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NJ PMS offers customized Portfolio management services to the clients. The company helps the investors to create a long term wealth for them without too much risk.

A lot of high net-worth individuals, especially the ones at the beginner stage, look for such a solution, that can help them to invest in different financial products with reasonable risk levels and decent returns.

However, there are a few concerns as well.

Is NJ PMS a perfect solution for your investment needs? Let’s find out in this detailed review.

NJ PMS Review

NJ PMS started its business in the year 1994. The SEBI registered NJ PMS is based in Surat. The company came in existence in the leadership of Neeraj Choksi and Jignesh Desai (Co-founder & Promoter).

Let us understand the meaning of portfolio management services first. PMS is a service that helps you to build your wealth management profile and diversifies the risk.

NJ PMS is one of the famous and leading financial product & Services distributors in India. The company offers an excellent PMS service to the investors as it has a very strong understanding of the portfolio management field with over 20 years of experience.

The company runs its business on the famous Tagline “Rest Assured”. It means the company assures the clients to provide an excellent risk-adjusted return from their investment portfolio. The discretionary portfolio management service offered by the portfolio manager helps the clients to meet their investment goals.

The company offers some very effective investment strategies. The PMS strategies offered by the company are created by keeping in mind the investment objective and risk-bearing capacity of different levels of investors. These strategies provide peace of mind to the investors for their investments and they also feel assured.

The existing customers of the company are the best example of a good PMS service provided by the company. NJ PMS is already proving itself a great choice for PMS investors.

The team of professional experts of the company like the Portfolio managers and the research analysts does their best to provide an expected return to the investors.

Let’s have a detailed discussion about each important aspect of NJ PMS from the portfolio investment point of view, such as types of PMS offered by the company, manager’s details, Commission models, investment plans, charges, benefits, customer support, FAQs etc.

NJ PMS Types

NJ Wealth has different ways to manage the funds of investors. They manage the funds of their clients in three different way i.e. the discretionary PMS, non-discretionary PMS, and the advisory service.

Discretionary PMS: The Portfolio management service in which the portfolio manager is allowed to take the whole decision related to the investment portfolio of a client on his behalf. The portfolio manager can choose the right strategy and the right time of transaction. After that, he takes the investment decision.

Non-Discretionary PMS: Under non-discretionary PMS, the portfolio manager only recommends the investment ideas to the investors. The right time of trade execution remains in the hands of the client. However, the investment manager plays the role of a trader in this service.

Advisory service: Under this category, the company provides only advisory services to investors. The Final trade execution decision depends on the client only.

NJ PMS Fund Managers

NJ PMS has a number of fund managers who work round the clock for providing an exciting return of the portfolio to the clients. Mr.Viral Shah is one of the best fund managers of the company who stands out from the crowd.

Mr Viral Shah 

Mr Viral Shah, who is an MBA (Finance) and BE holder has been working for NJ PMS strategy preparation. He has created many customized strategies for the clients of the company in order to achieve their investment targets.

Mr Shah has more than 16 years of total experience in the field of finance. Before joining his present company, he worked as research head with the company NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. He also worked as Mutual fund researcher and the portfolio manager at NJ Group companies.

NJ PMS Strategies

NJ PMS offers four different types of strategies which are made according to the requirements of investors. All four strategies are different from each other on some basis. Here is the name of four strategies:

  • NJ Wealth Bluechip portfolio
  • NJ India Freedom ETF Portfolio
  • NJ Advisor Dynamic stock allocation portfolio
  • NJ Wealth Dynamic ETF Stock Allocation portfolio

NJ Wealth Blue-chip Portfolio:

The investment objective of NJ Wealth Blue-chip portfolio strategy is to generate capital appreciation from medium term to long term by investing funds in those companies which are well-established and has a great expansion opportunity.

The investment strategy focuses on:

  • Identifying strong companies on the basis of Free cash flow, revenue growth, ROE, ROCE and loan growth.
  • The selected companies should come under the top 300 companies by market capitalization.
  • Rebalancing of stocks is done once in a year.

The investment portfolio consists of 15 stocks which are not selected on the basis of market cap/ sector.

The minimum required investment amount is ₹25 Lacs and in multiples of ₹1 thereafter. The minimum top-up for the strategy is ₹5 Lacs and in multiple.

The performance/return of the strategy is measured against the benchmark NIFTY 500 TRI.

