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Samco franchise is a business offering from Samco, one of the cheapest discount brokers in India. It charges a flat amount of brokerage. The stockbroker is not that old and has recently entered the broking market.

As far as setting up a business is concerned, the broker offers a single model where not much of capital and effort is required. Let’s know the complete details in this Samco Franchise review.

Samco Franchise Review

Samco Ventures Pvt. Ltd. was established in March 2015. As the company was acquired by the Samruddhi stock brokers Ltd., its name changed to Samco Securities. 


Those who want to get associated with the low brokerage broking house and want to make more efficient use of their capital, they can move forward with this broker.

The company, through its low broking solutions, is making the effort to solve the problem of trading and the investing industries which is faced by most of the Indian financial market players.

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Know about How To Open SAMCO Account? and enjoy trading with them.

The discount broker has the membership of MCX, NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX-SX. So, the broker allows  trading and investing in the following segments:

The broker provides basic and intermediate broking and investing tutorials. So, the company is the best for beginners. As the SAMCO brokerage charges are low, the risk associated with the trading and investing is also low.

In this article, we will try to cover all most each & every important aspect of the Samco Franchise like the types of business model, revenue sharing ratio, security deposit, offers etc.

Samco Franchise Types

Samco offers only one type of business model.

  • Referral model

Referral model:

The referral is the first and the only model offered by the Samco Securities.

Under this model, you can refer your family/friends/relatives to trade with the broker. You will start getting money as soon as your referred client starts trading with the broker. You will get a fixed percentage of his/her brokerage share and the remaining percentage will be kept by the company.

This income is for the lifetime until the referred client work with the broker. It means this a recurring income irrespective of your personal trades.

Both you and your referred client will also get 20 free trades with a fixed percentage of the revenue. You have the option to withdraw your earned brokerage amount in cash through the bank or utilize that amount for the individual trading.


  • An opportunity to earn extra money lifetime.
  • No initial investment/security deposit required.
  • You will get 20 free trades with every referred client.

Samco Franchise Revenue sharing model

When you open a stockbroking business in partnership with an existing broker, generally a revenue-sharing model is considered. In this model, you use the brand of the broker for client acquisition, servicing and trading and in lieu of that, the broker gives back a part of the brokerage generated.

Referral model:

Samco has a very attractive revenue sharing model for its referral model.

It gives you the opportunity to earn extra with your own trades. With this model, you can refer your friends and relatives and get 20 free trades and at the same time, the referred client will also get 20 free trades.


You will get 10% of the brokerage they get from the broker for the lifetime. It means this income is not for a limited time or just for one time. You will earn as long as the referred client trades with the broker.

Just imagine, how this model helps you to get a recurring income only by adding more and more clients to the broker’s circle.

From the following table, it will be clear that how attractive the income will be from the referral model.

Revenue sharing ratio of Referral model of Samco:


Samco Franchise Security Deposit

Samco securities do not demand any security deposit to start the partnership business with it. If you are short of money, want to earn by doing your own business in the broking space, the broker is giving you an opportunity.

Just by joining partnership hands under the referral model you can start earning extra income without any investment.

Under this model, you are not supposed to make any investment.

All you need to connect clients to the company and the rest will be done by the broker. And just for this, you can earn monthly with 20 free trades.

Table for the Security deposit for referral model:

Samco Franchise Offers to business partners

  • Zero balance trading facility is one of the best offers given by the SAMCO to the clients and the business partners.
  • Samco Securities offer a referral program which helps you to motivate your clients to attract new clients and remain with the company for a long time.
  • To open the SAMCO demat account opening you need to follow few simple steps. An account can be opened online within 5 minutes.
  • The company can give you charts and analysis reports of any stock of up to 25 years. It will help your client to make the right trading and investing decision.
  • The broker offers you cash plus facility, through which you can trade 4x the value of your portfolio.
  • Irrespective of the order size or the amount of trade, you need to pay only Rs.20 per trade.

Samco Franchise Advantages

Following are the advantages of starting a partnership business with the broker.

  • Samco Securities is a leading stockbroker of India. It offers some attractive benefits to business partners.
  • It offers the referral model as a business model, through which your clients get an opportunity to make the lifetime income by referring clients to the company.
  • The research team of the company provides various research reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. These reports help the clients to take the right trading and investing decision to make a higher profit.
  • The broker has the accessibility of various markets. It will help the client to trade with the same Franchise as they can get various options of trading in a different market.
  • The security deposit/Initial investment required by the broker is ZERO. So, it is very easy for the business partner to start a business without any initial investment.
  • The broker has very a supportive back-end team which supports you in retrieving the data you required for the smooth running of your business.

Franchise Registration Process

By going through the following steps, you can become a referral of the broker.

  • Fill the registration form available on the website with the required details. You can use the below-mentioned form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • Upload your KYC form and the required documents for the account opening.
  • After that, a trading account with the broker will be opened by the broker, the opening of the account is free of cost. You are not required to give any charge for account opening and using.
  • Add clients to your portfolio. All these are an online procedure.
  • Now, you are ready to do trading with the broker and at the same time, you can enjoy 20 free trades by referring a client to the broker as well as 10% of the brokerage of the referred client. You will get it every time the client trades with the broker.

Samco Franchise Summary

Samco Securities is a new entrant in the broking space. So, it needs a lot of things to do to attract more and more clients to the company.

The product they offer to the clients for trading and investing is limited. Also, they need to improve their customer service desk and trading platforms.

But, at the same time, the broker has also done well since it started its journey. They do a lot to expand its business through the partnership business. So, they provide more and more offer to attract clients and business partners.

Hence, if you are looking to start a partnership business in the broking field you can keep Samco as an option.

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