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Yes Bank is one of the famous brands in the world of the financial market. With Yes Bank PMS, the company also offers an excellent portfolio management service to investors.

An attractive return with diversified investment portfolio strategies is the key to its PMS success.

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Not sure, it can be seen as one of the best PMS services in India, but it definitely does a reasonable job overall.

Let’s see how! 

Yes Bank PMS Review

Yes Bank provides portfolio management service to the clients on a referral basis from the leading players in the industry to meet the various financial needs of investors

Yes bank is a private limited bank that was established in 2004  in India and provides numerous services to its customers.

The founders of the organization are Ashok Kapur and Rana Kapoor and the head office is located in Mumbai. 

The company offers investment solutions to a niche segment of the client.

The client of the company can be an individual or an institution with high net-worth value. In other words, we can say that the Yes Bank PMS provides the portfolio management service to create wealth for you.

The PMS services of Yes Bank are doing pretty well in the industry; they have hired a bunch of expert portfolio managers to assist the clients in making profits. 

The team of the portfolio managers of Yes Bank PMS are highly qualified and experienced in terms of guiding the costumes and preparing strategies to minimize the PMS investment risk by providing a good deal to the clients. 

Yes Bank has a wide range of recognized brokers who offer portfolio management services based on the specific demand of clients.

The company offers a special PMS service for NRI clients. They invest in shares/debentures of Indian companies through Yes Bank by obtaining the portfolio investment scheme (PIS) approval from any recognized bank (Approved By RBI).

The company provides expert knowledge and experience in the same field for offering a better investment return to the clients. The portfolio managers are well aware of the market situation and handle the portfolio of clients with the target of their goal or return.

The company maintains one of the best customer support systems for the investors to attract more clients and provide them with a better return on their invested money.

Yes Bank PMS Overview


Now in this article, we are going to discuss almost all important aspects of Yes Bank PMS.

Moving ahead, we are going to discuss the PMS Details, type of PMS, manager details, commission models, investment plans, return/performance, charges, customer support, Conclusion, and finally FAQs.

Yes Bank PMS Types

Yes Bank PMS offers two PMS types to their clients. The company offers these two different services to fill the various needs of clients.

Following are the two PMS services offered by the company:

  • Discretionary PMS
  • Non-discretionary PMS


This is the first type of PMS service offered by Yes Bank PMS. In this service, the client has no intervention in portfolio management. The whole process is done by the portfolio manager at his/her discretion. 

The client can give his advice also regarding portfolio management, but it will be the fund manager who will make the ultimate decision.

The whole process in this service is handled by the portfolio manager and it is the responsibility of the fund manager to make the strategies in such a way that it will be beneficial for the client in achieving their financial goals. 

The client gets benefits from an expert investment portfolio handling process and it maximizes the chance of profit/return.


The second type of PMS offered by Yes Bank PMS is non-discretionary PMS.

In this PMS, the whole responsibility of handling the investment portfolio remains in the hands of a client. He/she will be responsible for taking any step towards the portfolio. The portfolio manager acts as a trader only and trades on behalf of the client.

The decision depends solely on the client, the portfolio manager can give suggestions to the client and can put forward his/her ideas in front of the client that can be profitable. But it relies on the investor whether to implement the suggestion given by the fund manager or not. 

The fund’s manager is just going to execute the trade on behalf of the customer; he needs to follow the instructions given by an investor and can’t take any initiative without asking the client. 

If a client needs a suggestion, the portfolio manager can take his opinion, but finally, it will be the client who decides what to do related to the portfolio.

Yes Bank PMS Investment Strategies

Yes bank offers multi strategies that suit investors of different financial needs.

An investor can approach the company if they want to invest their money with a view to getting a healthy return. A client can choose the strategy according to their risk appetite and the time horizon they want to invest in.

If they are confused about the right strategy to fit that to him/her, they can take help from the company also. The portfolio manager of Yes Bank PMS suggests the right strategy based on the financial need of clients.

It is essential to make strategies before investing in any sector because it will help the investor and make it easier for him to follow the plans made to make profits. 

Here is the list of investment strategies offered by Yes Bank PMS:

  • Large Cap
  • Mid Cap
  • Small & Mid Cap
  • Quant based


A Large-cap growth strategy takes a long-term and concentrated approach. In this strategy, the company invests in those companies which have growth potential in the long-term, it’s safer to invest and the market is underestimating the future price/growth of the stock.

These companies are well established in the market, pay a regular dividend and investors are assured about the safety of funds up to the maximum extent.


The second type of Yes Bank PMS investment strategy offered by the company is mid-cap.

