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  • Multiple Business Models
  • Huge Brand Equity
  • High Brand Recall


  • Okayish Offline Presence
  • Revenue Sharing can be increased

Sharekhan Franchise and sub-broker branches are spread across the country.

A major part of Sharekhan’s business is taken care of by these offline offices while online retail has picked up a bit recently.

In this detailed review, we will be looking at whether this full-service stockbroker is good enough for you as a partner or not.

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Sharekhan Franchise Review 

Sharekhan is one of the biggest and the most prominent retail stockbrokers in the country. Online Sharekhan trading has had one of the biggest customer bases in the whole country.

If you want to visit the Sharekhan Franchise near me, then you can find it in many cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and many more.

Sharekhan was established in Mumbai by Shripal Morakhia in 2000. The stockbroker is considered to be one of the pioneers of online retail broking in India.

Talking about the offline presence, Sharekhan franchise model is widely spread across 3000+ locations of the country in around 600 cities and towns.

However, Sharekhan has been fully taken up by BNP Paribas and is now named as the Sharekhan by BNP Paribas.

Sharekhan gives brokerage services through its online website and Sharekhan Mobile trading app all throughout the country. They offer the services to multiple clients including investors, traders, corporate, NRI’s and corporate.

Sharekhan Franchise is the perfect method to partner with the stockbroker to run his/her own business with them to earn some profits.

There are a variety of partnership models offered by them which are tailor-made to suit the needs of each client.

These partnership models are designed to give the maximum profit to the partner and also help them set up their own trading business under one of the biggest names in the industry – Sharekhan.

Sharekhan Franchise Benefits

As per the company, there are numerous reasons a person should partner with them. In the following Sharekhan Franchise Review, we will know about all these business models in detail.

Some of the major potential reasons to take up the Sharekhan Franchise are:

  1. Brand Name – The biggest reason to partner with Sharekhan is that they are one of the biggest names in the country.

The name speaks for itself. Since it is so popular, this means that it is supported and trusted by the people of the country. It becomes much easier when you, as a business, are using brand equity for client acquisition.

  1. Research – Research is paid much attention to the company and knowledge is prioritized overall. In-depth quality Sharekhan research is provided to the partners and the clients at both fundamental and technical levels.
  2. Technology – The use of the latest technology has kept them ahead as one of the frontrunners in the industry. The company ensures smooth transactions with the help of automated advanced risk monitoring systems.

Some of Sharekhan Online trading platforms include – Sharekhan Trade Tiger, Sharekhan Mobile App, Sharekhan Mini etc.

  1. Business Practices – The core value is to build trust and transparency amongst the customers and the company.
  2. Training – They provide training to all their partners and the employees working at the Sharekhan Franchise for free.
  3. Marketing Help and Support – They have a marketing support facility that helps the partners in achieving success by facilitating business development opportunities.
  4. Brokerage Rates – Sharekhan brokerage is regarded as one of the best in industry. 

Each partner is allotted with a dedicated relationship manager who can help them with anything they require.

Apart from all these benefits, there are multiple advantages you get as a partner in regular day to day operations.

Furthermore, since the complaint percentage by its clients is relatively low, you spend less time fixing client’s problems and focus primarily on the growth of your business.

Furthermore, the broker holds regular training and seminars for its partners so that they stay updated with the market trends, latest concepts, competitive space, share market advanced education and a lot other related areas.

Sharekhan Franchise Details

There are a variety of products and services offered by Sharekhan that are designed based on individual requirements. Some of the different partnership models offered by Sharekhan Franchise are:

1.Power Brokers

2.Independent Financial Advisors


      1. Sharekhan Power Broker

The first kind of partnership model offered by the stockbroker is the Sharekhan Power broker. Willing sub brokers, financial advisors or distributors can benefit from this franchise model.

This is also one of the most opted ones.

In this model, the broker partners with Sharekhan and sets up their own trading business.

This Sharekhan sub broker model can target all the clients that trade online by themselves and start working with them.  This partnership model is perfect for the sub-brokers, financial products distributors, financial advisors and business owners.

The products and services that the power broker can trade under are:

Sharekhan Power Broker Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you choose to use this model:

  • The company provides a wide range of services and products that are designed to suit each client individually. These are also supported by RMs or Relationship managers.
  • The services, marketing support, and technological investments are all taken care of by the company.
  • The relationship managers are allotted by the company to take care of the risk monitoring, equity sales, and operation related problems.
  • Custom service and solutions for HNIs.
  • The broker gets a reasonable client base and already set up an internet-based business model.

