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Angel Broking Margin Calculator is available across all the trading segments offered by the broker.

For instance, you can use margin values across Equity Intraday for up to 40 times of your trading account balance. This is one of the highest exposure margins one can expect from a stockbroker in India.

But before we dive into the actual Angel Broking Margin values, let’s take a step back and see how the margin works at trading level with this broker.

Angel Broking Margin

Angel Broking is one of the leading full-service stockbrokers in India with its headquarters based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The broker allows you to invest and trade across multiple segments including Equity, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives and more.

At the same time, people looking to cash in on extra profits and have a relatively higher risk appetite may choose to use the Angel Broking Margin Calculator across the above-mentioned segments as well.

For beginners, it needs to be known that the concept of margin can certainly amplify your profits when you trade in the share market.

However, it has the potential to jump-up your losses as well. Thus, be very cautious while using it in your investments.

Angel Broking Margin Trading

Furthermore, when you use the limit exposure on your margin trading, there is a specific interest rate (18% in the case of Angel Broking) that is levied on the loaned amount.

If you are looking to use margin in your trades, you will need to open an NBFC account with the broker. There are no charges to open this account.

Margin across segments is decided by VAR. The way it works is simple too. Let’s say VAR for HDFC is 8%.

In case you are unable to maintain the minimum amount balance in the account, you will receive a margin call from the broker.

This implies that the risk evaluated by the exchange is ₹8,000 per ₹1 Lakh for that particular trading session. If you want to calculate limit for that stock, it can be done by dividing 1 lakh by the VAR factor i.e. 1,00,000/8,000 or 12.5.

So, the margin on HDFC for that particular trading session will be 12.5 times.

Ahead to that, it’s Angel Broking’s (or any broker for that matter) decision on how much leverage can be provided for that particular stock.

Angel Broking Equity Margin Calculator

Now, coming to the Angel Broking Margin values, let’s start with Angel Broking Equity Trading SegmentA lot of traders who start their trading journey, begin it through this segment.

And to jump their profits, at times, they prefer to use margin on their trades too.

With Angel Broking Margin Calculator, the following are the values received generally:

Angel Broking Delivery Margin Calculator

What the below table implies is, that in case you look to invest in Equity Delivery Segment, you will be provided with a margin that is 5 to 6 times the value of your holdings.

Angel Broking Equity Intraday Margin Calculator

Similarly, at Intraday level, your margin can go as high as 40 times.


At intraday trading level, Angel Broking is one of the top stockbrokers in the industry that provides such a high margin value. And what’s amazing is there are reasonable Angel One MTF charges levied on traders.

At the same time, the margin value depends on factors such as your trading account balance, your profit patterns in your trades etc.

To take an example, let’s say have you have ₹25,000 in your trading account and there is a definite market opportunity for a quick profit. One thing is you can put in all your balance of ₹25k and go for that trade.

Or you may choose to use margin in your trade and place a trade valued at 40 times of what you have in your trading account. In other words, you place a trade worth ₹10 Lakh.

If you were imagining of riping in a profit of let’s say ₹2000 in that particular trade, now with Angel Broking Margin Calculator you may be looking at a profit in the range of ₹80,000.

Staggering, right?

This also needs to be known that within Intraday trading, you also get the benefit of Auto-square off, implying when the margin gets locked at a certain level – you do not need to worry about the position square off.

There are provisions within the trading platforms itself where your position is exited automatically when the loss starts going below a certain specified level. This process is also monitored by Angel Broking’s risk management team.

Angel Broking Span Margin Calculator

Apart from the other types of margins, one of the most used Angel Broking margin calculators is the Angel Broking Span Margin.

The value of this type of margin varies during different points in time of the day since it goes through multiple rounds of fluctuations depending on the market situation at that time.

This margin is generally equal to the highest loss a portfolio can end up seeing if the stock goes down the barrel.

To get the span margin value, it is suggested that you use the Angel Broking app or any other trading platform and validate the exact value at that point in time since there is no fixed value to it.

