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Kotak Securities a well-known name in the stock market offers margin calculator in three trading segments which are Equity, Derivatives and Commodity Futures. The Kotak Securities margin calculator will tell you the value of margin required to trade in a particular scrip.

Let’s have a quick look!

Kotak Securities Margin

Kotak Securities Margin Calculator is an important tool of Kotak Securities. The margin calculator helps the trader/investor to calculate the required margin and the margin offered by the company to increase the number of trading stocks.

As the Margin is a common term in the stock market or we can say for the trader or investor, so we are not going to make you understand what the margin is. However, for more information, you can check this detailed review on Margin Trading.

Assuming that, you have the idea of Margin, we are moving ahead towards the next step of our discussion.

We will try to know the segments across which the margin facility is available and also the scrips in which margin is offered by the company.

Kotak Securities Margin Calculator Review

Following are the segments across which margin facility is offered by Kotak Securities.

  • Cash
  • Margin trading
  • Derivatives
  • Commodity Future

Using Kotak Securities Margin Calculator

Kotak Securities Margin calculator is a very simple tool.

What you need to do is just to search the name of the scrip in the search bar and the resultant margin value will be in front of you. In some of the cases, the scrip which you want to look for the margin will be on the initial screen, if the case is not the same, you can search the scrip.

Let understand it with an example:

Suppose you want to trade in Apollo Tyre Limited and for this. You want to check the margin value offered by Kotak Securities.

You just need to search the scrip first at the screen in front of you, but if do not get it, you need to search the scrip name through the search bar at the right side of the screen.

This margin Calculator is different from other common types of calculators which only show the margin in multiples.

In this calculator, you can get various information related to the scrip like NSE Symbol, BSE symbol, Margin required, Margin given against shares etc:

Kotak Securities Equity Margin Calculator

The first segment in which Kotak Securities offer Margin to the traders is ‘Cash’. In this segment, a trader buys stock in cash and pays the full amount of stock within 2 days. It means the transactions under this segment is cash-settled.

Most of the traders are not able to trade in a higher quantity of stock just because of the lack of available cash in hand.

Kotak Securities offer extra buying capacity in the form of cash margin to the traders. It helps them to buy an extra quantity of stocks to earn a higher profit by using the margin facility of the company.

The value of the margin may differ from one stock to another, depending on the risk and market volatility.

So, one needs to check the value of margin before trading more quantity of a scrip.

To check the scrip available for cash segment margin and the margin value under that scrip, you can go through the below-mentioned table. 

Kotak Securities Intraday Margin Calculator

Like various traders, Kotak securities also offer margin trading to the traders.

In this segment, a trader is required to square off his/her trading position in a single session i.e before the closing of the stock market.

The stockbroker offers margin trading margin at attractive prices. The available margin is the maximum margin a trader can get at Kotak Securities. The Intraday margin can be availed at any point of time at the company.

The stockbroker provides 4X exposure for the intraday trading on the available margin, subject to the scrip volatility and associated risk.

The below-mentioned table shows the margin trading value across the scrips offered by the company: