M Stock Brokerage Charges


In recent times, you must have heard a lot about the stockbroker named M Stock from different sources. With that, lots of questions must have also triggered your brain including the M Stock brokerage charges. 

And the reason behind that is simple. When you hear about a stockbroker, the brokerage charges you will have to pay for trading using its platform is the most obvious question that comes into your mind along with several other questions such as ease and safety. 

If you are also among those who want to know about the M Stock Brokerage charges then, keep reading this article till the end as we discuss this topic in length in this article. 

M Stock Brokerage Plans

Almost all brokers charged a brokerage fee. Some among them (full-service brokers) charged this fee on the basis of turnover value and on the other hand, there is a discount broker that offers the benefit of free trading in a few segments and flat charges for trading in others.

Then there comes another category of discount brokers like M Stock which has absolutely zero brokerage charges. But how do reap this benefit?

Well, for this you have to open an M Stock demat account.

Let’s now discuss the details of different brokerage plans offered by the broker.

M Stock 999 Plan

As mentioned you have to open a demat account with the M Stock to trade in different segments at zero cost. But how you can generate the benefit of free trading with the broker.

For this, you have to pay the M Stock demat account charges or say one-time subscription cost equal to ₹999.  

Here is the detail of the charges under the 999 plan.


Along with no brokerage across all the trading segments the stockbroker offers, you won’t have to pay any cost for placing Call and Trade orders. However, other charges such as DP Charges, Transaction charges, SEBI Charges, GST etc will still be applicable. 

M Stock 149 Plan

However, if you don’t wish to pay ₹999 as a one-time fee, you still have got another option. Under this option or plan, you will have to pay only ₹149 at the time of account opening. 

But this does not provide you the access or benefit of free trading with the broker. Instead, you need to pay the basic brokerage charges to trade in different segments, the details of which are provided in the table below.


The remaining other charges that we mentioned below the first table remain the same under this plan as well. 


With its brokerage plans, M Stock seems to cater to the needs of all sorts of traders. With its ₹999 plan, it targets both the traders who trade on a large scale and the investors who want to invest for the long term. 

At the same time, it also makes sure that the long-term investors are attracted to the stockbroker since they don’t have to pay brokerage at any point in their lives. 

With its ₹149 plan, it provides the traders with a couple of opportunities. First, the traders who don’t trade on a massive scale or trade less can avoid paying ₹999 at one time for small or medium-scale trading, provided they are okay paying ₹20 as a brokerage charge for every executed order. 

Second, it also gives the traders a trial opportunity which means the traders can open their accounts by making a one-time payment of ₹149, trade as much as they want to, and see whether the stockbroker is convenient enough for them or not. 

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