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Indiabulls Franchise


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  • Minimum Investment
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  • Strong presence in Northern India


  • Low Revene Sharing
  • Single Business Model Available

Of all the major sub-broker or franchise opportunities with a prominent stockbroker, Indiabulls Franchise certainly falls among most of the top ones out there. Of course, you need to take care of multiple aspects related to such a partnership, however, the returns are huge if you are looking for a long-term commitment.

The broker has a presence in multiple locations with major visibility in northern parts of the country.

As far as the broker background is concerned, Indiabulls is a full-service stockbroker in India established in the year 1995. Formerly known as Indiabulls Securities Ltd., it is one of the leading financial market companies in India.

Indiabulls Franchise Review

The broker provides a wide range of products to their customers so that they do not feel any need to move to any other broker. The company has a client base of approximately 7 lakhs with a dedicated sales team of over 900+ individuals with a presence in more than 18 cities of India.

That is a reasonable scale, isn’t it!

When it comes to technology, Indiabulls Ventures provides a robust trading platform to their clients. Indiabulls online trading platform named Power Indiabulls (PIB) is a desktop-based application. This application is made available to the Indiabulls clients and business partners by paying a one-time activation charge of 750.

Here is a quick overview:

Indiabulls Ventures is the first company to assign the highest rating in broking area. The company got the BQ-1 grading by CRISIL which is the top grade ranking for a broker. This grading is a sign of stability of the company, stringent risk Management control, and strong fundamentals.

Indiabulls offers the following products to their clients:

The broker believes in expanding its business through referrals and provide them with an opportunity to earn extra income. For this, they do not charge anything from the business partners.

In this article, we are going to discuss different aspects of the broker franchise, which includes business model, revenue sharing ratio, initial deposit or security money, offers to franchise, advantages etc.

Indiabulls Franchise Advantages

If you start a partnership business with the Indiabulls Franchise, you will be able to get the following advantages.

  • Indiabulls Ventures ranked as the highest quality broker by the CRISIL and Brickworks. It means you can easily trust the services offered by the broker. Similarly, the clients you acquire will also have a much higher trust factor on your services based on the trust built by Indiabulls.
  • The broker has dedicated relationship managers to help business partners and clients in their business. Furthermore, the branches of the broker provide offline services to the clients in a very efficient way.
  • The company gives you a chance to associate with them in a very easy and inspiring way of ‘Referral’. You can earn extra income by giving less time to your business. You can work from anywhere either from your office or home.
  • You can start a partnership business with the broker without any initial investment or office set-up.
  • You can use comprehensive real-time reports to know the situation of your business or revenue generated.
  • The broker has strong and handy-mobile app-Mobile power Indiabulls for the convenience of the customers.

Indiabulls Franchise Business Model Types

The broker offers only one business model to their clients i.e. Referral model:

Referral model:

Under this model, you are required to refer to friends, friends of friends or relatives to the broker to become their customer. The only thing you have to do in this model is to bring a client to the company and the company will pay for you.

Obviously, you may choose to create a network through your direct and indirect connections and continue building a large community that will be mapped under your set-up with the broker.

There is no requirement of any physical office set-up for an Indiabulls Franchise. So, no question of initial investment arises. You can work for the company from your office or home or anywhere else.

The income which you will get from the client reference will be instantly transferred to your bank account. And the second part of the income you will get from the brokerage or revenue generated by your referred client.

Benefits of Referral model:

  • Under this model, there is no requirement for you to set-up an office or we can say no need to make any investment.
  • The only job is to refer a client to the company, the rest will be done by the broker.
  • An opportunity to earn extra in your free time.
  • You can work from anywhere.
  • The income will be a percentage of revenue generated by your all referred clients.
  • You will get a part of your income instantly.
  • It will be very easy to attract clients to the company as the broker is ranked among the best share brokers.

Indiabulls Franchise Revenue Sharing

The revenue sharing ratio of Referral model for an Indiabulls Franchise is in the range of 20%-35% only. This sharing ratio is justified in this model. As the role of the business partner under this model is very limited to the reference of a client only.

The broker under this model will get revenue sharing in the range of 65%-80% because the toughest job is done by them only. They convert the referred client into the revenue-generating client.

Furthermore, the broker takes care of servicing the client including trading services, complaint redressals, account management and other related services.

The role of the partner halts at the moment when a potential client is introduced to Indiabulls franchise.

Indiabulls Franchise Security Deposit

To start a partnership business with the Indiabulls Ventures, there is no need for you to deposit security money or you are not required to make an initial investment.

Like mentioned above, the business model offered to the customers do not require physical office set-up, any infrastructure expense or any other type of expense to start the business. If you want, you can sit under the roof of broker office and can work from there.

At the same time, you may choose to work from home without any need to show up at the office and follow any specific business routine.

Indiabulls Franchise Offerings

The broker has the following offerings for an Indiabulls Franchise:

  • Offers portfolio tracker.
  • Equity analysis reports are available to help in trading related decisions.
  • Market statistics helps to know about the expected future behaviour of the market.
  • Provides various comprehensive research reports and account level reports.

All these offerings provided by the broker have their own values at one point in time or the another for different partners.

Let’s now understand how you can go ahead and become a part of this stockbroker’s ecosystem.

Indiabulls Franchise Registration

By going through the following steps, you can start your own business with the Indiabulls Ventures:

  • Fill-up the registration form available on the website with your basic details. You may choose to fill in the details here as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • You will get a call from the customer care executive to verify your interest in the partnership business with Indiabulls Venture.
  • You will get another call to make you understand the brief of business model, terms and conditions, revenue sharing and other benefits. During this call, an appointment will be fixed with the executive of the broker.
  • At the meeting, you can ask the questions related to the partnership business which you want to clarify. Questions like the basis of revenue sharing ratio.
  • Submit all the required documents for verification purpose.
  • After verification, you will get an account ID to start your own business.
  • Now, you are ready to work with the broker and earn a handsome amount as your extra income.

All process will take almost 6-10 business days to complete.

Indiabulls Franchise Summary

Indiabulls Franchise Venture is in the broking market for more than two decades. It has gained the trust of market player in a very attractive way. Their attractive offerings to the business partner and clients make them a good option in the broking space.

The Broker offers a simple and attractive business model to the customers to associate with them. The revenue sharing ratio is on par with the industry and has easy steps to reach them. The company provides a wide range of products, good customer care, and strong trading tools and platforms.

So, we can say overall, Indiabulls Venture can be a good choice for those who want to start a partnership business in the broking space without any investment.

If in case, you are looking to become a partner or a franchise, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

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