It works according to your risk appetite and financial objective.

Here are two strategies used by the Angel Broking PMS:

Angel Evergreen Large-Cap portfolio:

Angel Evergreen Large-cap strategy is for the investment in those companies which has a large market cap. Under this strategy, investment is made for those stocks which are long-term and well-established player in the stock market.

These companies are fundamentally strong which help them to maintain their strength and trust of shareholders in the market. Ultimately, it helps the company to grow with a constant pace and giving a good return to the investors.

Investment under this strategy is made for 18-24 months of time duration. Both risk and return are moderate.

Angel Lotus portfolio:

Under Angel lotus portfolio, the motive of portfolio investment is wealth creation for medium to long term. The money is invested in the equities market by focusing solely on the fundamentals of a company with the mixture focus on growth and value of the same company.

The time duration of this investment is 18-24 months. The risk and return under this strategy are Moderate.

Angel Broking PMS approach:

The PMS house follows the principle of both values investing as well as growth investing.

  • Its focus is on the capital preservation of investors.
  • Select the stocks for the investment portfolio at the right stage of movement where the risk is low and return is high.
  • Identify those businesses that are a new player and unknown in the market and has the capacity to grow in the future.
  • Hidden valuation of a stock is given priority over the absolute market capitalization for stock picking.
  • The strategies provided by the company are suitable for long term investors who are investing with a view of medium to long term investment return.
  • The firm tries to capture the value investing by making an investment during the very early stage of a stock.

The investment products provided by Angel Broking PMS like equity, debt, fixed capital are customized according to the personal financial need and risk appetite of a particular investor.

Angel Broking PMS Service

Following are the key parameters on which the investing value of a stock is analyzed for the investment purpose:

  • First of all, the strength of the management team with their quality is checked before deciding a stock to add at the portfolio.
  • As the business model of a company plays a vital role in its growth. The firm checks the business model which should be of superior quality.
  • There must be a future growth prospect for a company.

Angel Broking PMS Investment plans

Angel Broking PMS provides equal opportunity to every category of investors to come and take portfolio service of the company.

The firm attracts investors by providing them different investment plans which suits to a different category of investors, whether they are high profile clients or a medium or a low category investor (On the basis of investment capacity and risk-bearing capacity).

Angel Broking provides four investment plans for the investors which are:

  • Bronze (₹25L-₹50L)
  • Silver (₹50L- ₹1 Cr)
  • Gold (₹1Cr-₹5 Cr)
  • Platinum (₹5 Cr & above)

The investment plans are Bronze which starts with the minimum investment money of ₹25 Lakh and goes up to ₹50L. This plan suit to those investors who have a low investing capability and low risk-bearing capacity.

The second one is Silver whose range is ₹50L – ₹1 CR, Gold is for those investors who can invest between ₹1 CR to ₹5 CR, and the last one is Platinum which is for high profile investors with a high-risk appetite.

Angel Broking PMS Commission/Fee models

Angel Broking provides flexibility in the commission to be paid by the investors to the company.

It helps them to choose any model according to their convenience. Like other Broking firms, Angel Broking also provides three commission model to the investors.

You can choose any model which you wish best suits you:

  • Prepaid commission.
  • Volume-based commission
  • Profit based commission.

Let’s discuss it one by one:

Prepaid commission:

Under this model, the commission is paid in advance to the fund manager without starting a portfolio management service.

Actually, this model is in favour of investors if the portfolio gives a huge profit because a fixed percentage of the value of portfolio investment is already paid as a commission to the firm.

The percentage of the commission is decided by both the investor and the fund manager based on the total value of the portfolio.

Volume-based  commission:

The volume-based commission model is the second type of model provided by Angel Broking PMS.

Under this model, the commission is charged on the basis of the total volume of the transactions completed for the portfolio.

The value of transactions completed for a portfolio is the base to decide the commission.

A percentage is fixed before starting the PMS service and after a year a percentage is charged on the basis of the volume of commission.

The authenticity of a fund manager is very important in this model. It is only a fund manager who can increase the volume of transactions without much profit or can get high profit with a minimum number of transactions.

Profit-sharing based commission model:

This model of commission is very attractive and a favourite commission model for all clients.

Under this model, a pre-decided percentage of profit earned out of investment portfolio is shared with the fund manager as a commission/fee. The higher the profit, the higher the commission.

