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Karvy Online Trade is a web trading application that is offered to traders by Karvy Online which is part of the Karvy Group, an all-in-one financial service provider. The trading platform offers a wide range of products and trading solutions.

Karvy Online Trade Review

With Karvy online trade app installed in your device you can trade across almost all exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX etc. and also in all market segments like Equity, mutual funds, IPO, Derivatives trading, currency, Debt, Commodity etc.

The trading platform provides continuous, in-depth market insight through various charts and graphics. Furthermore, the registration process to Karvy Online Trade is free of cost as well. It also allows intra-day trading and provides all required guidance to investors to make sure that their clients get benefitted.

Its broad spectrum of services and strong presence in the market for over 3 decades makes it popular among online traders.

Let’s look at the five trading platforms offered by Karvy online trade:

Karvy Online Web trading

It is an online web trading platform, is easy to use, fast and reliable.


Some of the top features of the web application include:

  • Provides live market news
  • The ‘trade book’ shows all the executed trades.
  • ‘Position Window’ shows important information like buy quantity, sell quantity, net position, sell amount etc.

  • ‘Intraday chart’ is for viewing the fluctuation of index and scrips.
  • ‘Ticker’ shows the real-time price of a particular stock.
  • ‘Market Picture’ graphically represents the market including the figures about buy rate, sell rate, buy order quantity, sell order quantity, total transactions etc.
  • ‘Quote’ provides customized stock investment guidance and comprehensive stock market picture.

Karvy Online App

With the Karvy online trade mobile app, you can trade on the go from anywhere.  With this app, it’s all about speed, accuracy and awesome trading experience.


  • Provides real-time market data. It keeps you connected to the stock market always. It also points out the stocks that are market movers and volume gainers.
  • ‘Any time trade (ATT)’ option lets you trade from anywhere and at any time.
  • Extensive research and analytical reports help you make an informed trading decision.
  • Provides portfolio holdings.

  • Allows guest login for non-existing or new clients to experience the app before registering.
  • The Dashboard gives a quick overview of position, portfolio and orders.  
  • Just download the Karvy online trade mobile app, log in with ID, study the stock market using the special features and start trading.

Karvy Desktop Trading

The desktop trading platform of Karvy online trade is powered by Karvy NEST, the stock market software which comes with the full-fledged, integrated trading system.


  • ‘Market data’ displays overall stock market statistics in a comprehensive style.
  • There is an option to ‘place buy/sell orders’ through which you can trade easily.
  • ‘Limits’ option lets you know the margin used for order execution and also the available cash margin.
  • There are ‘add-on tools’ to set alerts and triggers about change in indexes and stock prices.
  • You can create customized ‘market watch groups’ to keep track of the stocks that you are interested in.
  • ‘Orders’ icon shows you traded orders, open orders and rejected orders.
  • Karvy online trade offers various reports such as trade report, order report, DP reports and back-office reports.
  • It also provides advanced charts equipped with as many as 64 technical indicators.
  • Detailed analysis of scrips is available for traders.

Karvy Online Thematic Basket

Karvy online Trade utilizes the concept of theme funds and enables its clients to go for thematic investment.  A thematic basket is nothing but a consolidated list of the best stock portfolio. It can hold and present up to 20 best theme stocks from the market.

It works on thematic strategy and helps you in wise and safe investment decision making.

A thematic strategy is all about following market trends and studying the growth of the stocks and thus making a pattern or theme-based investment planning.

The theme or market trend can be about a new government initiative and its effect, a shift in the consumer thought process, raise in consumption of a particular product or service etc.


  • ‘Investment ground’ option provides details about theme funds and also suggests a minimum investment amount based on the information.
  • The ‘Growth indicator’ summarizes the transactions made based on the thematic basket and total returns generated in a particular time frame.

Karvy Online Assisted Trading

You can continue to trade when you can’t be online.

Offline trading is possible and you can get all information about the market, stock price fluctuation etc. with the help of official market experts of Karvy online Trade who keep a watch on the market and update you on your stock position.

When you decide to buy or sell you just instruct them to do so, on your behalf.

Karvy Online Trade Strengths:

Here are some of the positives of using Karvy Online Trade for your share market investments:

  • All research reports, analysis, market insights provided by Karvy online Trade is completely free.
  • It allows a single login to trade in all market segments. This feature makes it really hassle-free.
  • 60 different types of technical charts are available.
  • Karvy online Trade is reliable and fast.
  • The assisted trading is possible through a call, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype and live chatting.
  • Personalized assistance and advice are also extended to balancing your portfolio.
  • Karvy online Trade offers this assisted trading for equity, physical commodity and few other asset categories
  • Offers 5 types of platforms to choose from, so that traders can trade with one that suits their preference and convenience.

Karvy Online Trade Weaknesses:

At the same time, here are a few concerns you need to be aware of:

  • Brokerage fee per transaction is relatively high which can leave you with less profit while selling out any stock.
  • Trading platforms are average in terms of layout and usability.
  • Karvy online Trade does not offer any referral scheme.


It is fair to say that this giant online trading platform has come a long way since its launch in 1990 and has become a widely accepted trading mate for a huge number of traders.

However, Karvy online Trade still has a few scopes for improvement. Once it overcomes its drawbacks it can progress even further making its presence felt worldwide.

In case you are looking to get started with stock market trading and investments, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

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