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Angel Broking Charges are based on your trading turnover value and the initial deposit you pay to the broker. There are multiple plans and brokerage gets lower if you increase your deposit.

Let’s discuss all these plans and you can decide which one works for you the best.

Angel Broking is one of the top full-service stockbrokers in India with its head office based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The stockbroker was established back in the year 1987.

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges

Like any other full-service broker, the brokerage Angel Broking charges is a percentage of your trade value rather than any fixed price or a monthly plan.

Of course, when it comes to options trading, the brokerage is set at a stipulated price per lot (more on this later).

In this detailed review on Angel Broking charges, we will look not only at the brokerage charges levied by the broker but also any other charge you may end up paying on your trades.

Furthermore, before we jump onto the actual brokerage numbers, Angel Broking offers 4 different plans to its clients which are based on the initial amount deposited by the trade.

Here is the segregation for your reference:

  • Classic: ₹10,000
  • Preferred: ₹25,000 or more
  • Premier: ₹50,000 or more
  • Elite: ₹1 Lakh or more

Remember one thing though – brokerage charges are always negotiable and really depend on your initial trading deposit and negotiation skills.

We suggest you have a detailed discussion with the executive on the brokerage levied before you open your demat account.

Angel Broking Delivery Charges

Depending on the plan you chose (from the ones mentioned above), the brokerage rates are decided accordingly.

If you are a beginner level trader, you need to understand that equity delivery trade implies buying and selling of stocks happening in different trading sessions.

Here are the Angel Broking brokerage charges for equity delivery trades:


To understand it with an example, let’s say you bought 100 shares of TCS each costing ₹500 thus, totalling the trading amount to ₹50,000.

Assuming you put the same amount as the initial trading deposit, you will fall under the ‘Premier’ brokerage plan.

With this, you will end up paying ₹50,000 X 0.22% as brokerage. In simpler terms, you will be paying ₹110 as the brokerage for this particular trade.

You can use this detailed Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator for all the information related to brokerage, GST, transaction charges and other payments you will end up paying to the broker.

Angel Broking Intraday Brokerage

Moving ahead, if you are someone who likes to trade at an intraday level, that is buying and selling stocks within the same trading session, then here we will discuss the brokerage charges levied by Angel Broking in this segment.

That can make trading in Intraday in Angel Broking easy and simple for you.

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A lot of traders look to use Intraday as their initial trading preference since the monetary output (profit or loss) is instantaneous. For that you can also know about Angel Broking Intraday Margin.

Since under this trading segment, the volume of trades is way higher as compared to the number of trades under-delivery trading, thus, the brokerage charged is lower as well.

Here are the Angel Broking Brokerage Charges for Equity Intraday Segment:


Taking an example, if you choose to buy 100 shares of ICICI each worth ₹1000, and then sell all these shares at ₹1010. Then the overall brokerage you pay will be under the Elite Plan.

The calculation will be as follows:

Buy Trade Brokerage: ₹(100 X 1000) X 0.016% i.e. ₹16

Sell Trade Brokerage: ₹(100 X 1010) X 0.016% i.e. ₹16.16

Total Brokerage: ₹32.16, which you will be paying to Angel Broking apart from the other regulatory charges.

Angel Broking Options Brokerage

When it comes to options trading, as mentioned above, Angel Broking charges a flat rate based on the number of lots you end up trading in the stock market.

Here are the details on the Angel Broking Brokerage Charges for Derivative options trading:


Under this segment, if you trade for let’s say ₹1,00,000 and end up trading 20 lots overall, then by simple maths you will pay ₹(20 X 30) i.e. ₹600 as brokerage to this broker.

From the full-service broking perspective, the rates charged by Angel Broking are pretty nominal in nature when it comes to Options trading.

Angel Broking Futures Brokerage

Moving ahead, if you are looking to trade in the futures segment, again there are specific percentage rates that are applied to your trade turnover.


Since the brokerage rates in case of Derivatives futures are as same as Equity Intraday, thus the brokerage calculations are pretty much similar.

