Upstox Transaction Charges

Transaction charges are percentage based charges levied on your trade value. Thus, on a general level, higher is your trading capital, higher are the transaction charges you are required to shell out.

Transaction charges, although, are levied differently for different trading segments. For instance, in delivery trading, these charges are charged at both buy and sell levels while for intraday trades, those are done only for sell trades.

Here are the details of the transaction charges levied by Upstox across different segments:


Upstox Transaction Charges Example

To give you an idea on the total amount of such charges you might end up paying in your trade, here is a quick example:

Let’s say you bought 1000 shares of Infosys each priced at ₹950, thus totalling the total transaction turnover to ₹9,50,000 for a delivery trade.

As mentioned in the table above, for Equity delivery, the transaction charges are 0.00335% of the turnover.

In this case, the Upstox transaction charges will be ₹950,000 X 0.00335% i.e. ₹31.82

If you want, you can use the complete brokerage calculator to know brokerage, taxes, your overall profit and more.

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