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Is the trading time of every broker different? Can I trade any time in Angel One? Well, if this is your concern, then here is the complete detail on Angel One Trading time. 

Angel Broking Open and Close Time 

Like any country, the share market in India operates in different timings as listed in the table below. Stock market operational timings vary as per the indices namely, BSE and NSE

And all stockbrokers also operate within the time duration to facilitate trading & investing activities. So, Angel Broking opening and closing time for trading is also the same. 


There are timings for different market segments which you need to consider while trading using the Angel One platform. These session timings are only from Monday to Friday. 

Apart from this, traders can trade during the post-closing session. It allows traders to buy or sell shares at the closing time. 


As a trader, you can also buy or sell shares during the block deal timings. Here are these:


Angel One Commodity Trading Time

Traders can take part in commodity trading during the morning session and evening session. Here are the timings for that:

Angel One Currency Trading Time 

Here are the timings for carrying out trading activities in the currency trading segment:



Now, you know that Angel One trading time is the same as the stock market timings in India. The normal trading session spans from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM. 

However, you can also trade during the pre-market and post market sessions. It is wise to choose Angel Broking intraday time in the morning. 

Why? There is a price fluctuation in the early morning and the market becomes stable after that.

Note that market working hours vary as per the holidays or other reasons. So, it is important for you to verify trading hours with Angel One in this case. 

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