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Wisdom Capital Margin is one of the highest margins in the stockbroking industry including both the discount as well as full-service stockbroking firms.

Overall, Wisdom Capital, as a discount broker has limited offerings in terms of trading products, trading platforms, customer service, offline presence, research etc, but when it comes to margin trading, this discount broker is definitely promising.

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In this detailed review, we will have a look at the Wisdom Capital Margin provided across Equity, Derivatives, Commodity trading and Currency trading segments.

This needs to be known that these values are updated on a regular basis for the users’ reference.

Wisdom Capital Margin Calculator

Last updated 23rd April 2024

When it comes to Wisdom Capital Margin, the values vary based on the trading segment as well as the order type used to place the trade. It also depends on the brokerage plan you have opted for while registering your demat account with Wisdom Capital.

For example, if you are opting for a carryforward position, then you can only place NRML order while for intraday trading, order types such as MIS, Bracket Order, Cover order are allowed to be placed.

Let’s get to the heart of this Wisdom Capital Margin calculator and understand what margin you can avail, starting with the Equity segment.

Wisdom Capital Equity Margin

As mentioned above, the margin offered by this discount broker depends on the order type as one of the factors. If you are looking to place Intraday trades in Equity segment, these are the margin values you can expect:

  • NRML Order: Up to 5 Times
  • MIS or Bracket Order: Up to 60 Times

Here are the margin values across available scrips:

Wisdom Capital Margin Derivatives

If you are someone who prefers derivatives trading and wants to deal in futures and options, well Wisdom Capital can provide you with a wide range of margin, again, depending on the order type.

For instance for option selling:

  • MIS Order: Up to 15 Times
  • Bracket Order or Cover Order: Up to 20 Times

And for options buying:

  • Bracket Order: Up to 3 Times
  • MIS Order: Full Premium

Here are the Wisdom Capital margin values for the derivatives segment:

Wisdom Capital Margin Currency

Then, moving on to currency trading, you can avail margin as high as 5 times for MIS and Bracket Order types. These margin values are pretty competitive in nature since the currency segment can be relatively volatile at times:

Wisdom Capital Margin MCX

Finally, talking about commodity trading, Wisdom Capital margin can bounce as high as 14 times in the case of bracket or cover orders while for MIS product, the margin values can be seen somewhere around 10 times.

Here are the detailed margin values offered by this discount broker in the case of commodities listed at MCX:

Wisdom Capital Margin – Brokerage Plans

Like mentioned at the onset, the Wisdom capital margin offered depends on multiple factors and one of those important factors is the brokerage plan you have opted with the broker.

There are 3 brokerage plans Wisdom capital has to offer, namely:

  • Wisdom Capital Freedom Plan
  • Wisdom Capital Pro Plan
  • Wisdom Capital Ultimate Plan

Furthermore, this is how those brokerage plans define the margin you get to avail in your trades across trading segments:


For the equity segment, the margin available across different brokerage plans is as follows:


For the Futures segment, the margin available across different brokerage plans is as follows:


For the Options segment, the margin available across different brokerage plans is as follows:


For the currency segment, the margin available across different brokerage plans is as follows:


Finally, for the Commodity segment, the margin available across different brokerage plans is as follows:


Wisdom Capital Margin Considerations

Here are some of the aspects you should ideally be taking care of while using Wisdom capital margin in your trades:

  • Usage of margin can be damaging to your trading capital, thus, make sure you have performed a detailed analysis or are using tips of a dependable source before placing margin based trades.
  • In a few order types, the positions are automatically squared off 15 minutes before the trading session ends for the day. This is based on the assumption that you have not manually closed your position until that time.
  • Be aware of the order type you pick while placing your margin trade since the amount of margin you get has a direct relation to the order type you chose for your trade.
  • Some of the trading classes and scrips can be relatively more volatile than the others, thus, make sure you have performed a detailed trend analysis and looked across related factors for those products.
  • Total margin is always the sum of the initial or the span margin and the exposure you get.
  • The settlements of different trades happen depending on the segment, as follows:
    • Equity trades in T + 2 days.
    • Derivatives in T + 1 Days.
  • The interest levied on your margin is 18% in case of Wisdom capital and it starts incurring from T + 2 days.

With this, we would like to wrap up our piece on Wisdom Capital Margin. Users are advised to bookmark this page for regular reference on margin before they place their respective trades.

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