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  • Huge Brand Equity
  • Reasonable Offline Presence
  • Good Revenue Sharing
  • Positive Business Outlook


  • Few Business Models Relatively new
  • High Initial Set Up Cost

Kotak Securities Franchise enjoys huge brand equity created by its parent banking brand – Kotak! Thus, without a doubt, it comes considerably easier to acquire clients since there is no need to pitch for the trust part, it’s already there.

The broker provides multiple business models to its potential business partners. One may choose any of these models based on his/her business needs and aspirations. Each of these models has its own set of costs associated, eligibility criteria, revenue sharing bifurcations etc.

In this detailed review, we will have a close look at some of the numbers and what they could mean for your business.

Kotak Securities Franchise Review

Kotak Securities is a full-service stockbroking company that is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. It is one of the biggest stockbroking companies that have made its name in the business. It is one of the first companies that came out with the sub-broker program.

The company has its headquarters in Mumbai and was founded in the year 1994. There are many services provided to the customers and the partners by Kotak Securities.

The company was founded by Uday Raj Kotak and comes in the top 5 finance companies in India. With Kotak, you can trade in IPO, Mutual Funds, Tax-Free Bonds, Equity, Currency and other investment products.

Furthermore, Kotak Securities has a presence in more than 450 locations across different parts of India through more than 2000 business associates working with the broker.

The advantages of joining the Kotak Securities franchise group as listed by the company and the partners are numerous. The advantage of working with big brands like Kotak Securities is that the person gets much exposure to the big market.

There are a lot of positive Kotak Securities franchise reviews that have only raved about their partnership models.

Furthermore, it has recently come up with a low brokerage intraday trading plan called Kotak Securities FIT plan. With this offering, you may target traders looking for low-cost trustable solutions.

Here are the basic advantages of taking up the Kotak Securities Franchise:

  • Big Brand Name
  • Leadership Edge
  • Ethics
  • Huge Trust Factor
  • Variety Of Investment Solutions
  • Strong Network

Kotak Securities Partnership Models

There are a few partnership models that this bank-based stockbroker has opened up for businesses looking to work with Kotak Securities. In fact, some of those have been introduced pretty recently.

Let’s talk about these partnership models one by one:

Kotak Securities Sub-broker

A Kotak Securities Sub broker is the person who partners with the company and deals with the companies’ customers and adds up new customers to his own business. The best part about being a Kotak Securities Sub broker is that you do not have to start a business from scratch because you already get the customers to the company.

Here is all you need to know about being a Kotak Securities Sub broker:

Kotak Securities Subbrokership Criteria

Here are the eligibility details in case you are looking to work as a sub-broker with this bank-based stockbroker:

  • 2-3 years of experience in the fields such as broking business, an employee of the main or sub-broker or experience of being a sub-broker.
  • The age limit should not be lesser than 21 years.
  • Client recommendations and a good track record of working with the companies
  • Educational degree including 10th standard qualified. Graduates in finance and MBAs are given preferences.

Kotak Securities Sub broker Advantages

Let’s quickly check some of the benefits you would get in case you work as a sub-broker with Kotak Securities:

  • Big Brand Name Association – The biggest advantage of becoming a sub-broker is that you get to work for the big brand name. The brand name is required to gain the trust of the customers. Since Kotak Securities is a known brand, people will automatically trust you.
  • Inclusions – There are many inclusions provided by the company. They help you in every step to set up your business and train you to become the perfect sub-broker.
  • High Earnings – You can earn a lot while working with them. Your earnings can go from 50% to 70% of the customer’s profit.
  • Customized Offerings – Each customer is different. Hence the company provides customized services for each customer so that you do not have to worry about it. You can focus on nurturing and convincing the customer instead.
  • Marketing Support and Training – marketing support and training are given by the company. All your marketing campaigns are handled by the company which includes different promotional activities and events.

Kotak Securities Franchise Cost

To be a Kotak Securities Sub broker, you need to pay the initial deposit Kotak Securities franchise cost of ₹3 lakh.

In addition to this, the other Kotak securities franchise investment includes office space at the prime location and a workstation.

All of this can total up to be a Kotak securities franchise investment of ₹5 Lakh.  

NetInvest – Ace

NetInvest- Ace is for all the people who can manage the Mutual Funds and IPO investments and want to broaden their client base. Here is all you need to know about NetInvest-Ace.

NetInvest Ace Criteria

Here are the eligibility details in case you are looking to work under the NetInvest Ace partnership with this bank-based stockbroker:

  • The applicant should be over the age of 21 years.
  • The basic educational qualification required is HSC. If you do not have this qualification, you need to have a two year or more experience in the capital market. Experience certificate should be attached to the documents.
  • If you want to sell Mutual Funds, you need to have an AMFI certificate.
  • To sell the equity, you need to have an NCFM certificate.

