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Ashika Group Franchise


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  • Old and trustable brand
  • ‘Sahayak’ in-house application especially for partnership business
  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio


  • Limited offline presence

When it comes to stockbroker business, Ashika Group Franchise business has established itself pretty well in terms of its brand equity and the business terms.

As far as the broker profile is concerned, Ashika Group is a leading financial service provider. The company is a full-service stockbroker headquartered in Mumbai. The broker offers a large range of financial products and services to its customers. Also, the broker gives its clients trading platforms with low brokerage.

Ashika Group Franchise Review

Ashika group began its operations in the year 1994. The company has employee strength of 150 dedicated professionals. It has all India presence through more than 400 sub-brokers and Authorized persons in more than 17 states.

The presence of business partners helps in providing the products and services of the Ashika Group to every customer. The company claims that it is the first company of India which provides offline trading in Mutual fund.

Following are the products and services offered by the Ashika Group to their customers to trade and invest:

The broker has taken membership of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX.

As a business partner of the company, you will get two types of business model, attractive revenue sharing ratio, affordable security deposit, offers to start a partnership business etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss different aspects of the Ashika Group franchise like the business model, revenue sharing, advantages, steps to become a business partner etc.

Ashika Group Franchise Advantages

Following are the advantages of starting a partnership business with the Ashika Group.

  • Brand name of the company: The company is a leading player in the broking business. It is running in the market from the last two decades. So, very well-known among the market players. A business partner can get the benefit of this for the client acquisition.
  • Helps in taking the right decision– The broker offers all general things to their business partners and clients which all brokers offer to their customers. General offerings include research reports, an Independent research team in both equity and commodity. They provide the suggestions and advice related to the market, which ultimately helps in taking the right trading decision.
  • Marketing related support: To help in the marketing of the business partner, the broker provides sales and marketing related training and materials to their business associates. In order to provide the proper help in marketing, the broker conducts investor awareness seminars from time to time.
  • Technology: The broker offers High technology to help in smooth and profitable trading to their business partners and business associates. You will also be benefited from hi-tech in different areas of your business. They offer you their customized software ‘Sahayak’ also.
  • Online policy available: Policy related to the partnership business is available online as well as it comes to you as a welcome kit. So, full transparency is maintained by the broker while dealing with you.
  • Sahayak: An in-house application ‘Sahayak’ is developed by the broker. It will help you in resolving your all queries related to the partnership business and complaints online. Actually, Sahayak application is specially developed for business partners.

Ashika Group Franchise Eligibility

To become a business partner of Ashika Group, you must qualify the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must have a good understanding of the capital market, regulatory environment and aggressive in sales.
  • Should have a strong client base.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in selling financial products as a sub-broker/Authorized person/Remisier/mutual fund distributor etc.
  • Should have leadership quality and entrepreneurial skill.

Ashika Group Franchise Types

Ashika Group offers two types of business model.

  • Sub-broker
  • Remisier


Sub-broker is the first model offered by the Ashika Group.  Under this model, you are required to set-up your own office to start the partnership business. You will have to acquire your own clients. They all will work under you.

To start the sub-broker business, you will have to deposit some security money to the main broker, that money will be refundable when you will exit from the contract with Ashika Group.

You will be authorized to use all technology and trading platform of the company. You will get access to use research and analysis reports also, it will help you and your clients to earn a profit by making the right trading decision.


  • Right tools and trading platform to support trading.
  • Sahayak-in hose application, to help you in your every need.
  • Extensive and continuous training on all products and services.
  • Training on risk management, back-office and compliance.
  • Help in the marketing of your business.
  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • In-house fundamental and technical advisory.
  • Right to make a different brokerage fee or charge for your clients.


Remisier is the second type of business model offered by the Ashita Global. In this model, your responsibility for work is limited to the acquisition of clients for the broker. Remaining all work will be done by the broker.
Here, a remisier is not required to set-up a separate office.

They can work within the office of the main broker. The main task of a remisier is just to bring a client to the company and if that client starts working with them, a remiser will get the commission on the basis of revenue generated.


  • Competitive revenue sharing ratio.
  • Job responsibility is limited.
  • No need to set-up a separate office.
  • The commission will increase on the basis of the number of clients acquired.

Ashita Group Franchise Revenue Sharing

Let’s discuss the revenue sharing set-up offered by this broker, although, it varies with the business model you go ahead with:


The range of revenue sharing ratio for the sub-broker is 40%-70%. This range is not fixed. It may be increased when you sit with the broker and try to bargain for the revenue sharing ratio.

The broker will consider your request to increase the ratio on the basis of revenue generated by you and the initial investment made by you or the amount of security deposit.

The range is in-line with the industry. Depending on the terms and conditions of the Ashita Group it can be increased also.


The revenue sharing ratio for a Remisier of Ashita Group is in the range of 20%-30%. It means the maximum 30% will be your share and the remaining 70% will be the share of Ashita Group. The range is in line with the industry.

Though the work-load of a Remisier is limited to the client acquisition only, the range of revenue sharing ratio is reasonable.

Ashita Group Franchise Security deposit

There will be an initial investment needed if you choose to go ahead with the stockbroking business. The amount, however, varies based on the business model type:


To work under Sub-broker model, you are required to invest some initial investment or security deposit with the broker. The range of security deposit is Rs.50,000 – Rs.2,00,000. This security deposit is kept by the broker and will be refunded when you will exit from the agreement.

Some money is used by the broker for some basic expenses which are made during your office set-up, trading terminal set-up, infrastructure, advertisements etc. The range is in line with the industry.


As the job of a remisier is very limited, the security deposit is also very low.  A remisier is required to deposit security money in the range of Rs.10,000-Rs.50,000.

This money is charged against your clients. It may vary, depending on the broker’s terms and conditions. However, this range of security deposit is in the line of industry.

Ashita Group Franchise Registration

Following are the steps to become a sub-broker.

  • Fill-up the registration form available on the website. You may choose to use the below-shown form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • Get a call from the customer care executive to verify the interest in the partnership business.
  • You will get another call from the executive of the company for the brief description of the partnership business. At the same time, an appointment will be fixed with the executive.
  • In the meeting, you can ask and clarify your all queries related to the types of the partnership model, the basis of the revenue sharing ratio, initial investment required, offers etc.
  • Submit all required documents for the verification purpose with a security deposit cheque.
  • After verification, you will get an account ID to start your business.
  • Now, you are all set to start a profitable business.

The whole process will take 8-10 business days to complete.

Ashika Group Franchise Summary

Ashika Group is an old name in the broking market.

The company offers two business models with standard revenue sharing ratio and reasonable security deposit. It has both fundamental and technical analysis department which provide separate analysis reports which help in profitable trading for your clients.

Ashika Group provides you with all services which are required for starting a profitable partnership business with a broking company. So, if you are thinking to start your own business in the stockbroking field, you can choose this company.

Thus, in case you are interesting in setting up a business, let us assist you in getting things forward:

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