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Marathon Trends is one of the biggest and most popular PMS houses in the country. The company is popular for its unique strategies which are created for getting a superior return with the help of fundamental analysis.

But, shall you be using their portfolio management services for your funds? Do they provide promising returns? Are their charges reasonable? Do they have full-proof strategies? How do they react if their strategies fall out?

Let’s get answers to these burning queries in this detailed review.

Marathon Trends PMS Review

Marathon Trends, the company is led by Atul Suri who is presently the CEO and Chief investment officer of the company. The company was founded in the year 2003 and its registered location is Mumbai, Maharastra.

The company is well-known for its PMS service and support to the clients. The company works on its strict philosophy of investment. It focuses on the trend of a company like the earnings trend of the company tends to have a trending price and the stocks which have long term trending price can give the opportunity of long term earnings from them.

So, the key to Marathon Trends PMS Philosophy is:

  • To follow the long-term trends of the company.
  • To limit Drawdowns.
  • Proper risk management

The Company does not focus on the tops or bottoms of stock to identifying them for investment. It searches those companies which have the potential for long term growth.

The key to the investment methodology of the company is:

  • Identify the universe of liquid stocks in the stock market.
  • Select those stocks which are in trend for many years.
  • Create a portfolio which shows good momentum of stocks.
  • Exit from the stock when it breaks the trend of long term.

Marathon Trends PMS, this article is going to explain almost all the important information related to the company. It includes the PMS Detailstypes of PMS offered by the company, strategic details, commission models, investment plans, customer support, benefits, FAQs etc.

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Marathon Trends PMS Types

You can enjoy the facility of both types of PMS at Marathon Trends PMS. The company provides discretionary as well as non-discretionary PMS to the clients. One can choose any type of PMS according to their requirement and objective.

Discretionary PMS:

In discretionary PMS, the investment portfolio of the clients is under the guidance of Portfolio Manager. He/she will make the required decision related to the portfolio. However, the clients are informed before taking any step related to the portfolio.

The biggest benefit of this type of portfolio is, the expert handles the portfolio with their years of experience and knowledge.

Non-discretionary PMS:

The full responsibility for the performance of the investment portfolio remains with the client itself. A client will be responsible for the portfolio performance because only he/she can take the decision of a portfolio.

The portfolio manager can give his suggestion about the portfolio, but it will be a client only who will take the ultimate decision about the portfolio.

Marathon Trends PMS Manager

The company has a number of research analysts and fund managers. Here we are going to discuss two top Portfolio managers at Marathon Trends PMS.

Atul Suri (Chief Investment Officer):

Atul Suri started his career as a fundamental analyst in the year 1990 at the Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services. The company was one of first India’s research-driven fund house. He has more than 25 years of experience.

In the year 1994, he completed his Masters in Banking and Finance from Sydney, Australia. There he learned the technical analysis as a part of his studies on FOREX.

In 2017, he started his own Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Marathon Trends PMS, where he is working as CEO and CIO. So, this long journey of Atul Suri has made him perfect in his field and hence can manage the investment portfolio with his huge experience and depth knowledge.

Vineet Singh:

Vineet joined the Marathon Trends Advisory in the year 2017 with the responsibility of research. He also manages Capital Allocation and risk profile of clients.

Vineet has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Indian equities. He has expertise in the field of risk management, evaluation of investment opportunities, and system trading for trade execution and long term stock investing.

Vineet has completed MBA in Finance from Pune University.

Marathon Trends PMS Strategic Details

Every PMS house runs its business on the basis of their philosophy. The philosophy helps in creating some unique strategies on which they invest funds in the portfolio. And these unique strategies make them different from other PMS houses available in the market.

The strategies are created with the view of achieving the investment goals of the clients by applying them according to the need of clients.

As far as Marathon Trends PMS is concerned, it also has its own investment philosophy. The company does not run after comparing its return to any particular benchmark index but, the theory is to ‘limit the loss, and let the profit run’ and it will be proved very rewarding for the portfolio investors.

Presently, Marathon PMS is working on Large cap strategy, Small and mid-cap strategy, and diversified strategy.

