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PMS is a service extended to the investors and traders that are fine in handing over their capital to a fund manager. Today, we will discuss the features of portfolio management services.

But having a basic understanding of PMS is necessary to get a grasp on the PMS features.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a service extended to High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and Institutions by companies ranging from stockbrokers to asset management companies (AMCs).

The service is provided by hiring fund managers. The aim is to reduce the chances of loss in the client’s investments and maximize the portfolio’s profits.

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With this, let’s discuss the features of portfolio management services.

Basic Features Of PMS

A question that must be doing rounds in your head must be – Why should we choose the option to manage our portfolio, right?

That’s a very legitimate question.

We’ll try to answer the question in this section.

To find a solution to this interesting query, you should know about the PMS features that make it so attractive and useful. The features of portfolio management services have been listed below: 

  • Returns can be magnified with the help of knowledgeable fund and portfolio managers.
  • Risk is minimized by building a diverse portfolio consisting of equitycommoditycurrencyderivatives, etc.
  • The management of the portfolio is not a task for you. A qualified expert does it.
  • The minimum investment in PMS has required ₹50 lakh, but there is no upper limit. So, invest as much as you wish.
  • The fee is the fund manager is agreed upon by both parties before entering a PMS agreement.
  • The decisions are well calculated and research deeply.
  • Monitoring of the market every day is not your headache anymore.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra taxes for this service. The regular taxes apply.
  • The documentation can be time taking, but it is a one-time affair. Hence, it is feasible for an investor.
  • Although a manager manages the financial segments you invest in, only the power of attorney of the respective shares is handed over. You retain the ownership of the Demat account and the holdings.
  • With regular performance reports to the clients, the holdings and transactions are transparent and informed.

This list of PMS features can attract any investor willing to invest ₹50 lakh or more in PMS Registration.

PMS Software Features

Since PMS has gained high popularity, a lot of companies have been digitizing the process slowly. Related companies have launched a range of PMS software.

This software is to allow the clients regular monitoring of their portfolios and much more.

Some of the most significant and standard features have been listed below

  • Monitoring of the portfolio related activities.
  • Online payment for additional transactions.
  • Easy performance report delivery.
  • Real-time updates of the portfolio.
  • Research related to the investments made.
  • Analysis of the various financial segments.

These features are standard among almost all the PMS software. The service provider offers additional features.


Features of Portfolio Management Services are pretty alluring for an investor who meets the PMS requirements. An investor aims to get the most profits out of an investment.

This aim can be fulfilled only when an expert guides you towards the financial goals.

PMS is the best choice for an investor who doesn’t want to get involved in everyday trading to reach his financial aspirations.

With the increasing popularity of PMS, various companies have extended PMS software facility that eases the monitoring of investment portfolios on the go.

We hope you are one step closer to taking a decisive call on portfolio management services.

Happy investing!

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