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IIFL Markets App is one of the simplest, finest, and easy-to-use trading apps available in India and to answer how to use IIFL Market App, is highly important to read this review completely. This becomes even more crucial if you are looking to or already are an IIFL trading client.

IIFL Securities, also known as India Infoline is one of the finest full-service stockbrokers in India which was incorporated in the year 1995

IIFL Markets App provides all the essential information, tools and also allows a smooth transaction process for trading in various segments like:

IIFL Markets App displays LIVE market data with detailed dashboards and customized watchlists across different exchanges.

You have opened an IIFL Free Demat Account and want to access it on your mobile. With the help of the IIFL Markets App, you can trade instantly and monitor your investments promptly. 

Also, IIFL Market App gives the feature of How to do Intraday Trading in IIFL.

How to trade in IIFL Market App?

Although IIFL Market App is simple and easy to use, however for a first time user it’s always difficult to understand all the features of the App at one go. 

Here are a few steps that you would need to follow while using the IIFL Market App:

  1. Initially, you will be required to download the IIFL Market App from the Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS users respectively.
  2. On its successful completion, you will be required to log in to the app simply by using your User ID, Date of Birth (DOB), and Permanent unique number (PAN).
  3. Further, you will be required to create your Watch list. Now, you can trade smoothly without any obstacle.

In case you do not have a trading account, you can still have access to it as a guest user. Guest users allow you to have access to all information related to stocks without being registered with IIFL.

Once you have login into IIFL Market App and created your Watch list, you will be seeing the below options:

  • Watchlist
    • In the Watchlist, you can customize your stocks by choosing the desired trading segments like derivatives, commodity, equity, currency, etc. 
    • With the IIFL Watchlist, you can directly place an order for a specific script. Swiping the script to the left side of the mobile will allow you to choose one from the “buy or sell trade” option.
  • Dashboard
    • In the dashboard section of the IIFL Markets App, you will be viewing the different tabs- Home, Indices, Commodity, and currency. 
    • In the Home section, you will be viewing all the current data and information on the stock market along with the news on the bottom of the page. You can also view the Top gainers and losers in the market movers section listed by NSE or BSE.
    • The details on the home page will be similar to other sections. However, in the commodity section, only commodity-related data will be shown like gold, silver, crude oil, copper, cotton, or other products.
  • Search:
    • In the search option, you can search for a particular company in three tabs- cash, future, and option.
    • Here, you can search for a particular firm dealing in equity, currency, or commodity.
  • Mutual Funds:
    • If you are willing to invest in Mutual Funds, then you can click on the “Mutual Funds” button next to the Watchlist. 
    • Here many categories will be displayed as per the stock market in four forms- Equity, Debt, Hybrid, and ELSS. You can choose one to Buy or SIP as per your trading needs.
  • Research Report:
    • With the help of the Research Report in the “More” tab, you can freely research the top 500 companies listed by NSE and BSE.
    • Before putting up your money in any company, you can get a detailed list of the top companies in the stock market.
  • More:
    • In the more option, you can view the price alert, get expert’s ideas, and handle your notifications through Notification Center.
    • Also, through this tab, you can have access to live derivatives, IPO, and can even get a personal loan in a few minutes without any paperwork.
    • You can easily conduct extensive research through the “Advanced Research” option for Evaluation, Idealists, Model Portfolio, and Market Outlook.
    • If you want to know and view the present top investors of the stock market, simply click on the “Superstars Portfolio” button where you can view them as an individual or an institute.

Clicking on their name will allow you to have a deeper analysis of their performance, holdings, and net worth.

With the IIFL App, you can reap the benefit of IIFL AMO, and enjoy trading at your convenience.

Also, you can read the IIFL DP ID.

Final Thoughts

IIFL Markets App is a perfect portal App that helps an investor to put money in the stock market at any time and from anywhere.

This document is an ideal explanation about the question of How to use the IIFL Market App? Through the aforementioned information, you will be able to save your precious time and can do trading smoothly on the App.

With multiple features and extensive tools, an investor can earn at a profit rate with carefully evaluating every stock and tracking performance. 

With the IIFL Markets App offering the latest technology and features, you can easily monitor and you can get all the necessary stock market information and valuable ideas from the experts which will be an extra valuable effort in doing efficient trading and investing.

Frequently Asked Questions on IIFL Markets App:

Some of the questions are frequently asked by the investors and here below we have tried to answer each one of them in an accurate way: 

  • What happens when I change my mobile/phone?
    • If you have changed your phone, you just require to download the IIFL Markets App from the Play Store or Apple Store; depending upon your handset. Once you have downloaded the app, log in with your details like Client ID and password.
  • Can I still have access to the App, if I do not have a trading account?
    • Yes, by signing as “Guest” on the IIFL Markets App, you can have access to the online stock market information, statistics and news. 
  • Is the IIFL Markets App safe and secure for trading?
    • Indeed! It’s completely secure to trade on IIFL Markets App. The session automatically expires after 15 minutes of no activity and to trade or view reports, the password will be required. Hence, IIFL Markets App is completely safe and secure.
  • Can I place an order directly from the Watchlist?
    • Yes, you can place an order directly from the Watchlist by swiping to the left of the particular script towards your phone. You can choose to buy or sell the script as desired.
  • If I place an order through IIFL Markets App, can I still view it on “Trader terminal” and Can I delete or modify that order too?
    • Yes, It is possible to view, modify, or delete scripts brought in IIFL Markets App through Trader Terminal and vice-versa.

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