Upstox Equity Delivery Charges

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Upstox, one of the best discount brokers in India, offers you trading services in the equity, commodity, and currency segment. If you are looking forward to investing in stocks using its trading platform then here is the complete detail of Upstox equity delivery charges.

How Much Upstox Charges for Delivery?

Looking at its type, most of investor assumes that there is no delivery brokerage charges in Upstox, but that is not true.

In fact the broker charges you fees equal to 2.5% of the turnover value or ₹20 whichever is lower. 


Let’s consider an example to understand how to calculate brokerage in Upstox.

Suppose you invested in the 10 shares of ABC company at ₹150 each. Now the total turnover value of the trade is ₹1500/-. Here let’s calculate the brokerage charges:


Here the broker comes with the upper cap of ₹20, hence you end up paying only ₹20 to execute this trade. 

Now, if you decided to sell it then here again you need to pay a brokerage equal to ₹20

As shown in the table above, along with the brokerage, there are other taxes that need to be paid at the end of the trade. Now, these charges are difficult to calculate manually, and hence here is the easier way for you.

Upstox Delivery Charges Calculator

To calculate the Upstox brokerage calculator seamlessly, just enter the buy and sell value along with the number of stocks you want to trade. Click on Calculate button and you will get the brokerage details on the screen.

Now along with this, this calculator also helps you in evaluating the profit and loss percentage you can make in a particular trade.


Equity delivery trading is a high stake and long-term investment which involves various charges other than brokerage which are mostly ignored by traders and investors.

When they see extra money cut off from their profits they get tensed. That is why you should have advanced information about Upstox equity delivery charges to save yourself from this unpleasant surprise.

Hope after reading through this article you will include all these charges while doing equity delivery reading with Upstox. 

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