     2. Sharekhan Independent Finance Advisor

The next category of partnership model offered by the stockbroker is the Sharekhan Independent Finance Advisor.

If you are a financial advisor then partnering with Sharekhan for exclusive Mutual Funds Distribution is a good idea.

With Sharekhan the independent financial advisors get the opportunity to go on with their practice and leverage the name of the Sharekhan brand to their best advantage.

Sharekhan Independent Finance Advisor Benefits

You will get the below-mentioned benefits if you choose to use this business model:

  • Provides the client with a one-stop solution to all the financial investment needs.
  • The relationship managers are allotted to each independent financial advisor that helps them in getting the HNI clients.
  • The company provides all the web-based tools and services that help in providing the best services to the existing and prospective clients.
  • The advisor gets to run their business and gets to leverage the brand name of Sharekhan to their advantage.

   3. Sharekhan Remisier

The third and the last business model offered by the broker is Sharekhan Remisier. A remisier is a person who brings the clients to the company and earns profits through that.

So, if you are good at public dealing and have lots of contacts that you can easily convince to join Sharekhan, remisier is the perfect job opportunity for you.

Additionally, there is no need for any infrastructure setup because you can work from anywhere you want to.

Sharekhan Remisier Benefits

Traders get to reap the following Sharekhan Remisier benefits:

  • The easiest way to earn big profits on every client you introduce and get involved with Sharekhan.
  • Work from anywhere since there is no need to set up an office or an infrastructure.
  • The company provides each remisier with one relationship manager that can be contacted at any time of the problems.

Sharekhan Franchise Requirements

There are a few criteria that need to be met to open a Sharekhan Franchise. These criteria differ among different business models.

However, the best part about working with Sharekhan is that you do not need much experience. Even the inexperienced people can set up their own business.

This is a great opportunity for all startups. The Sharekhan franchise requirements as listed by the stockbroker are:

  • Date of Birth verification document that shows that the person is 21 years or older.
  • The degree of educational qualification
  • PAN Card
  • Bank details or statement
  • A valid rental agreement for the franchise office
  • Adhaar Card
  • Two recent photographs
  • Address proof

In addition to this, some of the following qualifications might be considered to make you a better prospect for the partnership. However, there are not compulsory:

  • Graduation degree in finance
  • 1-2 years of experience as a sub-broker, financial advisor or finance distributor
  • Being an experienced business owner

Apart from all the above mentioned generic requirements, there are some specific needs that you must take care of before applying for a Sharekhan franchise:

  • You MUST have valid sub-broker registration from either of the exchanges i.e. NSE or BSE.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old in order to start any form of business with any broker for that matter.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any stream will do, however, commerce is preferred.
  • Soft skills such as client handling, business management, team management, crisis handling, business prioritization, communication skills definitely help your application.

Sharekhan Franchise Cost

Any Sharekhan Franchise can start their business with the company at a minimum deposit that ranges somewhere between ₹70,000 to ₹1,00,000.

Although, you can certainly negotiate with the executive when things are getting discussed on the table. The negotiation turns to your favour if you already have a sizable running client base.

As the Sharekhan Franchise Cost, the broker has to make a deposit of ₹70,000 and also set up the office by themselves. This might total to about ₹2,00,000 worth investment.

The profit is divided between the company and the sub-broker.

This is in line with the industry average, although, there are a few brokers who have a much lesser requirement in terms of the initial deposit but you may have to compromise on the brand part in such a deal.

Sharekhan Franchise Sharing

The Sharekhan Sub Broker commission ranges from 60:40 to 70:30 depending on the deals that the broker can get from the company. 

In the Sharekhan Power Broker model, sub brokers can earn as much as 70% of the revenue, whereas in Sharekhan IFA, the revenue sharing varies in range from 30 – 40%. 

In other words, Sharekhan keeps 40% of the overall business revenue and the partner gets to keep 60%, in the 60:40 model. 

For instance, if your business generated a net brokerage of ₹10,00,000 in a month, then ₹6,00,000 becomes your business revenue for the month and the rest ₹4,00,000 goes to the broker (for more information, check Sharekhan Brokerage).

The profit distribution between the company and the remisier and the company and the Independent Finance Advisor are different and can be negotiated at the time of signing the contract.

