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With the increasing interest of people in the Stock market, brokers are offering different products to make the experience of new traders better than before. One of the training and mentoring programmes is Sharekhan Ignite, developed in collaboration with the Online Trading Academy to provide certified education to traders. 

Let’s read in this article what features Ignite offers its clients.

Sharekhan Ignite Course 

Sharekhan is a renowned full-service stock broker that along with the advanced trading platform and multiple trading products introduces a trading education programme for its traders.

The programme is designed to offer high-quality trading education to traders and investors in the share market that help them to practice disciplined trades. Along with this, the participants are allowed to join the live trading sessions that help to understand the live market environment.

Here are some of the features of the Ignite Course by Sharekhan:

  1. Helping in building a strong foundation
  2. Online certified courses
  3. Management of Trades
  4. Hand-holding by experienced mentors.
  5. Personal trading plan designed on the basis of your strength and weaknesses.
  6. 40-trades practice sessions where profits are kept by traders and losses are incurred by Sharekhan.
  7. Post-training support and mentorship for the preceding 11 months

Sharekhan Ignite Course Review

The course curriculum of Sharekhan Ignite is designed in such a way that every intermediate trader can join and understand the complex concept of intraday trading and other formats of trade under the mentorship of experienced mentors.

Some of the topics covered in the programme are:

  • Trading Terminology
  • Mastering the Ignite Trade Tiger Platform
  • Trading Strategies that help in Identifying real demand/supply in the market;
  • Designing entry and exit strategies.
  • Trade and Risk management
  • Multiple Time frames for analysis 
  • Stock Selection 
  • Trading Styles- Intraday, Swing, and Positional
  • Implementation of the main trading strategy to various asset classes 
  • Trading plan Programme delivery and duration

The Ignite programme is covered in 24 sessions of 2 hours each within a month. You can also access the recorded session within 48 hours.

Apart from this, there are special Controlled Trades sessions where the mentors guide the trader in placing at least 40 different trades during the live market. The profit made in those trades is kept by the trader while the losses are taken care of by the Sharekhan team. 

These sessions need to be taken within 60 days of the course completion.

Other than this the program includes the Personal trading plan where the mentor helps the trader in designing their trade plan on the basis of their strength, weaknesses, daily routine, psychology, position sizing, etc.

Here are the details of the daily live sessions organized during the programme. 


The course offers many benefits and one can access it by paying a fee of ₹24,000/-. The duration of the course is from a month to a year and one can apply their learnings by practicing trades in the real market under the guidance of the mentor.


This fee is non-refundable and any trade practices done under this educational programme are chargeable, where the trader needs to pay the applicable brokerage charges in Sharekhan along with the stamp duty, transaction charges, and other taxes.


Sharekhan Ignite is thus a way for intermediate traders to upgrade their trading skills. The mentors provide one-to-one support to their mentees and help them in preparing their trading plans.

The best part is the course provides the flexibility of timing that makes it easier for everyone to join and learn share market concepts as per their convenience.

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