In this strategy, the funds of an investor are invested in medium cap stocks. Those stocks which crossed their initial stage in the market, are well-known among the customers, but still there is room to grow.

The chances of return from investing in mid-cap stocks are better than large-cap stocks but, the risk factor is also higher than the above one. So, after deciding the risk appetite and the time horizon of an investor, the fund is suggested to invest in this strategy.


Under the small-mid cap strategy of Yes bank PMS, the investment is made in both types of companies which are mid-cap and small-cap.

This strategy holds the capacity to give a safer and higher return. Small-cap companies are just an entrant in the market and that’s why there is a high opportunity to grow in the future but at the same time, the risk involved in these companies is also very high.

The small-cap companies are still not sure about their success or failure in the market that’s why it is risky to invest.

The strategy is best for those investors who are ready to take a higher risk for a higher return.


The last investment strategy offered by Yes Bank PMS is ‘Quant’.

This strategy is based on complex mathematical models to identify the investment opportunities that arise in the market. This strategy is acceptable in various types of investment industries like the investment in a mutual fund, institutional investors, Hedge funds etc.

Above all strategies are offered by the company to the investors after analyzing their investment objective with their risk-bearing capacity.

Yes Bank PMS Returns

Yes Bank PMS offers an attractive return to the clients who invest their money through the yes Bank portfolio management company.

Benefit or loss incurred over a period of time on an investment made has given a financial name known as Returns and can be calculated expressed in form of ratio or percentage.

Return is not fixed and depends on the situation of the market as well as on the risk-bearing capacity of clients also.

A formula is used to  calculate the Yes Bank PMS returns or to evaluate the performance by the amount of return on investment is : 

                                                Current Value of Investment−Cost of Investment                                               

                                                                       Cost of Investment

However, the average return for:

  • Yes bank PMS return for 3 years is 7%,
  • it is approximately 10% for 5 years,
  • The return on investment of Yes Bank PMS  is 14% for 7 years.
  • Again, the return is 16% for 10 years and
  • 11 plus years, the return is 20%.

The performance of Yes Bank PMS is pretty good and clients are happy with the services being provided by the organization. 

Yes Bank PMS Investment Plans

Most portfolio management companies offer investment plans in four categories.

Each category has a different range of investment amounts and comes under a name that depicts the investors of different investing capacities.

Following are the types of investment plans offered by Yes Bank PMS:

  • Bronze (₹25,00,000 ₹50,00,000)
  • Silver (₹50,00,000₹1CR)
  • Gold (₹1cr₹5cr)
  • Platinum (₹5cr & above)

Bronze: This is the basic and the first investment plan offered by Yes Bank PMS and it is also provided by most of the other portfolio management companies.

If you are a new investor of PMS and can’t afford high risk then the plan ’Bronze’ is best for you. You can start the portfolio investment with just Rs.25 lakhs.

Silver: The second Yes Bank Investment plan is ‘Silver’.

The investment amount under this plan ranges from Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.1 cr. If you are the one, who is ready to take a bit risky to get better PMS returns then you are choosing the right investment plan.

Gold: The third investment plan offered by Yes Bank PMS is ‘Gold’.

The investment range in this plan starts from 1Cr and goes up to 5 cr. If you are one of those investors who are ready to bear a moderately higher risk to get a higher return, then this plan is good for you.

Platinum: The fourth and last investment plan of Yes Bank PMS is ‘Platinum’.

The plan is best for high-risk takers. Those who can invest a higher amount get a higher return. Mostly the investors to opt for this plan are high net-worth clients.

Yes Bank PMS Commission Models

The Yes Bank PMS commission models are based on three different bases the total asset value of the portfolio, the total value of transactions completed, and the total profit earned by the investor on the investment portfolio.

All these models have significance for the different opinions of investors. The client and the portfolio manager choose any commission model mutually.

Here are the types of commission models:

  • Prepaid commission model
  • Volume-based commission model
  • Profit based commission model


The Prepaid commission model is one of the models offered by most portfolio management companies.

In this model, the percentage of PMS commission to be charged by the company is decided by both parties before starting portfolio creation.

The basis of the percentage of commission is the total value of the portfolio. The model does not have to take anything from the profit realized out of the investment portfolio.

Hence, the commission required to pay to the portfolio manager is pre-decided and fixed.


If you want another Yes Bank PMS commission model to pay the commission to the portfolio manager, then you have an option i.e. the volume-based commission model. The model takes into account the total volume of transactions completed by the portfolio manager for a client within a year.

If a portfolio manager increases the volume just for the sake of increasing commission, an investor will have to pay the higher commission.

So, it’s very important that a portfolio manager is genuine with a good track record. It is quite easy to increase the total volume of transactions completed for an investment portfolio.