  • The company looks for long term trending stocks which have a record of long term trend in pricing.  The long term trend of a stock indicates a safe investment for the long-term.
  • The company works on its own theory, it never compares its portfolio return/performance with the other PMS house or with any benchmark index. The company believes that a consistent strategy based on its investment philosophy will help in getting the maximum return from the portfolio by minimizing the loss.
  • Marathon Trends PMS believes that the economic system adjusts to the fundamentals of a stock over and gradually a long period of time. And ultimately, the change brings a positive return from the stock.

Hence, we can see Marathon Trends works on its own investment philosophy with a unique strategy without comparing its investment performance to any benchmark index or other PMS house.

Marathon Trends PMS Performance/Returns

The performance of the company is the prime factor which an investor searches in a Portfolio management company (PMS). Marathon Trends PMS has also given a superior performance of the portfolio to the clients. It makes the company an attractive destination for PMS investors.

  • The return of 3 years Marathon Trends PMS is 3%,
  • it increases to 13% for 5 years of performance.
  • The return for 7 years is 6.5%,
  • for 10 years the return is 9%, and
  • for more than 11 years the return is 8.5%.

All these return percentages are in CAGR.

Marathon Trends PMS Investment plans

Investment plans of Marathon Trends PMS are divided into four categories according to the affordability and risk-bearing capacity of the clients. There are different ranges of investment amount which starts from the minimum amount of ₹25 Lakhs. The investment amount can go above ₹5 Cr also.

Here is the name of different investment plans and their ranges.

  • Bronze (₹25L to ₹50L)
  • Silver (₹50L to ₹1 Cr)
  • Gold (₹1Cr to ₹5 Cr)
  • Platinum (₹5 Cr & above)

The investment plan ‘Bronze’ is designed for the low-profile investors who can invest the minimum amount and have a low risk-bearing capacity. The investment range of this plan is between ₹25L to ₹50L.

‘Silver’ is the second investment plan which ranges between ₹50L to ₹1CR. One can choose this plan if he/she has a moderate risk-bearing capacity.

The ‘Gold’ is the third investment plan and the range of this plan is between ₹1 CR to ₹5 CR. This plan suits those investors who have a moderately high risk-bearing capacity. And the last investment plan is ‘Platinum’, this plan is perfect for those who have a high-risk bearing capacity and can invest above ₹5CR.

Marathon Trends PMS Commission/Fee models

All PMS companies offer different types of commission models to their customers. These models allow the clients to pay the commission to the fund manager according to their convenience and comfort.

Marathon Trends PMS provides three types of commission model that is based on the volume of the transaction, profit generated, and prepaid commission.

So, the three types of commission models are:

  • Prepaid commission model
  • Volume-based commission model
  • Profit-sharing commission model

Let’s explain these three models one by one.

Prepaid commission model:

If a client is agreed with the fund manager to pay the PMS commission in advance without getting portfolio service, he/she opts prepaid commission model.  Actually, under this model, the commission is paid on the basis of the total asset value of the portfolio.

If the investment amount is between ₹25L to ₹50 L, the commission required to be paid is 1.00% of the total investment. If the investment amount is ₹50L to ₹1 CR, then the commission will be 0.9% of the investment. For the investment amount between ₹1CR to ₹5 CR, then the commission will be 0.8% of the investment. And the commission is 0.7% of the investment for the investment amount ₹5 CR and above.

Volume-based commission model:

The total number of transactions is the base of the commission under this commission model. A fixed percentage of the total value of the transaction generated in a year is charged as a commission.

If the value of the total transactions generated by your fund manager is in the range of ₹25L to ₹50L, the commission will be 0.10% of total transaction volume, it will be charged 0.09% of the total transaction volume for the investment range between ₹50L to ₹1 CR.

The commission charge will be 0.08% of the investment if the yearly transaction volume will be in the range of ₹1 CR to ₹5 CR. If the transaction volume in a year is above ₹5CR, then the commission will be 0.07% of total transaction volume.

Profit-sharing commission model:

The commission under this model is charged on the basis of the total profit generated by the investment. This model is convenient as well as a favourite commission model for all clients. A client is required to pay commission only after the realization of profit.

Generally, this commission model is offered to high net-worth clients and for those also who are with them for more than 2 years.

