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You must have heard about the Sharekhan Trade Tiger if you have been into stock market trading for a considerable amount of time but are you aware of its charges. If not, then you don’t need to look too far as we deal with Sharekhan Trade Tiger charges in this very article.

Sharekhan offers a better experience to its clients and one such is a Trade Tiger, a desktop trading terminal, thus allowing investors to trade and invest using the large and widescreen.

You can easily download it from Sharekhan’s website. But wait! how many charges does the broker ask for or Is Trade Tiger free?

Let’s get into its detail to know how much additional fees you might have to pay for using Sharekhan’s services.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Charges Details

Now there are no fees to download the software on the device. Well, of course, it will cost some of your internet or WiFi data but that’s insignificant, right? 

To use this you need to log in for which you have to open an account with Sharekhan. So what become important is to check for the account opening charges and other fees associated with it.

In simple terms, the charges associated with the Sharekhan Trade Tiger application are:

  • Demat Account Opening Charges
  • Annual Charges
  • Brokerage Charges

We will be discussing details of these charges and when & why these charges are charged by a stockbroker.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Annual Charges

When it comes to opening an account there are no charges for opening Sharekhan Demat Account. So, you can simply fulfill the formalities to sign up or register with the broker and download the trade tiger on your system. 

Although there are no demat account opening charges but have to pay certain fees to operate and maintain your account. These charges are generally charged on an annual base and are commonly known as account maintenance charges.

Here is the detail of Sharekhan Trade Tiger charges:


Brokerage Charges Sharekhan Trade Tiger Account 

While trading using Sharekhan Trade Tiger, you get several advanced charts, tools, and access to the Sharekhan research that gives you reliable trading suggestions. 

You also get several other features, including some personalized ones as well that you can explore only when you have an account with Sharekhan.

However, in return for these services, Sharekhan Trade Tiger charges you brokerage for executing trade in any segment. 

Here is the detail of brokerage charges in Sharekhan:


Is Trade Tiger Free?

Well, there are two ways to look at it. You could say it is free since you don’t have to pay any charges for installing it on your computer or laptop. 

However, you have to pay certain charges that are associated with the broker in order to use this trading platform. 

In simple words, Trade Tiger software is free but to trade using this tool isn’t. And through this article, we hope we guided you through all the charges that you will need to bear to use this platform.

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