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We are delighted to inform you that the hunt for a reliable full-service broker with a legacy in trading is over. Choice Broking is an impeccable stockbroker, especially if intraday trading is your thing. Wondering why? Well, all because of the minimum brokerage. Here is the detail of the Choice Broking intraday charges

The charges will give you the information of the brokerage fees and the other fees that helps you in evaluating the total profit you can earn by executing day trade with Choice Broking.

For better information, you can refer to the brokerage calculator provided at the end.

Choice Broking Intraday Brokerage Charges

Like every other broker, Choice Broking charges a certain brokerage. This brokerage charge is a fee paid to Choice Broking for processing all the transactions as well as for offering additional services like research tips, advisories, etc.

For intraday trading, the Choice Broking brokerage is equal to 0.02% of the turnover value. Frankly, this is one of the most economical rates for brokerage charges incurred on intraday trading. Apart from other charges, there are other taxes that increase the overall brokerage.

For the total brokerage here is the complete breakdown of charges levied on Intraday trading by Choice Broking:  


Let’s take this simple example to understand exactly what and how the brokerage charges are levied on the final turnover:

Now let’s suppose that you did a trade of a total of ₹10,000.

Here the total brokerage would be:

Final Turnover: 10,000/-
Intraday Brokerage Charge Rate: 0.02%
Calculations: 10000 x 0.02% = ₹2

Thus, similar to other full-service although the brokerage is charged on the turnover value but still in comparison to other stockbrokers Choice Broking charged the least.

Now let’s check the total brokerage along with other fees to check that how much profit you can earn in a particular trade.

Choice Broking Brokerage Calculator

As discussed above that there are multiple taxes imposed on the trade. This often makes it difficult for traders to get an idea of the fees they need to pay.

Do you too find these calculations a bit complicated? If yes, well we get it; that’s why we are providing you with a calculator which will help you determine final charges in accordance with the rates set by Choice Broking on Intraday trading.

These are some simple steps to follow:

  • Input the Buy Price and Sell price of the share
  • Next insert the total number of shares
  • Select the corresponding State
  • Just click the “Calculate” button and voila!

We recommend Choice Broking because it promises reliability, efficiency, overall affordability, and a cross-platform presence which makes it one of the best choices for Intraday stock trading. 


Intraday trading can help you in earning a good profit but it is important to consider the brokerage charges to avoid any kind of loss.

Full-service stockbrokers are often known for the hefty fees but Choice Broking comes up with a different plan where although the brokerage is evaluated on the turnover value still it is the least that helps you in increasing your profit.

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