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SMC or SMC Global is a full-service stockbroker based out of Delhi, India with its establishment going as back as 1994. The stockbroker is known for a reasonable offline presence and good quality research across fundamental and technical trading products.

When it comes to its standing, SMC Global has an active client base of 1,06,653 placing it at the 16th spot in the overall stockbroking space in India. With this positioning, SMC Global is certainly among the top stockbrokers in India.

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As far as the SMC Customer Care is concerned, the broker provides the following communication channels to its clients:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Toll-free Number
  • Offline Branches
  • SMS Messaging

Being an old-school stockbroker, SMC Global has not exploited much in the digital space as far as connecting to its customer base is concerned. The broker has not looked into channels such as web-chats, chatbots, Whatsapp and so on so far. These are potentially some of the quickest ways to connect and resolve client queries.

Furthermore, although the broker has other ways of communication, it has not been able to impress with the quality of service provide yet so far.

The executives lack skill towards the stockbroking space with a limited understanding of the brokerage or other charges levied by the broker.

To add to that, there seems to be no process or compliance in terms of the overall time taken by SMC Customer care in order to resolve the concerns or queries raised by the clients of the broker. Thus, if you have any queries regarding opening SMC Free Demat Account, you can contact their customer care service and get your issue resolved.

In case you are looking to get in touch with SMC Customer Care, here are the contact details for your reference:


If the SMC Customer Care team is not able to resolve your concern, you can contact the compliance officer of SMC Global Online by the using the following contact details (advised to use once you have communicated with the SMC Customer Care):


At the same time, in case you are looking to get started with share market trading or stock investments in general, let us assist you in taking your next steps forward:

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SMC Global Branches

The full-service stockbroker has a presence in the following cities across different parts of the country:

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