If the profit generated by a portfolio is in the range of ₹2.5 L to ₹5L, the commission will be charged 20% of the profit. The portfolio profit range between ₹5 L to ₹10 L, The commission percentage will be 19% of the profit.

If the range of profit generated from the portfolio is between ₹10L to ₹50L, the commission will be 17% of the profit. And if the range of portfolio profit increases to ₹50 L plus, the commission will be 15% of the profit.

The summary of the percentage of commission is mentioned in the table below:

Marathon Trends PMS also charges different types of fee other than the fund manager’s commission. These charges are levied by almost all the PMS companies. Here are the types of charges and their percentage:

Marathon Trends PMS Charges

The following are the PMS Charges:

  • Management Fee: This is charged by the company for the commission model you choose to pay commission to the fund manager. The percentage is decided on the basis of the type of commission model you opt.
  • Upfront charges: This charge is levied as an advance service fee. It is just like a prepaid fee that you are required to pay to the company for the PMS service.  It is charged in the range of 0.5% to 0.8% of the total asset value.
  • Brokerage charges: This charge is levied on the total transactions completed for the investment portfolio. The charge is 0.05%-0.20% of the total value of the transaction.
  • Depository charges: The range of Depository Charges is between 0.10%-0.15% of the total Asset amount.
  • Custodian charges: This charge is also levied by the Marathon Trends PMS. The range of this charge is between 0.1%-0.3%.
  • Exit Load Fee: This is charged for the total amount withdrawn by you after one year of portfolio creation. It is charged between 0.7% to 1.2% of the total withdrawal amount. Generally, no charge is taken by the company if the amount is withdrawn after one year of portfolio creation.

Marathon Trends PMS Benefits

As an investor, it is very important to know about the benefit you will get from Marathon Trends PMS after joining the company as an investor.

So, here are the benefits:

  • An investor of Marathon Trends PMS is allowed to check the reports and portfolio performance through the back office login.
  • Provides flexible investment plans and commission models so that clients can feel convenience while dealing with the company.
  • The performance of Marathon Trends PMS is based on its investment philosophy which is followed by the company on a continuous basis. So there is always a chance for the better portfolio return.
  • The company has a team of experienced and well-qualified fund managers and research analysts who work for the clients round the clock.
  • An excellent customer support service is given by the company to help the clients on any matter related to the portfolio, whether it is SMS, Email, relationship manager appointment or direct calling facility.

Marathon Trends PMS Customer support

Marathon Trends tries to provide maximum support to their clients so that they do not feel any problem or confusion related to their investment portfolio.

A lot of support is provided by Marathon Trends PMS in which SMS and Email support is very basic. One can clear his/her confusion either by SMS or Email to the company. Nowadays WhatsApp is very famous to chat with anyone. So, the company is also available on Whatsapp.

If not satisfied, a client can call the relationship manager also, who is appointed by the company to improve the relation of client and the company.

Apart from this, a client (High net-worth) can directly call the fund manager also. The client is allowed to call the fund manager from 3 to 10 times in a month, whereas low net-worth clients can call 3-5 times in a month.

Marathon Trends PMS Conclusion

Marathon Trends PMS works through a wide range of philosophy or approaches which makes the company confident about its investment-related decision making. These approaches tend to provide outstanding performance of the investment portfolio which ultimately provides a good level of satisfaction to the clients also.

Keeping the convenience of the clients as its priority, it provides a range of commission models and investment plans with good customer support.

Hence, if you really want a great PMS service for your hard-earned money, keep Marathon Trends PMS in the list of your PMS houses.

In case you would like to get started with using portfolio management services from a promising investment house, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

PMS Form

Marathon Trends PMS FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Marathon Trends PMS:

Can a client add funds to the portfolio on a regular basis?

Yes, a client can add funds either through a wire transfer or cheque.

Is there any exit charge levied on the withdrawal amount?

If the exit will be within one year of portfolio creation, the exit charge will be levied in the range of 0.7%-1.2% of the withdrawal amount.

Is there any contract required between the fund manager and the client?

A contract is mandatory between both the parties before starting a contract.

What are the strategies used by Marathon Trends PMS?

Marathon Trends PMS uses large-cap, mid-cap and diversified strategy with the main focus on long term trend of the stock.


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