NJ Wealth Freedom ETF Portfolio:

The investment objective of the Freedom ETF portfolio is to generate capital appreciation in the medium to long term through equity ETFs.

The investment strategy focuses on:

  • The portfolio is created from the entire universe of ETFs.
  • The portfolio manager can select any ETF on the basis of his calculations.
  • The investment portfolio is Rechecked by the portfolio manager once in a year.

The portfolio of this strategy consists of a group of ETFs tracking various indices.

An investor is required to invest a minimum of 25.25 Lacs fund and in multiples of ₹1 thereafter. The minimum additional top-up amount is ₹5 Lacs.

The performance/return of the portfolio under this strategy is measured against the benchmark NIFTY 500 TRI.

Dynamic stock allocation portfolio:

The investment objective of the Dynamic Stock Allocation Portfolio is long term capital appreciation through investment in equity and debt.

The portfolio consists of 15 stocks and debts. The portfolio is unbiased towards a particular sector and the market capitalization.

The Dynamic stock Allocation Portfolio focuses on:

  • Getting a superior return through investment by allocation in proper equity and debt asset classes.
  • Blue-chip portfolio strategies.
  • The equity/debt is selected on the basis of better tax efficiency, lower credit risk, exit charges, and volatility.
  • Asset allocation rebalancing on a half-yearly basis and security rebalancing on a yearly basis.

The minimum investment amount required is ₹25.25 Lacs and in multiples of ₹1 thereafter. The additional top-up facility is ₹5 Lacs. And the benchmark index is NIFTY 500 TRI.

Dynamic ETF allocation portfolio:

The investment objective of this strategy is to offer long term capital appreciation through investment in well-performing and efficient ETFs and arbitrage funds.

The investment portfolio is created by debt/arbitrage funds.

The investment strategy under this strategy focuses on:

  • Offering a superior return through investment by allocation in proper equity and debt asset classes.
  •  Strategies of Blue-chip portfolio.
  • The basis of the equity/debt selection is better to tax efficiency, lower credit risk, exit charges, and volatility.
  • Asset allocation rebalancing is done on a half-yearly basis and security re-balancing is done on a yearly basis.

The minimum investment amount is ₹25.25 Lacs and the additional top-up facility provided by the company is ₹5 Lacs. Again, the benchmark to measure the return is NIFTY 500 TRI.

NJ PMS Performance

All investment strategies and the team of excellent professionals of the company leads to an outstanding performance of NJ PMS.

The portfolio management services returns of NJ PMS are as follows:

  • for the period of 3 years is around 9%,
  • for 5 years the rate of return is 11%,
  • for 7 years it is 10%,
  • for 10 years the return rate is 12%, and
  • for 11 and more years the return is 15% CAGR.

NJ PMS Investment plans

Investment plans are created by each PMS company for the comfort of the clients. It helps the client to invest in PMS and get an attractive return as per their financial capacity and risk appetite.

NJ PMS also offers four types of investment plans which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Bronze: The range of investment under this investment plan is between ₹25 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs. And the plan is fit for low profile investors.

Silver: This is the second investment plan offered by the company. In this plan, the investment range is between ₹50 Lacs to ₹1 CR. And a good option for moderately low-risk appetite clients.

Gold: The range of investment fund required for this plan is in the range of ₹1 CR. to ₹5 CR. Those investors who have moderately high risk-bearing capacity can opt for this plan. 

Platinum: This plan is a great option for the investors who are ready to invest above ₹5 CR. Normally, these categories of investors have a high risk-appetite and can invest a heavy fund in the market.


The commission model of NJ PMS is flexible. The company allows its clients to choose a method of commission to the fund manager as per their full-satisfaction. If he/she thinks that one model is not suitable then he can go for second or third.

All models have some advantage and some disadvantages to both the parties.

The commission models are:

  • Profit-sharing based commission model.
  • Prepaid commission model
  • Volume-based commission model.

Profit-sharing based commission model:

This model is the best model in the Industry. In the profit-sharing based commission model, the investor will have to pay the commission only after getting profit from the portfolio. Because in this model, a portfolio manager can charge the commission only after the realization of profit.

The risk associated in this model is very low and that’s why the percentage of the commission charged by the portfolio manager is higher than the rest of the models.

Prepaid commission model:

The investor pays the commission to the portfolio manager in advance before starting the transactions. In this model, a percentage is decided on the basis of the total value of the portfolio and it decreases with the increase in the value of a portfolio.