However, the rest of the charges such as transaction charges, STT, GST may vary. Feel free to use the Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator for more information.

Angel Broking Commodity Brokerage Charges

If you are someone you like to trade in the angel commodity segment, then there is a specific bifurcation within this trading segment as shown below:


Depending on your trading segment, corresponding brokerage rates are applied to your trades.

For instance, if you want to trade in Commodity futures segment and your total trading deposit is in the range of ₹40,000 – then Angel Broking charges are going to be ₹40,000 X 0.019% or around ₹8.

However, the stockbroker charges a minimum brokerage of ₹20, thus, in such trades, you will be paying ₹20 as the brokerage to Angel Broking. Nonetheless, calculating brokerage is a pretty simple and straightforward task.

Angel Broking Currency Trading Brokerage

Finally, if you are a currency trading lover, then you may be interested in knowing the brokerage rates Angel Broking levies on such trades.


Looking at the brokerage charges, you would understand that Currency trading is pretty reasonable with Angel Broking.

For instance, if you trade in the Currency Options segment and place trades worth ₹25,000 with 20 lots, then you will be paying ₹140 as brokerage overall (while falling under the preferred plan).

Angel Broking Flat Brokerage Charges

Recently, Angel Broking has introduced Flat Brokerage Charges plan where you don’t need to worry about the trade turnover value.

With such a plan, you would be paying Flat Brokerage Rates across the trading segments irrespective of the trade value you put up. There are a couple of brokerage slabs that the broker has come up with.

Here are the details:

Angel Broking Mutual Funds Charges

Angel Broking does not levy any charge from its clients investing in Mutual funds. Although, these MF investments happen through the Angel Bee mobile app of this stockbroker.

The way Angel Broking makes money on MF investments is through specific commissions from the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) investors put their capital into.

Thus, in simpler terms, investment in Mutual funds is free through this stockbroker.

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Angel Broking Brokerage Charges for NRI

For traders residing outside India, the Angel Broking charges are not different from the ones who live within India.

In other words, you are going to pay the same brokerage i.e. ₹15 per trade if your order size is below ₹50k and ₹30 if the overall order value is more than ₹50k.

However, apart from brokerage, there are other charges and taxes levied on your trades that you need to take care of, as mentioned below:

  • Transaction Charges
  • Dematerialization/Rematerialization
  • Pledge Creation
  • GST
  • Clearing Charges

Additional Brokerage in Angel Broking

A lot of traders believe that stockbrokers charge hidden charges apart from the brokerage levied.

Now, there is some truth to that – honestly.

There are a few stockbrokers who might be charging you some charges which are unregulated and hidden in nature. Thus, it is highly recommended that you closely monitor your contract notes on a regular basis so that you are always aware of the charges you are being levied.

Nonetheless, in the case of Angel Broking, the “hidden charges” are nothing but different sorts of taxes and duties, like we discussed in the above section of this review.

 Angel Broking Minimum Brokerage Charges

Earlier, when the percentage-based plans were functional on your trades, the minimum brokerage levied by Angel Broking was ₹20.

However, with the introduction of the flat brokerage plan, the minimum brokerage charged now is ₹15 across the trading segments.

With this, we wrap up the brokerage charges levied by Angel Broking across the trading segments.

Apart from that, before we leave here is a quick look at some of the other charges levied by this full-service stockbroker:

Angel Broking Account Opening Charges

To experience safe and secure trading with the broker it is essential to have the Angel Broking Demat Account.

Before that, it is good to learn about the Angel Broking Demat Account Charges and fees associated with the account opening.

Here are the account opening and maintenance charges you are required to pay to Angel Broking.

Remember, charges of Angel Broking Account Opening are a one-time cost while AMC or Annual maintenance charges are levied every year.

However, under schemes and plans, you can reap the benefit of lifetime free demat account with no annual charges


Angel Broking Transaction Charges:

Apart from account opening, maintenance, taxes – you are required to pay transaction charges in your trades which are a specific percentage of the turnover value.


In case you are looking to open an account with Angel Broking or start stock market investments in general, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

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