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  • One-stop solution for trading and investing products
  • Offers two business models
  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio
  • Affordable initial investment


  • Trading platform needs improvement

RK Global Sub-broker business comes from RK Global, a discount broker established in the year 1995. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai and Shri Ramesh Kumar Bhagchandaka is the CEO. After making a strong relationship with customers the broker launched retail broking on PAN India in the year 2004.

The broker is offering e-trading with unlimited trading plans from the year 2006.

RK Global Sub-broker Review

RK Global has a huge presence in more than 24 states and 150+ locations in India. Presently, the broker has more than 250 franchise outlets in the country. It has got significant success in the last two decades and has made a strong customer base of more than 90,000 all over the country.

The company offers an exceptional service of free equity tips to its clients. This type of free service is almost impossible in broking space.

RK Global is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX. By associating with the broker you will be able to provide trading and investing services to your clients in the following segments:

The broker offers two business models to join hands with RK Global Sub-broker model. There are different revenue sharing ratio with different security deposits.


To know the detail of RK Global sub-broker, we will try to cover each and every important aspect of the broker like types of the business model, revenue sharing ratio, security deposit, support provided to the sub-broker, offers, steps to become a sub-broker etc.

RK Global Sub-broker Eligibility:

Here is the list of criteria which is required to become an RK Global sub-broker/Online franchisee of the company.

  • Ability to invest in manpower and infrastructure with a minimum investment capacity of ₹1 lac- ₹2 lac for a sub-broker model and ZERO investment (Only segment-wise registration charge) for online Franchisee model.
  • Should have entrepreneurial zeal and look for a bright career in the broking space.
  • In the case of online franchisee model, one must have entrepreneurial zeal and look for part-time or full-time income without an office premise.
  • Should have a good track record in financial services and have an existing client base.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in selling financial products.

RK Global Sub-broker Business Model Types

There are two types of business model offered by the RK Global:

  • Sub-broker
  • Online franchise

Sub-broker model:

A sub-broker model is a very common type of business model offered by most of the stockbrokers. This model gives you the right to become an entrepreneur and run you’re your own business. Under this model, you need an office from where you and your clients can work.

You must arrange minimum infrastructure which is required to run the business properly. You will get a handsome earning through a part of the revenue share, which will come from the revenue generated by your business.

You will work under the brand name of RK Global and can access everything of the broker which is required for trading and investing like the research report, tools and techniques used by the broker etc.

To start an RK Global sub-broker business, you need to deposit some security money with a broker which will be refundable at the time of the end of the contract.


  • Work as an entrepreneur.
  • Can access everything used by the broker for trading and investing like techniques and tools, trading platform, research reports etc.
  • You can fix the brokerage of your clients.
  • Support to start your business where you required.
  • You will get an attractive share of the revenue.

Online franchise model:

Online franchisee model suits those who want to become an entrepreneur by working part-time or full-time or just want to earn extra as a side income. You are not required to put an initial investment to start a business under this model.

Again, you don’t need to set-up an office to work, you can work from anywhere according to your convenience.

Under this model, you can build clients online and trade for them as well. You will get a certain share of revenue generated by your all acquired clients.


  • No need to move anywhere to acquire clients, it can be done online by sitting at one place.
  • No office space required.
  • Work-load is less than the sub-broker model.
  • You can trade for the acquired clients as well.

RK Global Sub-broker: Revenue Sharing

Sub-broker model:

RK Global’s sub-broker model revenue sharing is in the range of 60%-80%. The remaining percentage range of 20%-40% will be kept by the main broker. This range of revenue sharing ratio is normally better than the other brokers in the industry.

The percentage is decided on the basis of the customers acquired and the amount of security deposit.

Hence, the higher the customers you acquire and higher the amount you deposit as security money, the higher will be the percentage of the revenue shared with you.

Online Franchisee model:

As the work-load under this model is not too high, the revenue sharing ratio is also accordingly. The range is 40%-60%. The minimum you will get as an online franchise is 40% of the revenue generated by the clients acquired by you. And RK Global will keep a maximum of 60% of the revenue.

However, this range is not fixed. One can bargain with the broker by sitting with them at the time of the agreement.


RK Global Sub-broker Security deposit

Sub-broker model:

To start a partnership business under the sub-broker model, you are required to make an initial investment in the range of ₹1,00,000- ₹2,00,000.

This money is used against the office you require to run your business with minimum infrastructure.

Further, you will have to make more investment as required by the business in further steps.

Online Franchisee model:

Under the online franchisee model, you need not make an initial investment to start the business. As the business is done online so not required an office or other infrastructure.

Hence, only the zeal of entrepreneurship is enough to enter into this business model.


RK Global sub-broker Offers

These are the offers you will get by joining hands with the RK Global Sub-broker business model:

  • One-stop-shop for all financial products. You can offer your client trading and investing facility in every product in NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX and NSDL.
  • Smooth and user-friendly trading platform, enables you trading easily. You can also access it to your laptops.
  • 24*7 customer services help to resolve any query easily and anytime without any problem.
  • Training and marketing support provided by the broker team to help you in running your business smoothly.
  • Great research and analytics team of RK Global help in providing the report and charts required to take the right decision for trading and investing. Also, the broker has a specialized team who will help you in taking the informed and profitable decision in a particular sector.
  • The broker provides you with IT assistance in which you will get help in solving your desktop related problems on remote at every instance.
  • There is a facility of online-back office for your Demat account.

RK Global Sub-broker Registration

If you want to become a business partner of RK Global, you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Fill the lead form available on the website to register yourself.
Sub Broker Business
  • Open a trading account with the RK Global.
  • Receive a call from the call centre executive to verify your interest.
  • You will get another call to fix an appointment.
  • At the meeting, you are free to ask everything related to the partnership business like the business model, revenue sharing ratio, offers, initial investments etc.
  • Now, you are required to provide all KYC documents to the broker with an initial investment cheque.
  • Once the KYC is completed by the broker, they will provide you with an account ID.
  • Now, you are ready to start your business.

The whole process will take almost 4-6 business days to complete.

RK Global Sub-broker Advantages

Here are some of the advantages which you can get as a business partner of the broker:

  • Your business will expand and flourish by taking advantage of the broker’s expertise and experience in its field.
  • The broker offers you a trading platform from where you can trade without any problem. And it will be easy for you to trade through those platforms.
  • The research and analysis team of the broker is an expert in their field. They provide daily, weekly, monthly or customized reports to help your clients in taking the right and profitable decision in trading and investing.
  • The customer help desk of the broker provides 24*7 service to you and your clients. They can take any type of business-related help at any time if they have any query.
  • The list of the product and services offered by the broker are long. So, it is very convenient to the sub-broker to offer any product to the client according to their demand. It will also help them to retain their clients for the long term as they need not search the other brokers for any tradable product.
  • The broker gives you two business models to join with them. You can choose any according to your convenience.
  • The security deposit demanded by the broker is affordable and even zero for the online franchise business model. So, like other brokers, a high-security deposit is not a barrier for you.

RK Global Sub-broker Summary

RK Global is an old player in the broking field. It offers an exceptional service of free equity research reports and trading tips on Whatsapp and through SMS.

The broker offers a wide range of trading and investing products and services. The customer service offered by the company is decent, one can clear his/her query easily through the customer service desk.

The broker offers two partnership business model with the low initial investment and attractive revenue sharing ratio. Also, it has a good quality of tools and technology with the trading platform.

Hence, If you are looking to start a partnership business in the broking field, RK Global is one of the good options.

In case you are seriously looking towards setting up a stockbroking business, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward.

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