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NSE Now is a web-based trading platform that is developed and maintained by the National Stock Exchange of India or NSE.

To be completely precise, NSE has a subsidiary company named Dotex Plaza which is basically the whole-sole company that looks into this application and provides to stockbrokers at a license.

NSE Now Review

NSE Now implies NSE on Web. You can be able to do the detailed analysis once you open NSE account.

Opening an account gives you access to this trading app that allows you to trade or invest across Equity, Currency, Derivatives, and other segments.

Since it is a web application, there is no need to download or install it before using it. It can directly be accessed through any of the prominent browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Furthermore, since its a responsive application, you can use it across a laptop, computer, mobile, desktop, or a tablet device.

This is how the application looks like:

Talking about scale, this trading application is licensed to more than 100 stockbrokers in India who further offer this trading application to their respective clients. The major reason for the wide demand for NSE Now is its performance and exhaustiveness in its number of features.

While the trading applications that are developed and maintained by stockbrokers themselves run on the leased lines that are taken by other stockbrokers too, NSE Now servers are closest to NSE’s order matching since those are located within the premises of NSE.

For this reason, from the reliability perspective only, the web app gives a pretty hard time to its peer trading applications in terms of competition. Statistically speaking, there is a general lag of 0.3 to 0.5 seconds in aspects such as order book data, top bid and ask levels.

For intraday traders, that is a huge difference and it can make or break some of their trades they place in the share market.

NSE NOW Features

Some of the features NSE Now provides to its clients include:

  • Speed is one of the top USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of this trading application be it in order execution, charting analysis or any specific feature.
  • Depending on which stockbroker has provided you with the application, you will be offered daily tips along with company research reports within this application.
  • Alerts and notifications through web-notifications and generic market alerts as per the configuration are done by you.
  • Market-watch allows you to monitor specific stocks, sectors, indices as per your investment preference.
  • A comprehensive risk management system that keeps your data and information secure from any potential threats.
  • 15+ charts along with more than 80 technical indicators for you to perform the technical market analysis.
  • Easy funds transfer provision with the number and the kind of payment methods depending on the stockbroker.

NSE NOW Shortcut Keys

Here is a quick look at the shortcut keys provided in NSE Now trading application. Having said that, the application provides you customization provision to change these keys as per your preference.


NSE NOW Concerns

Having said that, NSE Now has its own set of challenges as well.

This includes the overwhelming application it is and thus, it becomes relatively tough to understand the overall navigation and how specific features work. This is more of a challenge for beginner level traders or who have limited trading experience.

Furthermore, the application requires you to have a decent RAM or processing power in your device, be it computer or mobile. This concern comes from the applications’ exhaustive number of features creating a sort of clutter that hampers the overall user experience.

Few stockbrokers levy trading platform usages charges as well, thus, be aware of all the expenses you need to pay to the broker before you open your account with them.

Lastly, you will be limited to trade in specific exchanges only. For instance, with NSE Now you cannot trade in MCX and NCDEX. In other words, commodity trading is not allowed in this trading application.

If you have any specific doubts or queries, you may get in touch with the NSE technical team directly:

  • Toll Free : 1800 266 0052 / 1800 266 0053
  • Help Desk for Technical Queries: 022 62157700
  • E-mail: now@nse.co.in

NSE NOW Benefits

At the same time, lets quickly have a check at some of the benefits provided by this application from the house of NSE:

  • Speed and performance are definitely going to be a big advantage, especially if you are an intraday trader.
  • This web application is available in web, mobile and terminal formats. Depending on your preference, you can choose the specific platform for your trades.
  • This web application can be termed as one of the secure trading applications in the country with features such as 2-level authentication.
  • Personalization and customization allowed at multiple levels.
  • NSE Now is a responsive web-application and thus can be used across different devices such as Mobile, Tablet, Laptop etc.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that NSE Now is one of the fastest trading platforms and can be well suited for intermediate to expert level intraday traders. Although, other level users can use this application as well but the mentioned audience is the most suited one based on their needs and trading experience.

In case you are looking to get started with share market trading and need any assistance to move ahead.

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