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Since HDFC Securities is a bank-based stockbroker, the HDFC Securities Brokerage is counted as one of the highest ones in the industry. Thus, be ready to pay relatively “hefty” brokerage charges if you are going to open HDFC Demat Account.

To give you a quick background, HDFC Securities is a renowned bank-based full-service stockbroker in India. It has its headquarters based out of Mumbai and has multiple branches across different parts of the country.

In this review, along with the HDFC Securities Brokerage, you can find detailed information on:

HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges

The brokerage charges depend upon the segment you trade. Here for all the segments, the minimum brokerage is ₹25 per order. Apart from this, the maximum brokerage depends upon the volume of the trade.

HDFC Securities Delivery Charges

This is how the brokerage structure of HDFC Securities looks like when investing in Equity.

For delivery based trades, the brokerage structure and other charges are as follows:


To give you a quick example, let’s say you bought 1000 stocks of Infosys trading at ₹800 each and then sold all those of at ₹825.

In this case, your overall trade turnover would be:

= ₹(800 + 825) X 1000

= ₹16,25000

As mentioned above, the brokerage for delivery trades is kept at 0.50%. Thus, from that perspective, the brokerage will be:

= ₹16,25000 X 0.5%

= ₹8125

Thus, you will be shelling out HDFC Securities brokerage in the range of ₹8000 excluding taxes.

If you have opted for HDFC PMS then, it’s good to know the PMS charges.

HDFC Securities Intraday Brokerage

Similarly, for Square-Off Trades Cash & Carry Scrips, Brokerage, Securities transaction tax and Stamp duty charges as follows:


The brokerage changes for Square-Off Trades Margin Scrips as shown below:


Feel free to use this HDFC Securities Brokerage Calculator for further reference on brokerage and taxes involved. Remember, for delivery or CNC trades, there will be extra HDFC DP Charges applied on your sell trades.

Furthermore, talking about Derivatives, the brokerage and other charges for Non-Square Off (Carry Forward) Trades in the FUTURES market are as follows:


And for Square off trades:

HDFC Securities Option Brokerage

The structure of the Options market is:

HDFC Securities Currency Brokerage

Finally, for Currency Derivatives – all sorts of charges are listed below:


As per the brokerage structure, it depends on the investment segment you are interested in.

HDFC Commodity Trading Charges

Since the broker is registered with MCX and NCDEX, thus one can trade across commodities using the HDFC Securities App. The brokerage differs and depends upon the derivatives segment (futures and options) and the product type (square off or non-square off trades).

The details of the commodity brokerage in the HDFC Securities is given in the table below:


HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges For NRI

Before we talk about brokerage, this needs to be known that an NRI client needs to pay ₹2500 as an HDFC Securities account opening fee. However, for the first year, you do not need to pay any annual maintenance charges as those start from the second year at ₹750 per year.

As far as the brokerage charges are concerned, here is a quick look:

Although most of the segments are charged at a similar level as a domestic client, the delivery brokerage charges are on a relatively higher side.

That is, you’d need to pay 1.5 times the brokerage at 0.75% of your trade value as compared to 0.5% paid by an Indian resident client.

HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges For Mutual Funds

No HDFC Securities brokerage is applicable on mutual fund transactions. In other words, irrespective of the mutual funds bought or sold by you using the services of this stockbroker, there will not be any brokerage you need to pay.

There could be taxes, transaction charges by HDFC Securities etc applicable, however, none of that goes into the pockets of the broker.

HDFC Securities Minimum Brokerage

There are times when the overall trade turnover is not that high. However, HDFC Securities charges a minimum brokerage charge is each trade, across segments.

In other words, let’s say you place a trade with a total turnover worth ₹5000 or even ₹1000, in that case, you still need to pay a bare minimum brokerage and it can be less than that.

The same brokerage charges will be applied in case you choose to use the HDFC Securities Call and Trade facility where you call up the local branch and place your trades.

Here are the details:


To ease things and to know the exact trading charges, it is good to know how to calculate brokerage in HDFC Securities?

HDFC Securities Demat Account Charges

If you are looking to go ahead with the HDFC Securities Sign Up process, you must know that the Demat account opening and Trading account AMC bear no charges.


Look at the table below and see what are you going to pay for the trading account opening and Demat account AMC. Solid high!

These are the charges a client needs to pay for opening a 3-in-1 account with HDFC Securities:


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