NetInvest Ace Advantages

Let’s quickly check some of the positives you would find in case you work as a NetInvest Ace business partner with Kotak Securities:

  • Fully automated work atmosphere – The whole work is done with the help of the computers. Hence there is no need for the paperwork.
  • No investment cost of setup – All you need is a laptop or computer and an active internet connection. These and you are all set to go.
  • Good commissions and earnings – You will get ample opportunities to earn big, and the company does not cut any charges from your commissions.
  • One-stop solution for all requirements – Since everything is automated; this is a one-stop solution to all the customer problems and queries.
  • Handheld company support – The Company provides handheld support to all its partners by teaching them and training them. The company also takes care of the customer complaints department. For more information, check this quick review on Kotak Securities customer care.
  • Numerous customer benefits – Kotak Securities provides many services to the customers. This, in turn, helps you in expanding your business and gaining customer trust.

NetInvest Ace Fees

There is no additional fee needed to become a Kotak Securities franchise NetInvest- Ace. However, you need to set a workstation with an active internet connection and a voice recording machine that has one port.

You might also be asked to pay some minimum amount of registration fee.

NetInvest- Direct

All the people who want to be new accounts to the company and earn profit from this should opt for the NetInvest- Direct model. In this model, you will need to provide business leads of people who are looking to open a demat account for stock market trading.

Here is all you need to know:

NetInvest- Direct Criteria

Here are the eligibility details in case you are looking to work under the NetInvest -Direct partnership model with this bank-based stockbroker:

  • The applicant age should be 18 years or older.
  • The minimum qualification required is HSC. If you do not have the basic qualification, you should be a matriculate with a minimum of two years of capital market experience.
  • All the documents required during the registration should be updated and present.

NetInvest- Direct Advantages

Let’s quickly check some of the pros you would get in case you work under the NetInvest Direct business model with Kotak Securities:

  • High Earning potentials – As the NetInvest- Direct, the more work you do, the better will be your earnings. You will get ample earning opportunities working with the company.
  • Job Flexibility – This means that you can work from home or any place. You will not have to set up an office.
  • Handheld Support – The Company provides training and supports to all its partners. Also, client support is taken care of by the company itself.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities – With the NetInvest- Direct you have great entrepreneurial opportunities and the company gives full support in your startup dreams.
  • Low Cost of Setup – There is no cost of setup. All you need is a laptop and an active internet connection. This will not cost you over 30 to 50 thousand rupees.
  • Wide Range of Services to Offer – They have a wide range of services and trading options for the clients. Hence you can attract a wide variety of interested clients

NetInvest- Direct Fees

There is no such fee to become a NetInvest- Direct. However, you would need a workstation which is a laptop or computer.

Additionally, you would also require an active internet connection and a valid cell phone number for the company to contact you. There might be a small registration fee that might be asked at the time of registration.

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How to Become Kotak Securities Sub broker?

The procedure to open the Kotek Securities Franchise is fairly simple. All you need to do is follow some simple steps to register. However, it is important to note that before applying for any of the above partnership models, it is important to go through the criteria required for each of the posts.

If you do not match the set criteria, you will be outright rejected.

The steps to register for all the models are the same and are as follows:

  • Check all the Kotak Securities Franchise requirement and select the kind of partnership model you would like to invest in.
  • Go to their website and fill all the Kotak Securities franchise details that are mentioned in the form.
  • You may choose to fill the below-displayed form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • Their team will get back to you and arrange an interview.
  • They will check all the certificates to see whether you match the criteria.
  • Once all the verification is done, you will need to sign the contract and pay the initial deposits in case of the sub-broker.
  • Once all this is done, you will be given your registration number and can start your business with Kotak Securities as a Kotak Securities Franchise depending on your business model.
  • Furthermore, the important documents that you will require during the registration are:
    • PAN Card
    • Date Of Birth Proof
    • Adhaar Card
    • Address Proof
    • The bank statement or a cancelled check
    • Certificates of the necessary examination passes and client recommendations.
    • Passport size photographs.

Kotak Securities Franchise Portal

Once your partner or business associate account with Kotak Securities franchise is activated, you are provided with the access of the franchise portal.

Here you can track your clients, their transactions and the corresponding brokerage generated.

Along with that, you would also get to know your revenue share till date for that particular month. Furthermore, there are a few more account-related functionalities that you can access through this portal.


After looking at all the Kotak Securities franchise details, we would be able to say that it is a good business option. Although the cost of setting up the franchise as a sub-broker cost is a little more than the other companies, it is completely worth the risk.

If you are someone who has some experience in the stockbroking and trading and think that you can make big in the industry, the company provides a lot of customer base for you to work on.

The only thing that Kotak Securities looks in a partner is the talent to bring in many customers and to retain the existing ones.

Make sure you read all the company policies and clauses before making any investments or decisions.

In case you are looking to open a sub-broker or master franchise business, then let us arrange a callback for you.

Just fill in the details below and you will get a call from B2B onboarding team:

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