Groww F&O Charges

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Groww is a discount broker that offers a trading app to trade in different equity products including Futures and Options. If you have registered yourself with the broker then here is the Groww F&O charges detail.

Groww F&O Brokerage Charges 

 Now when it comes to the Groww brokerage charges the broker charges a flat fee of ₹20 per trade to trade in both the equity futures and options segments. But other than this, there are other fees and taxes included with the trade. 

Here is the detail of the fees and taxes the trader ends up paying to the broker. 


To understand the charges above let’s consider an example of a futures trade where you buy a 1000 stock at  ₹1200 and sell them off  ₹1500. Here is the summary of trade:

Buy Price= 1200*1000
= ₹12,00,000

Sell Price= 1500*1000
= ₹15,00,000

Turnover Value= 12,00,000+15,00,000
= ₹27,00,000

Brokerage= ₹40 (₹20 for each side)

STT Charges=0.01%*15,00,000
= ₹150

Stamp Duty= 0.02%*12,00,000
= ₹240

SEBI Charges= 0.0001%*27,00,000
= ₹2.7

Transaction Charges= 0.002%*27,00,000
= ₹54

GST= 18*(40+54)
= ₹13.32

Total Charges=  ₹(40+150+240+2.7+54+13.32)

However, there are many other fees and taxes but there are no DP charges in Groww for Futures and Options selling as it is settled in cash for index, commodity and currency.

Groww F&O Charges Calculator

Charges on Futures and Options in Groww look minuscule but they form a big chunk of your profits which is why you should know the total charges beforehand.

But manually calculating these charges is a time-consuming process but to save you from this hassle here is an online calculator which calculates futures and options charges automatically.

You have to just enter basic values like buying and selling price and quantity of stocks. 


Groww is one of the emerging stockbrokers in India that has set a good record of client base with the minimum registered complaints. Since the broker is only registered with NSE and BSE hence one cannot trade in commodity futures and options on opening a Groww demat account.

The taxes and other fees are standard and remain the same irrespective of the type of the broker. But here you can reap the benefit of trading by paying the flat brokerage fees.

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