How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio India?

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Today, there exist plenty of avenues via which you can invest in the financial markets. Rather than being limited to mutual funds alone, there are exchange-traded funds, equity-linked savings schemes, stocks, bonds, and preferred shares among others. This brings an opportunity for investors to diversify their investment, but here is the question that how to diversify your investment portfolio in India.

There are several ways to know the smart way of portfolio diversification and yes Angel One’s website is one among those that host byte-size content on financial markets to help you learn and take your investing game to the next level.

Tips to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Since there exist so many options, it is possible for investors to get confused about what investments would suit them best.  These different investment avenues have meant that more individuals can access the market. But how and which investment option can give them better returns and security. 

Well! if you are thinking of such things, then you are not alone. To make it easier for you here are some of the smart solution for smart investors that help them to diversify their investment portfolios in India.

1.  Invest in the US-based stocks

Investing in the US market has become fairly popular among several resident Indians in recent times. This is because these investments allow you to diversify your holdings to extend beyond Indian stocks and help adjust the overall risks that your portfolio is exposed to. Angel One’s tie-up with Vested1 has enabled Indian investors to invest in US stocks and ETFs via Angel One’s mobile app.

Zero commission investing is possible here, allowing investors to buy and sell in the markets without commissions weighing heavy on them. That being said wire charge fees and foreign exchange conversions may apply. However, it is possible for investors to partake in fractional investing which allows them to gain access to highly-priced stocks.

 2. Create a Diversified Portfolio 

If you feel that you don’t have the skillset needed to make investment decisions and can’t select stocks well, you can make use of an engine that helps select stocks for you. Angel One’s rule-based investment engine for instance does just this.

ARQ Prime2 provides stock recommendations that are free of human bias. Using Smart Beta, this engine provides growth, momentum, quality, and value stock recommendations keeping in mind your investment goals and risk threshold. This engine reduces the risks your portfolio is exposed to. 

3. Take Advantage of Thematic Baskets of Stocks 

 If you have always hoped to invest in thematic baskets, the Angel One integration with smallcase3 is worth noting. This modern investment product enables investors to make their own low-risk diversified portfolio for an affordable price thereby allowing them to secure their financial future. 

Investing in a pre-made basket of stocks helps save time and effort. The components of these baskets are reviewed frequently to ensure that they align with the investors’ goals. Smallcase can be utilized to fulfill a range of investment purposes and are made up of gold investments, stocks, fixed income investments, and ETFs to moderate the risks.


The strategic investment tools mentioned above have made it possible for investors to gain financial freedom and become part of The Smart Republic of Angel One. If you wish to start your own investment journey simply visit the Angel One website today such that you can learn more about the markets and strategies to employ within them. 


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