Kotak Commodity Brokerage Charges

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The Commodities segment is doing wonders in the market these days and therefore attracting the attention of a lot of traders. So are you also willing to trade in the commodity segment with Kotak Securities? Then it is of utmost importance that you know the Kotak commodity brokerage charges. 

All you need is a Kotak demat account and an activated commodity segment. Let us now dive into the details of Kotak commodities brokerage. 

Kotak Securities Commodity Brokerage

You can easily trade in the commodities segment with Kotak securities as it is registered with MCX and NCDEX.

Kotak securities being a full-service broker might leave an impression of high brokerage charges. But with the introduction of the Kotak Trade free plan, the cost has effectively reduced making it a popular choice. 

Given below are the brokerage charges of trading in commodities:


Let’s take an example:

So here if two friends Mr. A and Mr. B traded in commodity futures with an equal turnover of ₹1,00,000. Mr.A has the standard plan and Mr.B has the trade free plan. 

Thus Mr. A ended up paying the brokerage of ₹39  (0.039% of 1,00,000) while Mr. B trade at the minimal cost by paying the flat fees of ₹20. 

Kotak Commodity Brokerage Calculator

It can get quite tiring if we sit down and calculate the brokerage every now and then. To make it a smooth journey, you can always take the help of the brokerage calculator. 

The Kotak commodity brokerage calculator will not only make sure that you get the right brokerage charges but also pay equal attention to the other charges that are often neglected. 

These charges include the STT charges in Kotak securities, transaction charges of Kotak securities, GST, and the stamp duty charges. 

All you have to do is choose the desired segment, enter the buy price, sell price, number of shares, and the state. There is a screenshot attached below for your reference. 


It is out of no one’s notice that the commodity segment is a safe and increasingly popular option. 

You can choose Kotak Securities and trade in the commodity segment, now that you know all the charges.

Calculate, invest, earn!

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