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Anand Rathi Customer care is one of the above-average performing sections of this brokerage company. This quick ten-minute read will give you a detailed overview of the broker’s customer service quality including information about different customer communication methods.

Anand Rathi, a full-service brokerage service provider, was established in 1994. The firm offers various advisory and financial services (such as corporate advisory, wealth management, equity distribution, investment banking, mutual funds service, etc.) to its clients.

Since now, Anand Rathi wealth management services help many clients in making secure investment decisions.

As of the financial year 2019-20, Anand Rathi’s active client base has reached the figure of 75,152. 

Based in Mumbai, the broker provides numerous financial products for investment such as Insurance, Equity, Currency Futures, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPO, and Commodities. Customers can also access real-time updates of the stock market on the company’s official website.

The broker has a presence both in India and overseas with offices in Bangkok and Dubai. Currently, Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd has 1500+ franchise and a network of over 350 branches across the country. 

Anand Rathi Customer Care Channels 

The list below highlights various communication channels that can be used for connecting to Anand Rathi customer care representatives:

  • Email 
  • Phone support 
  • Online support portal
  • Fax 
  • Offline branches 
  • Webchat 

Online support through website and email are the two best alternatives provided by Anand Rathi Customer care to its clients. For quicker assistance, you should opt for the phone support option. 

Overall, the support service quality of this full-service stockbroker can be categorized decent. 

Instant assistance is important when customers get stuck when in between online trading processor executing the order. 

Also, you can consult the customer care executive if you find any issue while opening Anand Rathi Demat Account.

The major issue is that customers have to bear losses in case they don’t get the right solutions in time.  Anand Rathi Customer care has been delivering fair performance, but still, there are many loopholes in their support service. 

For quick resolution of urgent queries, traders should give first preference to phone support. However, you may choose other alternatives such as fax and visiting an offline branch to connect with Anand Rathi Customer care but they are best for generic queries. 

Anand Rathi Customer Care Contact Details

Here are the details of Anand Rathi Customer care email id, contact number and fax:


Anand Rathi clients should keep an offline copy of these customer support details for easy and quick access to Anand Rathi customer care representatives. 

In a move to improve its customer service, the brokerage firm has introduced web support. Clients simply need to raise their concern by creating a ticket on the online support portal. 

You may raise a concern through a ticket on various topics including the ones mentioned below:

  • Demat account opening 
  • Equity trading 
  • Commodity trading 
  • Account registration 
  • Brokerage charges 
  • Transactions 
  • Mutual Fund transactions 
  • Funds transfer

Clients can create a support ticket for many other issues related to the services of the Company. Generally, Anand Rathi Customer care resolves the queries and concerns within 24 hours. 

Note that the turnaround time of Anand Rathi Customer care may vary according to the severity and type of issue. 

Here is the list of various general queries and concerns raised by Anand Rathi clients – 

How much Anand Rathi charges for account opening? 

Interested traders have to pay a nominal fee of ₹750 for an opening trading account, while demat account opening charges the amount to ₹550.  Brokerage charges are a percentage of your trade value. Check this Anand Rathi Brokerage Calculator for more info.

What are the investment/trading products offered by Anand Rathi? 

Anand Rathi’s wide range of investment and trading products include Bonds, Fixed deposits, Mutual funds, Insurance, Equity, and more. In addition, the company also offers assistance for the specific financial needs of its clients. 

What are the exposure values offered by Anand Rathi? 

The exposure value for equity intraday trading provided by Anand Rathi is 10 times the total value of the customer’s trading account balance. In the case of other segments, the values lower down to 2 -3 times. 

NRIs can reach out to Anand Rathi Customer care through email address mentioned below:


However, in case, your queries or concerns do not get you a satisfactory response, you may get in touch with the Anand Rathi Compliance officer through the following contact details:

Lastly, in case you are looking to get started with stock market trading and investments, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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