Angel Broking F&O Margin Calculator

Moving ahead, if we talk about Angel Broking Margin Calculator in the Derivatives segment, the margin offered is relatively limited.

Let’s talk about the futures segment-first, here are the values:


At a similar level, if you are into options trading, then the margin provided by this stockbroker is:

This needs to be mentioned that trading in derivatives (Futures & Options) is relatively riskier as compared to other segments.

Thus, if you are a beginner level trader, it makes sense to initially start with other segments and then gradually transit towards derivative trading.

Having said that, Angel broking does not provide much margin values in this trading segment.

And if you are someone who is actively looking to use margin in his/her derivative trades, you may either try to negotiate and get a ‘back-door’ margin value with this broker or may look for some other broker that can provide you expected margin values.

Angel Broking Currency Margin

Then if we talk about availability in Currency, with Angel Broking you will get the following values:


As you can see above, the broker does not offer much of a margin in the Currency segment. For currency, it is definitely understandable for that fact that it is one of the most volatile markets in the investment space.

Furthermore, if you are looking for specific Angel Broking margin values against any specific stock or currency pair, these values can be checked using the Angel Broking App or any other trading platform offered by the broker.

Lastly, whatever loans you take from the broker – you can use those for as long as 90 days.

Angel Broking MCX Commodity Margin Calculator

Commodity trading is a relatively interesting segment. And as far as Angel Commodity is concerned, there are a lot of micro and macroeconomic factors that impact this segment directly and indirectly.

When it comes to commodity margin, the following values are generally provided by Angel Broking (varies according to the commodity):


Also, as mentioned above, there will be a specific interest levied as well on the loaned amount that you will be required to pay along with the principal amount you loaned.

Angel Broking Crude Oil Margin

For Crude Oil, Angel Broking Margin Calculator can take margin as high as 10 times of your trading account balance.

It may seem reasonably good from a competitive point of view since Crude Oil, as a trading product, can be seen as really volatile.

This goes to the reason that it gets impacted by a lot of global factors.

Angel Broking Margin Limit

The margin limit across different trading segments varies.

For instance in Equity delivery, you can get a margin as high as 3 times and intraday is placed at up to 48 times.

Thus, it is a wide range! Similarly in other segments, the margin limit can be seen in the range of 2-10 times by Angel Broking.

However, you need to take care of the margin requirements (discussed later) while placing your trades. At the same time, there are specific charges that you need to pay off as well (also discussed later).

Angel Broking Robo Order Margin

Very limited stockbrokers in India allow you to use the provision of a robo order. With ARQ Angel Broking, you can place robo orders as well.

This algo trading based mechanism helps you to place automated trades.

When it comes to margin, it goes in line with the margin provided in the standard trades placed by the trader. Thus, in other words, there is no separate provision or specification that differentiates the margin values offered for robo orders.

Angel Broking Margin Charges

There are no separate charges for using margin on your trades. However, Angel Broking (like any other stockbroker in India) charges a specific interest rate on the amount of margin availed by the trader.

Since it can be seen as a sort of a loan a trader takes from the broker, thus the latter charges interest for the time and the amount that loan is taken.

Interest rate is discussed later in this review.

Angel Broking Margin Requirements

When it comes to taking care of the Angel Broking margin requirements in your trades, it is generally split into two parts – initial margin and minimum margin.

To start trading using margin, there must be an initial margin that needs to be provided by the trader. This initial margin can be seen as the initial deposit you provide to your stockbroker (Angel Broking in this case) before placing your trades.

Furthermore, while placing your trades, there are instances when the trading account balance in your account goes below the minimum threshold to continue using margin. That threshold is called the minimum margin.

These are some of the basic margin requirements one needs to take care of.

Angel Broking Margin Interest Rate

Like mentioned above, the Angel Broking margin interest rate is placed at 18%.

Although, it will be charged on a monthly basis from the trader but the value is calculated on a daily basis. This interest is levied after T + 2 days where T is the trading day.

From the overall industry perspective, this interest rate goes pretty much with the average.

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