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Intraday trading refers to the selling and buying of stocks on the same day to gain a great benefit from the fluctuating market price. Now a beginner finds it an attractive form of trading but challenging at the same time. To cope up with such a situation it is recommended to gain some understanding by referring to intraday trading books. 

Best Intraday Trading Books

As a beginner, practicing any kind of trade without much knowledge or skill can lead to losses. It is always advised to step into the market only after gaining proper knowledge and techniques.

Even after so many trading accounts, there are very few people that have the right approach toward trading. The best way to ace the art of intraday trading is to acquire knowledge from books.

If you are looking forward and want to learn how to do intraday trading, here are some books that are your solution. They’ll assist you in providing a fresh perspective into the trading world.

In this article, we have listed the most prominent stock market books for intraday trading that will help you to trade and in making a maximum profit.

 1. Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online

This book is one of the best guides for beginners and was reported as a national bestseller. Toni Turner is an educator and trader himself.

It is recommended for those who wish to multiply their money via intraday trading.  Explore how the market really works and how to make it work for you.

Strategies and techniques like risk management, technical analysis of a stock, trading plan, etc., have been thoroughly discussed by the author. The book also comprises checklists and quizzes for practice and learning.

Learn the benefits of trading in stocks, do’s and don’ts of the market in this simple-to-read and easy-to-understand book.

2. Mastering the Trade

Just after its release, the book became quite famous for its extreme tactics in intraday trading. Learn how to thrive in an environment that is vastly controlled by technology and volatility from the author of the bestselling book.

The book talks about risk management, future trades, easily executable techniques, etc. Traders and investors can learn when is the right time to move in and out of the market.

The author guides you on how to become a professional trader with tactics in easy-to-read and understandable language.

He makes us understand how volatile the market is, the simple logic behind trading, along with what intraday trading mistakes to avoid.

This book is a perfect pick for those who want to step into the market as a beginner.

3. The Truth About Day Trading Stocks

You wish to become a day trader but have you thought about what techniques and skills will it require to make huge gains?

If not, then this is the book for you as the author talks about skills like patience, a calm mindset, funds, and the ability to manage them before stepping into the world of intraday trading.

The author has guided its readers on how to manage financial losses. He also warns us that no one should consider intraday trading without giving a thought about the financial losses.

With this book, Josh has given us a peek into the honest picture of the market.

4. Day Trading Grain Futures

Day Trading Grain Futures is one of the best practical books in the market. David has backed up intraday trading with prominent reasons like a crisis, steady profits, low risk, etc.

Different aspects and concepts of the stock market have been covered in each chapter of this spectacular book. You can gain precise knowledge from scratch on literally every topic starting from intraday trading charts to price movement and risk management.

This is an ideal guide for individuals who are looking forward to trading in the future.

5. Intraday Trading For Dummies

The author has stated that he finds making money for home via day trading quite exciting. But before getting started he states that the readers require patience, risk management skills, and this book to get a hold of the dos and don’ts of the market.

You ought to have a calm and relaxed mind while trading and this book teaches you exactly how to maintain it. Along with that, the author has covered traditional and modern trading techniques and strategies.

With the right knowledge, trading can be pursued smoothly and the gains can be multiplied easily. As a beginner, you can learn the right intraday trading formula and strategies from scratch.

Overall, it’s a great day trading book as it guides you through the entire process in simple language.

6. The Disciplined Trader

The disciplined trader brings to light the complexities of trading psychology. This book mainly talks about the trader’s behavior. It is one of a kind as you may find many books on technical analysis and other intraday trading strategies but you need to take into account that behavior also matters while intraday trading.

The author has discussed how to deal with the challenges and issues faced when you become successful. He has pointed out that we need to alter our minds and control certain behaviors to stay on the right track.

The book is perfect for those looking for how to deal with the stress of intraday trading and risk management.

7. High Probability Trading

If you are looking forward to a step-by-step guide for intraday trading then this book is your solution. It gives you a fresh perspective into the pros and cons of day trading and also reveals the harsh reality of the risk involved.

The author has attempted to discuss a real-life intraday trading example and the ways how to overcome the problems encountered while trading. The trading techniques have been well described in an informative manner for readers.

Overall, the book is amongst the choice for a beginner to learn intraday trading before exploring the market.

Intraday Trading Books By Indian Authors

Now, apart from the above foreign authors’ books, there are a few books on intraday trading written by Indian authors. These books cover examples and charts of the Indian share market that make it easier for you to know how actually the market works.

From technical aspects to some of the best intraday trading indicators and charts, you can gain a complete understanding that helps you to begin trading like a pro.

8. A Game I Play Everyday

A Game I Play Everyday is a quick guide to get you started with intraday trading. You can learn valuable information on stocks, indices, forex, etc. in less than 2 hours.

You can gain insight into how to manage the ups and downs of the market based on strategies and techniques. The author has also clearly described when to exit and enter trades while selling and buying.

With the help of the tactics described in the book, you can easily grasp the basic concepts behind intraday trading.

9. Mind Markets And Money

You know the basic tricks and strategies involved in intraday trading, but how can we practically apply them while trading? Mind markets and money talk about practical methods that will pave your path to achieving your desired goals.

It is the first book in which in-depth and intensive concepts of day trading have been discussed with systems that have been developed for Indian markets.

This book is the perfect pick for anyone who desires to trade successfully in the Indian market.

10. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading


This book has been written by one of the most famous traders in India and is highly recommended for the Indian market. The author has described everything from scratch in a blunt and humouristic style.

The book contains information that will help you in getting ready for the risks of the market. It talks about money management, risk analysis, how to stay away from money traps, etc

Packed with charts, strategies, and real-life experiences, this book will guide you step-by-step in day trading.

Free Audio Books on Stock Market

Many people these days prefer to hear podcasts, book summaries, etc to gain knowledge. So, if you are someone who prefers the same then you can refer to some of the audiobooks that work as a trading guide for beginners.



11. How to Day Trade for Living 

Starting with the pros of intraday trading, the author discussed about his life journey and provides tools and techniques that can be helpful and useful to any trader.

With real-life strategies, and examples the book is explained in a clear and simpler way that can be easily understood even by a beginner.

Further, as the title of the book says, the author provides some of the basic rules following which one can choose as an option for a living.

12. Advanced Techniques in Day Trading 

A book that guides a beginner trader on how proper training, practices, and learning can help one succeed in intraday trading. Also, it covers the use of software, scanners, and other tools that help a trader in finding the right stock.

With the simple to the advanced concepts of the market, all these things are covered in the simplest language in this book.

You can choose to either listen to or read this book to understand the benefits of trade.


Books are your real friend especially when you are devoted to learning something new in your life. You can choose one or more books from the list above as per your trading needs and learn to trade in the real market.

These books make intraday trading for beginners simpler and easier. The right book helps you in growing your skills and in taking an entry at the perfect time.

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