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Before trying to get to know about Zerodha virtual trading, let us first try to understand what virtual trading means.

Virtual trading or paper trading is a process in which people can practice investing and trading in a simulated environment without involving actual money.

Virtual trading, in even simpler terms, is trading in an online simulated environment where the feel of trading is designed to be as close to the real stock market as possible.

The term Zerodha virtual trading means the facility of trading in a simulated environment without using real money on Zerodha’s trading platform. Zerodha does not provide a virtual trading facility to its clients on a daily basis.

However, Mock trading sessions are conducted by the stock exchange every month on a Saturday and one can see live ticks on Zerodha Kite or Zerodha Pi on that Saturday of every month. If someone is new to trading, one can benefit by watching the mock trading session and getting a hang of how to initiate orders and place different kinds of orders.

Zerodha Virtual Trading Reasons

The stock exchange conducts mock trading sessions where brokers test out their trading related infrastructure.

The basic purpose of these mock trading sessions is for brokers and exchange to try new developments on the simulated environment.

New products or systems designed by brokerage firms are tested in these sessions. One other reason behind these mock sessions is for conducting contingency drills.

Zerodha Virtual Trading Effects

Let us see what actually is visible on Zerodha platform during the whole duration of these mock trading sessions.

  1. The prices of stocks and options that appear on the market watch appear incorrectly due to virtual trading. One can expect to see quite big fluctuations in prices from the original prices in the actual stock exchanges. So don’t worry, it’s not the real market anyway.
  2. The value of holdings and positions of investors and traders will be displayed as per the price fluctuations happening in the mock stock prices.
  3. At the end of the mock trading session, all the values get updated as per the last trading day’s (generally Friday’s) closing prices. The original values of the holdings and positions can be seen after some time from the end of the session.

Zerodha Virtual Trading Schedule

In order to know about a mock trading session in advance, one can check the schedule of all the mock trading sessions that are going to be held in a particular year on the website of the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Similarly, the schedule of all the mock trading sessions going to be held in a year can also be seen on the website of the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX).

For MCX, mock trading can go on till 2 pm.

For equity and derivatives trading, mock session can go on until 3:30 pm.

Virtual Trading Games

Online virtual trading games or stock market games are also getting quite famous these days because of the thrill of actual trading without a chance to lose real money.

Also, people use virtual trading games to test their strategies and get a feel of implementing them in a simulated environment before actually testing them out on real stock exchanges as the latter exposes them to the risk of incurring losses.

It seems that at this point in time, Zerodha virtual trading would be available for its clients in the form of a game named “Save the Market”.

Save the Market – The website of Zerodha mentions the name of this virtual trading game but the details of the game, rules, winners, etc. cannot be obtained yet by clicking on the link to join the game.

It seems as if this is something in progress and not completed yet for usage by its clients. But for all the gamers who are interested in money or stock market-related games and actual investors and traders, it definitely looks like something to look forward to.

The website describes “Save the Market” as a fun, hangman style game where one’s knowledge about the stock market and current happenings around us will be put to test.

It also says that fresh content will be added to the game every day making it even more interesting and engaging with every passing day.


Virtual trading provides a great platform for traders to test their new strategies without involving their real hard-earned money. It is also a good source of entertainment.

Zerodha virtual trading session can be seen on one Saturday of every month where one can see the impact of virtual trading on its platform in the form of price and volatility fluctuations in a short span of time.

It is expected that fun and entertaining game called “Save the Market” will be launched soon by Zerodha where its clients will be able to join the game of virtual trading and reap its benefits.

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