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Sharekhan Mini


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  • Works at Low Internet Connection
  • Funds transfers allowed
  • Desktop Version Available


  • Basic Design
  • Limited number of features

Sharekhan Mini is a browser-based mobile trading app designed and is developed for users who reside in 3rd, 4th tier cities, towns, and villages.

The geographical targeting is specific for the reason that such a user base generally has access to limited speed 2G or slower internet connections.

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In this detailed review, we will see the different features Sharekhan Mini has to offer before talking about the pros and cons it has in place.

Sharekhan Mini Review

Sharekhan is a full-service stockbroker that has been around for more than 3 decades in the trading space in India. Over the years, it has been known to provide solutions at multiple levels to its clients.

When it comes to trading platforms, its terminal-based solution – Sharekhan TradeTiger is one of the top-performing trading applications.

Among all these characteristics that define this broker, there are solutions such as Sharekhan Mini.

As mentioned above, Sharekhan Mini is a light-weight application designed and developed specifically for the user base that comes from small cities and villages.

For such users, trading through mainstream mobile trading applications or desktop trading softwares can be a low-performance experience since all such software require decent and consistent internet bandwidth at 3G and the most advanced 4G levels.

There are few other brokers who provide such solutions and it’s a win-win.

Simply because, this way brokers such as Sharekhan are able to increase their client base and traders living in smaller cities get access to decent performing trading solutions, even at low internet speeds.

Talking about Sharekhan Mini specifically, let’s dig a bit deeper and talk about its different features that you can access while trading.

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Sharekhan Mini Mobile App

Here are the different features offered by Sharekhan Mini mobile app across its usage.

  • The below-displayed screen is for logging into the application. Make sure the browser you are using is the latest version to get an optimal view of the application. As a client of Sharekhan, you will be provided with the user id, membership and trading password combinations. Once entered, you can click on ‘Login’ to enter into the application.

  • This browser-based mobile application allows you to access some of the prominent features such as MarketWatch, Order page, Charts and Futures & Options trading etc with a Single Touch itself.
  • Like in any other trading application offered by this broker, Sharekhan Mini also provides you with regular research and recommendations across different scrips. These tips help you to take objective decisions before you place your trade.
  • This is the home page screen of the Sharekhan Mini application with a provision of features such as News, Market information, latest quotes, company information for basic fundamental analysis, etc.

  • Sharekhan Mini allows you to trade and invest across segments such as Commodity, Equity, Derivatives along with mutual funds as well.
  • You can stay updated with different indices at both domestic as well as global levels.
  • The Span calculator feature will assist you in figuring out the span margin you are eligible to get.
  • The application allows you to trade in the currency segment as well across NSE & MCX indices.
  • You can check the latest stock market news for the day that can directly or indirectly impact the stocks you look to place your orders on. Yes, the UI is not going to be that clean, but for a browser-based application, it’s not that bad. Apart from the news, you also get to access the Sharekhan research reports, etc.
  • In order to access Sharekhan Mini, you need to have a valid Login Id, Membership password and a trading password to go along.
  • If you are comfortable using a laptop or desktop, the application also provides you with a desktop login version too.

Sharekhan Mini Desktop

The same application is available in the desktop version as well. Some of the features you can access using this software are:

All you need to do it is provide your login ID, membership password, and your trading password to access the system. Such an application is useful for traders who resides in a smaller city or has access to a limited speed internet connection.

The only concern, at the same time, is you will not be able to access a range of features and be limited to a specific set of features.

Sharekhan Mini Download

As mentioned above, the web version of this application does not require any download or installs. You just need to access this link, put in your valid login id, membership password along with the trading password.

If the credentials are correct, you will be logged into the system from where you can carry on with your trades.

You can access this system with the help of a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or even Internet explorer. Furthermore, you can use this application through your laptop, desktop, mobile or even tab.

One of the good parts of this app is its performance or speed which is fairly quick!

Sharekhan Mini Offline

Moving ahead, if you are an offline customer, even then you can access this application.

You need to provide your user id (which is your offline client Id) along with your password to access this application.

In case you do not know your credentials, you are advised to get in touch with your local sub-broker or Sharekhan Customer care for any further assistance on this.

There will be no difference in the kind of features and offline customer gets to access as compared to an online client.

Sharekhan Mini Fund Transfer

The application allows you to transfer your funds from your bank account to your trading account and vice versa. The process of fund transfer is fairly simple too.

All you need to do is, click on the ‘Transfer Funds’ option. Select your bank account, enter the amount to be transferred and proceed.

Once confirmed, it takes 1 or 2 business days for the transfer to happen.

If you wish to add funds to your Sharekhan Demat account, here again, you need to select the bank you want the accounts to be transferred from along with the amount to be transferred.

The control will then move to your bank account’s net banking system. Here you need to validate your login information and then the amount will be moved to your trading account.

Sharekhan Mini Password Change

There are two instances when a client generally looks to access this feature:

  • He/she wants to update the password for security reasons
  • He/she has forgotten the password

Sharekhan mini has provisions for both situations.

If you are looking to just change the password, you need to navigate to change membership password screen where you need to provide the following inputs:

  • Login ID
  • Current Membership password
  • New Membership password
  • Confirm New Membership password

A valid password will be updated right away in the system and you can log in to the application using the new password.

In case you have forgotten your password, you need to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link, put in your log in ID along with the captcha appearing on the screen. Once validation, you will be sent a password change link to your registered email id with the broker.

From here, you can change your Sharekhan mini password.

Sharekhan Mini Concerns

While you may like to go ahead and use this application for your trading needs, however, we would like to highlight some of the concerns you must be aware of:

  • Since this is a basic trading application, thus, the number of features is limited.
  • The guest login provides a minimal number of features, thus, only giving away a basic idea of how the application works. This may or may not give a good understanding of all the potential clients.
  • The application design is very basic.

Sharekhan Mini Benefits

At the same time, here are some quick benefits this application has to offer to the client base of this full-service stockbroker:

  • The option chain feature allows you to view all call option and put option contracts for a specific scrip. This is definitely an advantage for a derivative trader.
  • The application allows you to transfer funds from your banking account to the trading account.
  • Sharekhan Mini works well even if your smartphone has a 2G internet connectivity.
  • The application can be viewed across Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry platforms.
  • This is free to use application and only the Sharekhan brokerage charges will be levied on your trades.
  • You don’t need to buy a mobile phone with a heavy configuration to use this application. Thus, even if you are living in a bigger city and want a light-weight trading application, Sharekhan Mini may work well for you.
  • The application shows all sorts of transactions that occurred through your trading account, thus you do not need any assistance in order to monitor your portfolio or in getting any statement.


In the end, we would like to re-iterate that Sharekhan Mini is aptly suitable for traders and investors hailing from smaller cities, towns, and villages. Obviously, internet speed has been a challenge, but things are certainly getting better with the reach of 3G/4G in the remotest areas of the country.

Nonetheless, if you still struggle with low internet speed, Sharekhan Mini comes as a suitable substitute against the rest of the trading applications this broker has to offer.

This also needs to be known that very few stockbrokers in India, think about that gap and come up with a very niche trading product for its client base.

With this, we sum-up a basic overview of Sharekhan Mini as a trading application. Let us know your experience of using it if you have of using this application.

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