Paytm Money Intraday Charges

Paytm Money is all set to offer broker services to the keen investor at a discounted price. Well! Thinking about what this broker offers to the intraday traders? For this let’s delve into the details of Paytm Money Intraday Charges

Intraday Brokerage Charges in Paytm Money

Intraday trading is risky and leads to losses if not done strategically. Adding on the losses if you pick the stockbroker that charges a lot of commission can actually multiply your losses. 

To help traders to minimize their losses and to increase the profit, Paytm Money comes up with the best discount brokerage plan where it charges a fee of ₹10 per trade

Thus, the broker charges a minimum fee of 0.05% of the turnover or ₹10 per trade as intraday trading charges

Do brokerage charges seem to be confusing?

Let’s make it easier with the help of an example. 

So let’s suppose, Rajan did an intraday trade where he bought the 100 shares of Tata Steel at ₹200 per share. 

Later he exited the trade by making a profit of ₹10 per share. 

Thus the total turnover of the trade is ₹41,000.

Calculating the intraday brokerage on the basis of turnover: 



Since the broker charged a maximum fee of ₹10 thus Rajan paid ₹20.5 to execute the trade. 

If the above trade had the total turnover value of let’s say 5000, then



The brokerage here would be ₹2.50. 

Thus, not only for the small traders but also for the active intraday traders, Paytm Money comes up with exclusive benefits by charging the least fees for trading. 

But before you open the Paytm Money Demat account it is important to check the app and other services provided by the broker. 

Paytm Money Intraday Charges Calculator

The table above lists some other charges as well like STT, Stamp Duty, GST, transaction charges. 

Now all these charges add on to the overall charges imposed by the broker for intraday trading. 

Evaluating these charges along with brokerage sometimes becomes confusing especially to the beginners.

Therefore here we are with the brokerage calculator, which calculates the net charge needed to be paid and also helps you in evaluating the total brokerage that the trader has to pay to the broker. 

Let’s walk through the process of how to calculate Intraday Charges.

STEP 1: In the segment on top-left select “Intraday”.

STEP 2: Fill in the boxes asking about buying price, selling price, number of shares funds, and location.

STEP 3: The last step is to click on Calculate, this will calculate total brokerage and other charges.

In the same way, you can add according to the data you are having then your total brokerage + tax will be calculated within a few seconds.


Hoping that you are clear with the Paytm Money Intraday charges and how to calculate them using the brokerage calculator.

Dive into the details of the services and other benefits associated with intraday trading with Paytm Money. 

Explore, Compare and Begin with the trade using the right trading platform.

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