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Upstox Margin Calculator here provides you with the latest margin values offered by this discount broker across all the trading segments. Interestingly, Upstox has recently come up with a pricing plan where it charges different fixed brokerage rates depending on the amount of margin you take from the broker on your trades (more on that later).

Upstox Margin Calculator Review

Generally speaking, Upstox does not provide much high margin values in segments such as Currency, Commodity and Derivatives. The broker primarily focuses on Intraday trading where it goes as high as 25 times margin value for its clients.

Grab complete details on Upstox intraday margin and play a smart game in day trading.

Definitely, it can be seen as one of the values the broker has to offer.

Anyway, let’s understand how Upstox Margin Calculator works across different segments one by one.

Upstox Margin Calculator Equity

When it comes to Equity Delivery, Upstox does not have much to offer to its clients in terms of the margin offered.  However, as far as Equity Intraday is concerned, the margin can go as high as 25 times (if you are paying a brokerage rate of ₹30 per trade). It can be a minimum of 20 times if you are using the conventional brokerage plan of ₹20 per trade.

These margin values are applicable not only for Intraday orders but also for Cover orders and OCO as well.

Upstox Margin Calculator Haircut

This discount broker places a haircut based on the scrip being traded. If you have shares in your demat account worth a specific value, then the haircut percentage defines the deduction the broker places on the value of those stocks when you want to use them as collateral in your trades.

For instance, if you have 1000 shares of Reliance Capital priced at ₹80 and Upstox has placed at 30% haircut on this stock. This would mean, that you can use only the 70% monetary value of those shares for your trading in other financial products.

For Upstox, here are the haircut values across different stocks listed on the index:

Upstox Margin Calculator Derivatives

When it comes to derivative trading, Upstox provides margin at 4 different levels:

  • Span Margin
  • Exposure Margin
  • Intraday Margin
  • Carry Forward Margin

Depending on the scrip and the expiry date, the following Upstox margin values are open for trading: