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Zerodha Kite Mobile App is one of the best mobile trading apps in the stockbroking space in India. Yes, it gets tough competition from the likes of IIFL Markets, Angel Broking App or 5Paisa App but it definitely has brought in a lot of features with ease of use and smooth user experience.

Let’s understand a bit more about this app in this Zerodha Kite Mobile App review.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Review

Zerodha has become quite a prominent name in the Stock Broking Industry mainly due to different online initiatives that have been taken up by the stockbroker.

It not only pioneered the Discount broking space in India but also has come up with different trading experiences (Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Pi for instance), algorithm-based technical analysis tools (Zerodha Streak) and educational portals (Zerodha Varsity) for a different genre of clients.

Here, we are going to talk about the Mobile Trading app of Zerodha – Kite. It has been known to be one of the most intuitive and well-designed trading apps in India.

This mobile app gets reasonable competition from mobile trading apps such as IIFL Markets, Angel Broking Mobile App, 5Paisa Mobile App, etc., however, Zerodha Kite mobile app puts its own benefits forward to its users. Know how to open Zerodha Kite account and access the trading platform efficiently.

Let’s see how it works:

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Download

The first step is to download the app from the App Store and install it on your smartphone. It is one of the lightest apps in terms of size with a size of 10.6 MB. As per our experience, most of the apps from other stockbrokers come in the size range of 36 MB to 55 MB.

Once you have downloaded the installed the app, you’d be required to enter your valid credentials and login to the Kite app. These credentials are provided to you once your account is activated by the broker, post all the formalities.

Here are the latest stats from the Google Play Store about Zerodha Kite Mobile App:

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Demo

  • Multiple Market watch addition provision (till 5). You can use these market watchlists to monitor specific stocks that you are interested in, across sectors and industries. This is how it looks like:

  • To dig a little deeper about market-watch, the app provides a very simplistic user-interface to add different scrips in a market-watch list. Here is a quick view:

  • Simple minimalist UI (Black or White backgrounds available) with minimal fuss. This makes the overall trading experience simple and convenient, especially for beginner-level traders.
  • Different types of charts available with options to choose the time range and frequency. With these charts, you get the flexibility to perform technical and fundamental analysis as per your preference. Some of these charts include:
    • Candle Stick
    • Bars
    • Colored Bar
    • Line
    • Hollow Candle
    • Mountain
    • Baseline Delta; here is a quick look:

  • Users can add different types of technical indicators (total 100 types) for Zerodha technical analysis, including:
    • Alligator
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Darvas Box
    • MACD
    • Moving Average
    • Stochastics

  • Funds transfers and management allowed using the mobile app itself. Furthermore, there are different modes of Zerodha fund transfer available within the mobile application. You can withdraw funds using any of the methods (NEFT, Net banking, UPI) here there is some fees for using payment gateway for adding funds. But Zerodha withdrawal charges are zero.
  • Scrips from the Market watch can be deleted by swiping the scrip from right to left.
  • Drawing Tools available to take your analysis to a different level.

  • The current position of your stocks and respective profits can be seen in the Portfolio section.
  • Notifications and alerts based on the set preferences allowed, giving a glimpse of personalization provided. With these alerts, you get in-app notifications on when a stock price crosses a specific level or percentage.
  • To understand the current market situation or know how a specific stock is performing, you can have a look at the Market Depth feature:

  • If you get stuck or are not sure how to use the market depth feature, well it is pretty straightforward as well, as shown below:

  • You can Buy and sell orders with the Kite app with a single tap irrespective of where you are in the navigation flow. For instance, if you are accessing the Market watch section and looking to place an order, all you need to do is select a specific scrip and tap on the corresponding action button:

  • The app works well at low internet bandwidth as well. Although the speed gets compromised here, still you will be able to use the application and place your trades.
  • Option to place bracket order, positional order, cover order, stock loss market order etc from a single screen.

  • Traders get the provision to modify/update or cancel the orders they have placed in their order book feature. For more detail in this regard, you can read IOC in Zerodha and reap its benefits.

Once your Zerodha demat account opening is completed, you will be provided valid credentials to log in to Zerodha kite mobile app with Zerodha Demat Account.

Also, you can make the app work according to you with Zerodha Kite Connect, the program that automates the trading process.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Benefits

Zerodha kite mobile app comes with the following advantages for the traders using it:

  • At a size of 6.5MB and with the number of features this mobile app provides, it is certainly one of the most light-weight mobile trading apps.
  •  Zerodha kite mobile app provides a range of features for intermediate and advanced level traders in order to carry out fundamental and technical analysis. For more information, read these reviews on Zerodha Fundamental Analysis and Zerodha Technical analysis.
  • Different kinds of orders are allowed to be placed using this mobile app.
  • You can trade and invest across equity, commodity, currency, IPO, derivatives, Zerodha mutual funds and now Government securities as well.
  • The app is easy to use, especially for users who may generally get confused in their initial trading days.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Problems

Here are some of the issues around the usage of this mobile app from Zerodha:

  • Connectivity issues are seen if the client is using Reliance JIO. That is one specific concern.
  • The payment gateway can be improved in its usability from the app
  • Margin calculator feature missing in the app.
  • You cannot invest in Mutual funds using this application.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Interesting facts:

Here are some quick facts about Zerodha kite mobile app, which you won’t get to know otherwise:

  • 5 million transactions happen through the app every day, as per the broker’s claim.
  • It is available in 11 different languages for regional level users’ preferences.
  • Market watch feature runs at only 0.5Kb/sec

We will soon be coming up with the video demo and review of the mobile app. Watch out this space for more or subscribe to our newsletter for notification.

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Zerodha Kite Mobile App Change Password

In case you are looking to change the password of your account in the Zerodha Kite Mobile App, there are basically 2 specific instances:

One, you are just looking to change the password – for that, you need to login into Zerodha Kite and go to my profile. Then you need to click on ‘Change Password’.

Then, you need to enter your current and the new Zerodha password that you want to use. Post that, click on Reset Button and your password will be changed.

Two, in case you have forgotten your password, you need to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link displayed at the bottom of the login screen of the Zerodha Kite Mobile App. Here you need to enter your UserId and PAN number.

You have the option to get the new password on your registered email or mobile number. You can enter either of these two options, enter a random captcha value and click on the Reset button. The new password will be sent to your contact details.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Comparisons

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