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  • No initial investment/security deposit required
  • Good customer service
  • Low brokerage
  • Attractive earning


  • Single Business Model
  • Average Trading Platforms
  • No Research Support

TradePlus Online Sub Broker business is relatively simpler in nature and does not actually require a set-up as such. You can go ahead with this partnership with nothing upfront but then the overall revenue sharing percentage is pretty average too.

Nonetheless, let’s understand the details:

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Review

TradePlus Online was established in the year 1983 as a conglomeration of two brands named Navia Commodities broker Ltd. and Navia markets Ltd. Although the brand name Tradeplus Online came into existence in the recent past, the broker entered in the stockbroking service in the year 1995.

It became a depository participant with NSDL in the year 1997 and with CDSL in the year 2018. Again, it became a member of commodity broking with MCX in the year 2009 and stockbroking with BSE in the year 2010.

TradePlus Online is famous in the stockbroking space as one of the lowest brokerage houses in the broking industry.

The broker, as per its claims, runs its business on the basis of 3T principle for customer service. The 3T principle is Transparency, Timely service, and Technology. The 3T principle followed by the company helped them to service in this competitive market.

This principle helped them a lot to retain more than 40,000 clients with an active client base of around 4,000 on a monthly basis.

As a business partner of the TradePlus, you will be able to provide the following services to your clients:

The customer base of TradePlus in the segment of Currency, Options, and Commodity trading set-ups, get a unique model for its pricing. The broker charges ₹99 per month on a fixed price basis in which there is no limit to the number of transactions. In other words, it offers unlimited trading plans at a fixed price.

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Advantages

Let’s start the detail discussion about the TradePlus Sub broker. In this discussion, we will try to cover the different aspects like the revenue sharing ratio, initial investment, offerings, business model and many more.

As a business partner of the TradePlus online, you will get the following advantages.

Various products at one stop: Tradeplus, gives an opportunity to your clients and referrals to trade various products under one roof. It offers to trade in equity, IPO, mutual fund etc. Your client need not move to other brokers in search of any trading product.

Equipped with the latest technology: Tradeplus Online is equipped with the latest tools and technology. The broker has multiple trading platforms which will help your clients to trade in different ways.

Lowest brokerage: Since the company is a discount broker, it provides the lowest brokerage plan in the industry. It will help you to attract more clients for the company and ultimately you can earn high.

Customer service: Clients will be benefitted by the unique client service facility that is twitter based. This helps your client resolve their problems very quickly.

Quick account opening: Tradeplus is one of the top discount brokers in India to have digital KYC. Through this one can easily submit the account opening form in just 2 minutes and the whole process will take just 15 minutes. The account opening process of the broker is safe and secure.

Great Referral Program: The broker offers a referral program under which you can refer a client to the company and earn money.

You will earn from each of the friends or relatives you refer and again you will get a share of revenue generated by your referred client. It means your earning will be as long as the referred client works with the broker.

Robust payment gateway: The online payment gateway of the broker enables you to transfer your funds through more than 25 banks.

Positive client review: Tradeplus is one of the discount brokers in India to be reviewed positively by many clients. It means the company serves its customers genuine.

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Types

TradePlus Online offers only one business model that is:

  • Referral model

Referral model:

TradePlus Online works on referral model only.

If you are an existing trader and want to earn some extra recurring income, then the referral model of TradePlus online is the best way for you. Under this model, you can refer a friend or relative for trading with Tradeplus and get a fixed as well as a recurring income for the lifetime.

Under the referral program, you not only get referral money for someone you have referred, but you will also get paid every time your referred client trade through Tradeplus. By working under this model one can earn a higher amount as this model allows everyone to earn from each other.


Following are the eligibility criteria points to join TradePlus Online as a referral:

  • You should have an account with the broker.
  • Your friend/relative to whom who you refer should be already trading with some other broker.
  • Your referred client is required to provide a contract note with the current trader at the time of account opening with TradePlus Online.
  • Your referred friend/relative should complete KYC formalities with the TradePlus.


  • No initial investment required.
  • You can work as a part-time job also.
  • An opportunity to earn lifetime.
  • You can earn ₹500 per account referred by you, up to 5 accounts in a quarter.
  • You can earn ₹1000 per account if the referred account by you crosses 5 accounts in a quarter.

The amount will be credited to your SMP wallet as soon as the account of your friend/relative’s opened.

You will be able to avail referral benefit only after uploading the contract note before account opening. And the referred client will be benefitted by opening zero brokerage account.

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Revenue Sharing 

Earning through TradePlus is very easy and attractive. You will earn from each of your referred clients not just one time, but every month till they trade with TradePlus.

Every month you can get 100% value of their base pack plus 50% value of their subscription pack. It is just like an earning chain which starts from you to the referee to the company. You earn, your referred client will earn and ultimately the company will earn.

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Initial investment

TradePlus is not like other brokers, they will never ask you for any security deposit/Initial investment to start a partnership business with them. If you want to join hands with the broker, you just need to refer clients to the company and start expanding your business network.

Not only this, but TradePlus will also support you to stand in this competitive world strongly. They will provide you with marketing and branding support. You are not supposed to set-up an office or other infrastructure to run your business.

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Registration

To become a referral partner with the TradePlus is really a very easy and hassle-free step. By going through the following steps you can become a referral partner of the broker.

  • Fill-up the registration form with your basic details. You can use the below form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • You will get a call and a link for the confirmation of your interest in the Referral program with the broker.
  • By clicking on the link you are required to upload your KYC documents.
  • Your account will be opened within 15 minutes of submitting the KYC documents.
  • Again, your KYC documents will be fetched and matched with the Aadhar website and through E-mudra it will be eSigned.
  • Now you are ready to start the referral program with the broker.

The process of providing a client referral is also pretty easy. You just need to go to the referral website of the TradePlus Online and log-in to their portal. Update the contact details of your friends/family/relatives to whom you want to refer to your referral code in the form.

Once you are done with both the steps, means a referral joins and his/her account opens, you will receive a notification.

TradePlus Online Sub-broker Summary

TradePlus online seems one of the average broking houses which provides decent customer service, a variety of financial trading products, Okayish trading platform etc.

As the broker is a discount broker, it lacks research and analysis reports which help clients in taking the right investment and trading decision. The broker also needs to improve its trading platform for the convenience of the clients.

TradePlus offers a single business model if you want to join hands with them. So, one has no other business model option here. But, no doubt it has a large opportunity to earn good money by referral business model. 

Overall, if you want a decent income by starting a partnership business in the broking field, you can choose TradePlus also.

If you are looking to set up a stockbroking business, let us assist you in taking things forward:

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