A portfolio manager under this model is not too much active like in Profit sharing based commission model because, in this model, the commission is already charged by the portfolio manager.

Generally, a lower percentage of commission is charged in this model as there is a higher risk associated.

Volume-based commission model:

The commission is charged on the total value of transactions completed by the portfolio manager in a year. In this model, the portfolio manager plays a vital role, if he wants, he can charge a higher commission just by increasing the number of transactions completed for the portfolio without adding any value.

So, it’s really very important to check the record of a portfolio manager before deciding to opt this commission model.

Now, the range and the percentage of commission is mentioned in the table given below under each model.

NJ PMS Charges

PMS Charges are various types of other charges, which an investor is required to pay to the company or the portfolio manager.

Those charges are the following:

Management fee:  The management and advisory fee of investment are levied by the company on the basis of the type of strategy adopted by the company.

Upfront fee: This fee is paid as an advance fee. The range of this fee is between 0.8% to 1.2% of Asset value.

Brokerage charge: This charge is taken by the PMS team of the company for the transactions completed in favour of the investment portfolio. The charge is somewhere in between 0.008%-0.012%.

Custodian charge: The PMS house levied the custodian charge on the clients in the range of 0.15% to 0.25% of the Asset value.

Depository charge: This charge is between 0.11% to 0.21%.

Exit load charge: If a client redeems his/her amount within 365 days of Investment/portfolio creation, the client will have to pay the charge of 2% on the total withdrawal amount.

NJ PMS Benefits

There are various types of benefits of portfolio management services through NJ PMS:

  • Professional management team: The company has appointed a team of professionals who works for the investor’s financial objective while controlling risk.
  • Strong background: The company has more than 2 decades of experience in the same field. So, it knows the best way of client’s fund managers to get the superior return.
  • Online access: The clients of the company are allowed or we can say they have the right to access the online information of their portfolio like reports and other portfolio information through the online client’s desk.
  • Extensive strategy offerings: The company has a large range of strategies which are customized according to the client’s investment need and risk appetite.
  • Flexibility: The portfolio manager enjoys flexibility in terms of investing procedures and patterns. He is free to make the required changes in the investor’s portfolio. The client has also the flexibility to opt the commission model and the investment plan according to their choice.
  • Customized advice: As a client, you will get customized advice from the portfolio manager after getting information about your investment objective and risk appetite.
  • Smooth operation: The client gets portfolio service from the portfolio manager and he is responsible to provide all required services from the company also like status and performance of the portfolio, timely reports on a regular basis, and the current holding of the investment portfolio, etc.

NJ PMS Customer support

NJ PMS provides an excellent customer care service to the clients. The company allows the clients to directly call the company to solve out any problem if arises related to the investment portfolio.

Whatsapp and Email support is also provided to clients. A relationship manager is also appointed to resolve any portfolio related problem of the client and also to make the relation between both the parties strong.

An investor can directly call the fund manager also from 7 to 12 times in 30 days. The maximum days of issue-resolving is 15 working days.

NJ PMS Conclusion

NJ PMS is one of the best PMS providers who offer various types of investment strategies according to the client’s risk appetite and investment objective. The team of fund managers and research analysts are the backbone of the company. They always give their best in preparation of customized PMS service for the investors.

Hence, if you are the one who wants a safe investment of your funds, you can choose NJ PMS without any hesitation.

Thus, in case you are looking to get started with a promising portfolio management service, let us assist you in taking things forward for you.

Just fill in some basic details to get started:

PMS Form


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about NJ PMS that you must be aware of:

What are the strategies offered by NJ PMS?

The following strategies are offered by the company.

  • NJ Wealth Blue-chip portfolio
  • NJ India Freedom ETF Portfolio
  • NJ Advisor Dynamic stock allocation portfolio
  • NJ Wealth Dynamic ETF Stock Allocation portfolio

How much is the minimum investment fund required?

As per SEBI, the minimum required fund for portfolio management service is ₹25 Lacs.

What is the termination charge of NJ PMS?

The Termination charge of NJ PMS is 2% if the fund is redeemed within 365 days of portfolio creation/investment.

What is portfolio management scheme account (PIS)?

 A non-resident Indian (NRI) is also allowed to invest in Portfolio management service (PMS). They can invest by opening a PIS account (Portfolio investment scheme account).

What is the minimum investment amount required for additional Topup?

The minimum investment for additional Topup is ₹5 Lacs per investment strategy.

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