But, the best thing in this model is that at least full effort of a fund manager is assured because he knows that he will earn only after the performance of the portfolio. And the higher profit from the portfolio means the higher commission of a fund manager.

Here is the table which shows the percentage of commission in all the three models:

Angel Broking PMS Charges

The following are the PMS charges in India, which you are required to pay to Angel Broking PMS for taking portfolio investment service.

Management fee: This is the fee charged by the management of Angel Broking for giving PMS service to the investors. It depends on the investment plan chosen by the investor. The asset management fee of the company is 2% P.A.

Broking charge: It is 0.5% of each transaction completed by the fund manager within a year.

Upfront fee: This fee is more likely to the prepaid fee charged by the firm. The range of Upfront fee is between 0.5%-0.8% of total asset value.

Custodian charge: This is guardian fee that is charged by the firm to keep your asset in its custody. It is charged in the range of  0.1%-0.3% of total asset value.

Depository charge: The range of depository charge is between 0.1%-0.5% of asset value.

Exit load fees: The exit load fee is charged on the withdrawal amount that is withdrawn within a year of portfolio creation.

The charge is in the range of 0.7%-1.2% of the withdrawal amount. There is no exit load fee on the amount which is withdrawn after one year of portfolio creation.

Angel Broking PMS Benefits

Following are the benefits of portfolio management services from Angel Broking PMS:

  • Angel Broking makes the investment of your funds in those companies which are fundamentally strong and has competitive advantages over its competitors. So, chances of best return out of portfolio increases.
  • The firm goes through a well-maintained investment Philosophy. It helps them to make an investment without any confusion of taking further steps.
  • The company provides you with a dedicated relationship manager to whom you can call to solve your queries related to your investment portfolio.
  • Angel Broking provides personalized service for every client. One can easily get PMS service according to their financial objective and risk appetite.
  • It provides you with a facility to access your portfolio online through a personal password and ID.

Other related benefits:

  • Active risk management team.
  • Benefits of active re-balancing and review
  • Experienced fund management team.
  • Personalized portfolio management service.
  • Flexibility to change investment strategy as per once need.
  • Separate team to solve your fund related queries.
  • Large network spread all over the country to serve investors.

Angel Broking PMS Customer support

As a customer of Angel Broking, you will get any support from the company related to the portfolio. Some of them are the following:

You will get the direct calling facility, in which you can call a relationship manager to solve your problems related to your portfolio.

Also, as a client of the company, you will get a WhatsApp and SMS facility. You are also allowed to call the fund manager directly in case of any confusion arises regarding your portfolio. You can call a fund manager 5-10 times in a month.

With Angel Broking, the TAT (turnaround time) for issue resolving is 10 working days.

Angel Broking PMS Disclosure Document

If you are looking for the Angel Broking PMS Disclosure document, then the broker has put up some of the recent ones for reference.

Here is one of those for you to check out.


As we know, Angel Broking provides superior portfolio management service to High net-worth clients (HNIs) with the help of expert fund management and research team. It gives flexibility in investment plans and commission models also so that the client does not feel any obstacle.

The firm provides customized portfolio investment solution within a range of investment products that best suits to the clients according to their personalized requirement and risk-bearing capacity.

The clients can also get the best customer support from the company to solve their queries.

So, if you are the one who is looking to get the best PMS services in India, you can join hands with this PMS house without thinking too much.

In case you are looking to use portfolio management services, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward in the right direction:

PMS Form

Angel Broking PMS FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Angel Broking PMS:

What is the maximum limit of investment in PMS?

There is no upper limit in PMS, you can invest as high as you want according to your risk appetite and financial strength.

How can introduce his/her initial corpus?

Initial Corpus can either be introduced through cash and or securities/shares.

Can anyone Provide PMS?

No, it can only be provided by those entities who are registered under SEBI for PMS. Currently, it is provided by Broking houses and Asset management companies (AMCs) in India.

Who can get PMS at Angel Broking?

The following can get PMS:

  • An Individual
  • Hindu undivided families
  • Limited companies
  • Association of person
  • Firms, societies, NRIs, Overseas companies etc.

What is the time-horizon of return of your PMS Schemes?

Generally, it is between 12-18 months.

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