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Wealth buildup is an Indore based reputed stock advisory firms. It is a SEBI registered investment advisory firm. The wealth buildup mainly gives recommendations for Equity (stock) and F&O traded in NSE. It also provides services related to commodities like bullions and metals traded in MCX.

Wealth BuildUp Review

The company works with various types of strategies to help their customers on a continuous basis in the market. They have highly experienced and knowledgeable technical analysts, who give recommendations to clients related to equity and commodities market.

Wealth Buildup provides its tips primarily through SMS but you can also avail WhatsApp channel as well.

Wealth BuildUp Services

Wealth buildup provides almost all the necessary services to their clients. Here is the list of the services offered by the firm.

Cash Intra-day:

The cash intra-day service is offered to those clients who want to make a profit by intra-day trading. In this service, you can get the timely and correct recommendation of stocks. You will get technical levels of buying and selling with stop loss and target price.

This implies one can get the maximum profit through intra-day trading of scripts on a daily- basis.


  • Complete technical support by analysts.
  • Clients will get 2-3 intra-day calls on daily-basis depending on market movements.
  • All important and related news sharing with clients.
  • Clients will get calls through SMS & messengers only.

Sample call– BUY SBI 200 share above 291 TGT- 293 &295, SL-287.

Future service 

This service is exclusively for those traders who trade in the future market. If you want to deal with low-risk trade in future the market, then this service will help you a lot. The recommendation is given on the basis of technical charts and experts.

This service will help you to maximize and earn profit consistently.

Features :

  • Proper recommendation of a script by 2-3 calls per day with stop loss and target price.
  • Call depends on market movement and technical level.
  • Support and resistance on the basis of the global market and NIFTY review.
  • Calls through SMS only.
  • Follow-up with important news sharing during the market hour.

Sample call– BUY 2 LOT SBI FUT ABOVE 292 TGT-295 & 298, SL-289

Option (call- put) Service:

This service is designed for options traders. It is well known that an option trader can make a good profit on investment if the option works out. An option is a relatively better strategy of earning a profit with minimum risk.


  • 1-2 call on a daily basis and for intra-day only.
  • Call depends on NIFTY review and global market.
  • All related and important news sharing during the market hour.
  • Proper follow-up.

Sample call– BUY 2 LOT OF SBI 290 CE, ABOVE 3, TGT- 5&7, SL-1.

Equity Premium service:

In this service, you will get a recommendation for those stocks which have a chance of high profit in intra-day trade. It includes cash, option and future. You will get service for only one segment at a time.


  • 2-4 calls per day.
  • Proper follow up through Calls and SMS.
  • Update for entry and exit.
  • Customer care support.

HNI services:

High Net worth service (HNI) is designed for full-time traders. This service covers large movements in stocks. It includes cash, option and future. You will get only one segment’s service at a time.


  1. 2-4 intra-day calls.
  2. Customer support during market hour by experts and analysts.
  3. Full-time trading platform to earn maximum profit.
  4. Calls through SMS.

Nifty derivative pack:

In this service, you will get Nifty and Bank nifty future tips with both target and stop-loss price. Analysts provide their opinion on the basis of domestic and global market analysis.


  1. You will get 2-5 calls on a weekly basis.
  2. Domestic and international market news.
  3. Follow-up through calls and SMS.

Positional services:

This service best suits to those traders who do not have time for daily trading and holds a position for the long- term.


  1. You will get 3-5 calls on a monthly basis.
  2. Two positions can be open at a time.
  3. Global and domestic market news.
  4. Customer support.

HNI Commodity:

In this service, you will get a high return on your investment in the commodity market. The accuracy level of recommendation is high in this segment. You will get specific calls in gold and silver.


  1. 1-2 HNI calls every day.
  2. Complete telephonic support throughout the trading day.
  3. Proper SMS and calls.

Exclusive Wealth Equity:

This service is specially designed for high-class traders. Wealth buildup will provide high beta stock advice. This service captures the large movement of stocks so that you can get a high return.


  1. Call depends on market movement.
  2. High volatile stocks will be recommended.
  3. Proper telephonic support by analysts.

In case you are looking to go ahead with any of the services offered, you can pay directly to any of the ICICI, HDFC & Axis bank accounts of the advisory firm. Otherwise, you may wish to use other online payment mechanisms as well.

Wealth BuildUp Pricing

Here are the pricing details across the different services that are provided by this advisory firm:

Wealth BuildUp Refund Policy

The advisory firm does not provide any refund(s) on the payment made for the services. Thus, be wary of the fact that you must be 100% sure before making the payment and picking up the service.

Wealth Buildup offers no money back policy but at the same time, cautions you not to pay to any individual who asks for payment at a personal banking account level.

Wealth BuildUp Advantages

Some of the benefits of using the services of this advisory firm are:

  • Services available for almost all types and class of investors.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Wealth BuildUp Disadvantages

At the same time, here are a few concerns you must be aware of this advisory firm:

  • Covers a wide range of segment, so not specialized in any particular segment.
  • Free Trial not available.

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