Additionally, Sharekhan also keeps coming up with a variety of offers and deals for its partners that can also be availed to get a benefit in the business partnership.

Sharekhan Franchise Offers

Some of the offers that the broker comes up on a regular basis for its clients include:

  • Low brokerage charges based on a high initial deposit
  • No cost Sharekhan demat account, generally active for a limited duration
  • Better revenue sharing percentage
  • Low Margin

How to Get Sharekhan Franchise?

It is really simple to open a Sharekhan Franchise. These are the steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, check whether you fulfill the Sharekhan franchise eligibility criteria .
  • Fill the below mentioned form with all the correct details or visit one of Sharekhan Branches.
  • Sub Broker Business
  • Know and accept all the clauses related to the business.
  • Sign up the papers and pay the initial Sharekhan franchise investment.
  • The broker’s team will validate all the details provided along with the documentation. Post verification, an executive will be aligned with you who will perform a physical check at your office premise.
  • After this due diligence, you will be provided with some onboarding formalities.
  • You will also be explained all the basic aspects you MUST take care of as you become part of the brand.
  • An agreement will be signed by both parties. It can also be seen as a contract in order to make sure there are no illegitimate proceedings from either side.
  • Startup your business with guidance from Sharekhan and take home up to 70% of the profit.

Sharekhan Franchise Contact

If at any point in time, you need assistance regarding the Sharekhan Franchise model, you can get in touch with the Sharekhan Customer care team.

This team will connect you with the right person who can assist you with the kind of query you have depending on the phase of the overall onboarding journey you are in with the broker.

Sharekhan Commodity Franchise

The Sharekhan Commodity business is different from the rest of the stock market investment business the brand offers.

If you are looking to establish as a partner with the Commodity business of the brand than the business model, corresponding requirements and revenue sharing terms are different.

For instance, the partner model, in this case, is called Power Broker.

Here the requirement is that you should ideally be servicing HNI (High Net Worth Individuals). Furthermore, the product range has a wide variety within the commodity segment, such as:

  • Bullion
  • Base Metals
  • Energy
  • Agricultural Products
  • Oil/Oil Seeds
  • Fibre
  • Pulses
  • Grains etc

The registration process, however, is similar to what has been explained above.


With all of the above Sharekhan franchise details, we can say that partnering with Sharekhan can be one of the biggest business opportunities for anyone.

If you meet the set criteria and can pay the minimum fee that is required to partner with the company, there are only good things for you in the future.

Their support and learning program is one of the best and does help each of their partners in nourishing and developing their business.

With this said, Sharekhan is one of the best business partners giving some of the best business models to the clients. The sub broker commission rates ranging between 60:40 to 70:30, partnering with the stockbroker is a lucrative proposition.

Hence, there is no doubt that the Sharekhan franchise is one of the most preferred business partnership platforms for brokers.

In case you are looking to open a sub-broker or master franchise business through one of the top stock brokers in India, then let us arrange a callback for you.

Just fill in the details below and you will get a call from B2B onboarding team:

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Sharekhan Franchise FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions asked about the Sharekhan franchise or sub-brokership business:

  1. Is the Initial deposit mandatory to be a Sharekhan franchise?

This initial deposit basically works as a security for the broker and yes, it is mandatory if you are looking to partner this full-service broker.

However, this is applicable to all major stockbrokers in India.

     2. How long it takes to start the Sharekhan franchise business?

It varies between 2-3 days to a week’s time. The onboarding time basically depends on your documentation and inputs provided.

If all the documentation is valid and there is nothing missing, it is a matter of a couple of days for you to get started with your business. At times, due to few onboarding concerns, it may take a little longer than that.

     3. Does Sharekhan franchise open in smaller towns and cities as well?

Yes, definitely. The broker is open to franchise partnerships with businesses coming from all sorts of geographical backgrounds, be it tier 2 or tier 3 towns.

Although, it brings more confidence to the broker if the town has a decent population density and relatively lesser competition.

     4. Can I get more than 70% revenue sharing from my Sharekhan franchise?

Generally, this is the percentage of revenue sharing the broker sticks to, however, in extreme cases where the partner has a sizable client base and is bringing in regular business numbers for the broker – it has been seen that the franchise partner may get more than 70% of the brokerage generated.

In case you are looking to get started with Sharekhan as a Business Partner, just fill in a few basic details below:

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