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FundsIndia Customer care is a fair performing service aspects offered by the brokerage firm. We intend to provide you with a detailed review of the Company’s customer service quality and information about its customer care communication channels through this article.

So please read on. 

FundsIndia is a prominent online investment platform in India. The Company provides access to multiple investment products to the investors (including both NRIs and Indian residents).

It also serves as a one-stop destination for a wide range of Bombay Stock Exchange Equities, Corporate Deposits of top companies, Mutual Funds and more. 

The Company has an active client base of 12+ Lakh Customers in more than 2,000 cities. 

FundsIndia has successfully collected ₹6,200+ crores so far through continuous investment by its active clients in various products. This financial services company has gained high popularity in the market for its customer management skills and innovative business practices.

Also, FundsIndia Customer care strives to maintain the goodwill of its customers by serving them with true honesty. 

It has corporate offices in all the top cities of India including Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. You may visit any of the nearest corporate offices for general enquiries or any business-related concerns.  

FundsIndia Customer Care Channels 

You may use any of the below-listed communication channels to connect with FundsIndia Customer care for your concerns: 

  • Email 
  • Corporate offices
  • Physical mail 
  • Phone Support (for both NRIs and Indians)
  • Webchat
  • Skype 

Webchat and phone support provided by FundsIndia Customer care are the quickest and most preferred modes of communication. In addition, professionally created website of the Company facilitates customers with quick and direct self-help. 

However, we can’t ignore the fact that FundsIndia Customer care quality level is just mediocre. 

FundsIndia undoubtedly one of the popular trading platforms but it lacks behind in terms of handling customer queries and providing proper assistance. There have been a number of instances when FundsIndia Customer care representatives have to provide timely solutions for client’s concerns. 

It is advised to use phone support or webchat for urgent queries or severe grievances.

You may get your general queries resolved via email or physical mail. Alternatively, you may visit one of the corporate offices of FundsIndia. 

FundsIndia Customer Care Contact Details

From branch address to email id, the chart below includes all the contact details of FundsIndia Customer care:

Timing for calling FundsIndia Customer care: You can share your queries/grievances/feedback with one of the company’s customer care representatives using the details mentioned above. It’s best to save the phone numbers in your phone’s contact list for easy and quick access.

FundsIndia has come up with its official online support portal in order to improve its customer support services.

Customers can easily raise their concerns/queries to the representatives using the webchat option available on the official website.  

You may write/email to FundsIndia Customer care for concerns related to:

  • Account opening 
  • Financial advice 
  • Trading and investing
  • Changes needed in your FundsIndia account 
  • Account opening documentation 
  • Mutual Funds
  • Deposits and Equities 

Generally, the FundsIndia Customer care representatives respond to a support ticket in less than 24 business hours. 

Follow FundsIndia’s Escalation Matrix to get your issues resolved to your complete satisfaction:

FundsIndia Customer Care contact number for International investors:

In case you are looking to get started with your stock market trading and investments, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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