The Yes Bank PMS Profit-based commission model is the best model for investors. In this model, they know that they will have to pay a commission only when profit will be earned.

If the investment portfolio manager will not be able to realize any profit, then investors need not pay a commission to the company.

It means the rule in this model is clear i.e. ‘No profit, no commission.

The other best thing about this is that the portfolio managers give their hundred per cent to earn a good return out of the investment portfolio because they know very well that if they fail, they are not going to get any commission.

Now, here is the table that shows the percentage as well as the range of investment or profit or volume of different models.

Yes Bank Charges various types of fees to offer portfolio management fees to the investors. These charges include management fees, brokerage charges, exit load fees, customs charges, etc.


Yes Bank PMS Charges

PMS Charges are charged by the brokers from their clients for providing their PMS services. Here is the list and the range of Yes Bank PMS charges:

  • Management fee: The fee is charged by the company for the service given to the investor and also on the basis of the commission model opted by them. Normally, the range of charge is 0.5%-1.5%.
  • Upfront charge: This charge is similar to the prepaid fee. An investor is required to pay this charge in the range of 1%-2.5% of the total asset value.
  • Brokerage charge: The portfolio manager charges this brokerage charge based on the total transaction value of the portfolio in the range of 0.01%-0.05%.
  • Custodian charge: The charge is levied by the team of Yes Bank PMS for the custody given by the company to the investor’s portfolio. The range of charge is between 0.25%-0.35%.
  • Depository charge: The charge is taken on the basis of the total investment amount. It is charged in the range of 0.12%-0.15%.
  • Exit Load Fee: An investor can withdraw his/her money any time after portfolio creation, but they need to pay charges to the company for this.

The charge will be 1.2%-1.6% of the total withdrawal amount if you withdraw the money before one year of portfolio creation. On the other hand, If the withdrawal is after one year of portfolio creation, no charge will be levied.

Yes Bank PMS Benefits

As an investor with Yes bank PMS, you will get the following PMS benefits:

  • Yes Bank is a brand name in the field of the financial world. Investors need not worry about the reputation of the company. The Trust factor plays an important role for high net-worth clients as well as for small investors in portfolio management.
  • The company allows you to invest your money through the multi-strategy offered by the company.  One can choose an investment strategy according to the investment need and time horizon.
  • The charges are less than the other portfolio managers in the industry. So, an investor can easily go to the company to get a better portfolio management service at a low cost.
  • The investors have options to choose an investment plan according to their investing capacity. They can choose any investment plan which has different ranges of the investment amount.
  • Excellent customer service support is also available to help clients with their investment-related problems.

Yes Bank PMS Customer Support

The customer support offered by the company plays a vital role in the reputation of that company. 

The Yes bank PMS customer support provides an excellent service to their clients which also attracts the public and also builds trust among clients that the experts are there for them to solve their queries. 

The clients always look for the best and instant solution to their problems. It is very normal that high net-worth investors call and ask investment-related questions from the company very frequently. So, to retain the clients for the long term, it is very important that the customer support system is strong.

A client can Email or directly call at Yes Bank to get the answer to their investment-related question. A relationship manager is also appointed by the company to give personal attention to the clients. Again, a client is allowed to call the portfolio manager directly in some urgent cases. 

The maximum time limit to solve a query is 10 working days.


Yes Bank PMS gives an opportunity to the clients to get an excellent portfolio management service from a reputed portfolio manager.

The company offers portfolio management services to the clients on a referral basis and it helps them to offer you the best portfolio manager in the industry based on a client’s investment needs.

The charges are low, customer support is superior, multi investment plans, and the commission models all are based on different factors for the convenience of clients. So, overall we can say that the Yes Bank PMS is one of the best options to increase your wealth through PMS.

The charges of the Yes Bank PMS are quite less than the other portfolio management service providers. 

Yes Bank PMS FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Yes Bank PMS:

  1. How portfolio management service is offered by Yes Bank?

Yes Bank offers the portfolio management service through leading players in the industry on a referral basis. The company gives the fund to those portfolio managers that best suits your investment need to increase your wealth.

     2. What are the investment strategies offered by Yes Bank PMS?

Generally, four types of investment strategies are offered by the company that is:

    • Large Cap
    • Mid Cap
    • Small & Mid Cap
    • Quant based

     3. Are clients allowed to withdraw their money anytime?

Yes, clients are allowed to withdraw money at any time. They need to pay a charge to the portfolio management company if withdrawal is made before a year of portfolio creation.

Mostly, no charge is levied on the amount of withdrawal after one year of portfolio creation.

In case you are looking to start portfolio management services by a reputed provider, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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