Sharekhan Delivery Charges


Sharekhan is one of the well-established stock brokers in India. It offers many services, like equity, currency, and commodity trading. If Sharekhan is your choice to trade stocks, here are the details of Sharekhan delivery charges.

Sharekhan Equity Delivery Charges

Sharekhan is a full service brokers, so unlike many other discount brokers, Sharekhan charges deliver trading charges. 

On execution of delivery order, you need to pay brokerage equal to 0.30% of the turnover value or a minimum of 1 paisa per share.


Let’s take an example to understand the brokerage charges in Sharekhan

Assume you invested in 100 shares of XYZ company at Rs 200 each. The total turnover value of your trade will be Rs. 20,000

Now calculating the brokerage charges

= 0.30% of 20,000
= Rs 60 

Along with this, there are certain taxes and other fees charged by different market participants for trading in equity delivery segment. Here is the detail of those charges:


Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator

Now the above delivery brokerage charges also include some taxes. So, how to calculate the total fees and taxes.

For this, you can use the Sharekhan delivery brokerage calculator, where just by adding buying and selling value along with quantity you can know the total fees and profit/loss of the particular trade.


Equity delivery trading includes long-term investments. In addition to that, there are many charges that traders and investors usually ignore.

Extra money charged from the profit can upset you if you don’t know the charges behind every trade. So, know the cost of trading in the share market and maximize your profit by knowing the brokerage and other taxes beforehand. 

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