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Alice Blue Franchise business comes with limited strings attached, no hard-core responsibilities and is ideal for people looking for passive income. But before we talk at length about how this business works, let’s understand more about this stockbroker.

Alice Blue Online, a discount broker, started its operations back in the year 2006. The headquarter of the company is in Chennai. The broker claims that its main focus is on the technology used for the trading purpose. This can easily be validated based on the kind of trading platforms the broker provides to its clients.

Alice Blue Franchise Review

The broker is famous for the services it provides to their business partners and clients. It has good back-office support and customer care service.

Alice blue is well known among the customers for the assistance it provides to the business partners in setting-up their business. Also, they help in client acquisition and growing their business.


The broker has a membership of almost all regulatory bodies and hence it has a wide variety of trading products to offer to the clients. These memberships include those of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, and NCDEX. By associating with Alice Blue, you will be able to cater to the following products to your clients.

Alice blue supports its business partners by offering them an attractive revenue sharing ratio with an affordable security deposit.

It is easier for the Franchises to attract clients for the company as they offer technological tools, time to time training to clients and franchise with 24*7 back office support.

As per the claims of the broker, Alice blue franchise network is spread all over India across 100 cities with around 800 sub-broking branches.

In this article, we will discuss different aspects of the Alice blue franchise. We will try to cover types of model offered by the broker, revenue sharing ratio, security deposit/Initial investment, offers, the support provided to the Franchise etc.

Alice Blue Franchise Advantages

Following are the advantages of starting a partnership business as Alice Blue Franchise:

  • The discount broker offers multiple segments for trading. It helps your client to trade with a single broker without searching for another broker.
  • Easy registration process: The KYC process of the broker is very easy. It will help your client to complete the KYC process very easily and quickly.
  • The broker offers advanced technology for trading tools. It helps in generating higher revenue to the clients and ultimately to the broker.
  • There are various slabs for the revenue sharing ratio which provides you profit sharing as per your capability. It means higher the revenue generation, the higher will be the profit sharing ratio.
  • You will not get the burden of a high-security deposit like other broking houses. The security deposit required starts with a minimal amount and is affordable to almost all Franchises.
  • The broker has a flexible brokerage plan which will help you in deciding the brokerage plan for your clients independently.
  • The broker has great analytical tools to help clients in taking the right trading and investment decision.

Alice Blue Business Models

The discount broker offers two types of business model if you want to start a partnership business with them.

  • Franchise/Franchise model
  • Referral/Remisier model

Alice Blue Franchise model:

A franchise model is a common type of model which is provided by most of the brokers.

Alice Blue Franchise model provides you with an opportunity to start entrepreneurship, where you will be the owner of the business. You are just required to set-up an office to work and acquire clients to generate revenue.

The broker has divided four categories under this model.

The four categories are General, Harvest, Frequent and Eventual. All four has a different requirement and will get a different revenue sharing ratio. The security deposit required by these four categories is also not the same.


  • Revenue sharing ratio will be according to category divided. Hence, you will get an attractive sharing ratio.
  • Affordable security deposit according to a different category.
  • The flexibility of the brokerage plan.
  • An opportunity to become an Entrepreneur.

Alice Blue Referral

Referral model is the second model offered by the Alice Blue Online.

Under this model, a person can refer a client to Alice Blue and after becoming a client of the broker, you will earn a referral bonus by the company. You can refer anyone you know, your friends/relatives/family anyone.

As a referrer, you need not to do trading on behalf of the clients. You just need to connect to two parties for the business purpose.


  • A minimal amount of investment or security deposit.
  • You can work under the roof of the broker or from somewhere else.
  • You can earn just by referring a friend or relative.
  • An opportunity to earn as long as your referral trade with the Alice Blue.

Alice blue Franchise Revenue Sharing

Each broking company provides its partners with a specific commission or a cut from the overall brokerage generated by the partner. The percentage of revenue shared, however, depends on various factors including the business model chosen:

Alice blue Franchise model:

The revenue or commission sharing ratio under the Alice Blue Franchise model is different for the different categories divided by the broker. The four categories are General, Harvest, Frequent and eventual.

The revenue sharing ratio for the first category in between the Franchise and the Alice blue is 70:30, for the second category the ratio is 75:25, for the third category it is 80:20 and for the fourth and the last category the ratio is 85:15.

Here is the table which represents the ratio and the category:


Alice blue Referral model:

For the referral model also, Alice blue has decided the slab for the commission. The share of the commission of a referral differs on the basis of different slabs of the brokerage generated by all referred clients.

If the brokerage generated by all the referrals is up to ₹25,000, then one can earn 20% of all brokerages as your commission, if the brokerage is between ₹25,000 – ₹50,000, then the commission earned will be 30% and in this way, it will keep increasing.

Here is the complete detail in a table:


Alice Blue Franchise Initial investment:

Franchise model:

Just like the revenue sharing ratio, the Security deposit of the Alice Blue Franchise model also differs from one category to another. The security deposit starts from ₹10,000 and goes up to ₹50,000.

Apart from this security deposit, one needs to make some other investments like office set-up investment, the registration fee of each product segment in which the Franchise will deal.

Here is the table to describe it clearly.


The security deposit required for the referral model is ₹10,000 only.

Alice Blue Franchise Support

As a business partner of Alice Blue, you will get the following support.

Business set-up assistance: The broker supports its business partners in setting up their business like office set-up, required infrastructure set-up and everything needed to run the business.

Marketing support: The broker helps in the marketing of your business through advertisements.

Training assistance: The broker provides proper training to the partners as well as to their clients for the proper running of the business.

Waiver of additional deposit: In some situations, the broker waives the additional deposit of the business partner.

Alice Blue Franchise Registration

Following are the steps to become an Alice Blue Franchise or partner:

  • Fill up the registration form available on the website with all the required details. You may choose to use the below form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • The call centre executive will call you to verify your interest and the information you have filled in the form.
  • In the same call, an appointment will be fixed with the sales team of the Alice Blue broker to discuss the details of the partnership business.
  • Make sure to discuss each and everything related to the partnership business with the broker like their business models, revenue sharing ratio and criteria, security deposit, terms & conditions etc.
  • Before signing an agreement with the broker, they will ask you to submit all required documents and security deposit cheque.
  • After verification, they will provide you with an account ID to start your business.
  • Now you are ready to start a partnership business with the broker.

It will take almost 7-10 business days to complete the whole process.

Alice blue Franchise Summary

By going through the above discussion, it is clear that the discount broker is in the financial market for a decade. It is well known among the clients for the help and support it provides to the business partners in setting up their business.

The broker gives you two options to start a partnership business with them. The revenue sharing is based on different criteria and you will get a profit share according to the category you fall in.

The same is with the security deposit also. The security deposit you need to give is based on the slabs divided by the broker. The broker has knowledge centre and training facility for the clients.

Hence, based on the above points, if you are thinking to start a partnership business in the broking space you can choose Alice Blue also as an option.

If you are looking to set up a business in the stockbroking space, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

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