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Ventura Margin Calculator here will help you to understand what margin values you may get from this full-service stockbroker across different trading segments. Ventura Securities is one of those stockbrokers that provide mediocre margin values, however, in a few trading products, its margin values are competitive.

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Let’s have a quick look at what it has to offer you:

Ventura Margin

Generally speaking, Ventura margin won’t be that high and if you are looking for high margin trading, well, you might be a bit disappointed.

Nonetheless, these margin values are open to change and you may certainly try and negotiate with the broker to get a better deal.

Let’s discuss the different Ventura margin values at specific scrip level so that you get to know what margin you can use in the trade you are looking to place.

Ventura Margin Equity

Last updated 23rd June 2024

As far as the Equity segment is concerned, the Ventura margin calculator provides margin at Span and exposure levels. Depending on the scrip, there are instances where Span margin is higher than the exposure margin and then there are situations where the vice versa occurs.

Thus, you need to be aware of the specific margin value you are getting in the scrip you are about to use margin for. For instance, there are a few stocks such as Infibeam and DHFL for which you can get margin in the range of 85% and 55% respectively. While there are a few such as GSFC and APOLLO TYRE where you are provided with a margin in the range of 17%.

Having said that for around 85% of the stocks, the total Ventura margin you get will be around the 20% mark only.

Here are the margin values offered by Ventura Securities you can avail in the Equity segment:

Ventura Margin Commodity

Talking about the Commodity trading margin, this Ventura Margin calculator talks about 30 odd commodities that you can trade for.

Now, within these 30 commodities, the buy and sell margin values.

For the ‘Buy’ trade, most of the commodities come with a margin range of around 5% to 9% (which is relatively low) and as far as the ‘Sell’ trade is concerned, the margin percentage stays exactly the same without an exception.

Thus, if you are a commodity trader or someone preferring commodity trading, well, the margin you are going to get is pretty discouraging. But again, make sure you work hard with the broker on this and try to sneak in as much as you can through your negotiations.

Here are the Ventura Margin values for the commodity segment for your reference:

Ventura Margin Currency

When it comes to Currency trading, Ventura Securities offers a limited margin cushion to its clients.

Talking specifically about margin values, you can get 3-4 times margin on the overall trading account balance you wish to put in your currency trade. Speaking from the competition point of view, these numbers are relatively around average and are not that high.

Furthermore, these margin values are applicable across all the 4 currency pairs allowed for legal currency trading in India.

As far as margin in other segments is concerned, there is very little the broker has to offer in currency segment especially.

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