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Sabke hath mein Dhan ki Rekha” was the tagline for Shriram insight, one of the top Full-service brokers in IndiaShriram Netpro is an online trading platform provided by Shriram insight.

Shriram Netpro trading platform is a retail arm of Shriram group. It is a Kolkata based company but currently having its head office in Chennai.

In this detailed review, we will have a quick look at how this app works in real-time from different perspectives such as analysis, features, order placement etc.

After you take membership in Shriram insight, you will be provided with login id and password. Initially, you have to pay nothing because account opening is free with Shriram, but they charge some annual maintenance charge as per their rule.

For online trading, they will provide you with Shriram Netpro tools. You may choose to use Shriram Netpro mobile as well as Shriram Netpro desktop for trading.

Most likely, you will find the Shriram Netpro trading platform very functional. It has multiple options for trading. It provides you options to invest in equity, commodity, Derivative Trading, Margin Trading, Deposits, Mutual funds.

Furthermore, transferring funds to Shriram Netpro is very convenient as it accepts around 50 banks.

After logging in, in the Shriram Netpro account, the first thing that you will come across is the Market watch feature. In Shriram Netpro mobile, it is allowed to make five portfolios, and you can add 20 companies in each portfolio for market watching.

For experienced traders, it is almost effortless to use this platform, and you can add companies to your portfolio for monitoring. This can be done, simply by clicking the add button, after clicking the add button search by the name of the company and add them for market watching.

By scrimping on the company name option for real-time graph, market depth, set price and buying arrives.

It is easy to buy and sell any commodity from your portfolio, even shares.

Brokerage charges are around o.3% you can calculate brokerage charges by using Shriram Insight brokerage calculator provided in the trading app itself.

For example: if you are buying 100 shares of 1000 rupees then for one share brokerage will be 3 rupees. Similarly, brokerage charges for 1000 shares will be 300rupees, which you will have to pay for the company.

By using Shriram Netpro, you may check your daily position, which tells about the trading report. It shows your stock balance, orders you have placed and your trading report.

In the app, they provide real-time graph as well as the market depth of a company.

The real-time graph shows what is the current value of any share going on it is useful for intraday trading:

By using that platform, you can easily trade-in many segments, for example, BSE, NSE, MCX, CDSL and NSDL.

You may also check out the Shriram Netpro desktop version. However, it will take you some time as you will be required to install a file, desktop version provides a clearer picture of the live market and charts.

The company provides options for investing in equity, commodity and mutual funds as well as many different investment options using Shriram Netpro.

As far as pricing and brokerage are concerned, you need to pay for trading with Shriram insight were reasonable, yet many companies in the market cost less than them.

Research and tips which has been provided by Shriram were average as some calls worked and some didn’t. Even though I obtained some profit as the market was doing good at that time.

But overall, it was average.

They provide very low exposure/Leverages for intraday and 2X margin only, which is less but it’s negotiable to an extent. There is an option to contact the company for that.

Talking about customer services, they provide customer services by email, phone and they provide offline support.

Support is, although not rated well by lots of users, and they need to work on it.

Shriram Netpro Mobile Trading

Shriram Netpro platform provides a better trading facility for its clients technologically. They have advanced their both mobile as well as a desktop version to meet the needs of a modern-day trader. 

  • The mobile application provided by the Shriram Netpro provides very interactive and convenient features.
  • It provides general facilities for market watching. It means you can see the status of any company; it tells how much a share is increasing and decreasing.
  • In the mobile application, you can watch 20 companies by using one portfolio the app. It also provides you features of making five portfolios at a time so you can see a hundred companies from a different portfolio. 
  • It provides a feature of seeing position. It is an essential thing in the stock market as it tells investors how long they should trade as per the market volume.
  • It provides a feature to watch your trade, it tells about your investment, and it shows the status of your equities.
  • It provides a facility of the online order booking. It is something that keeps a record of the finances of your trading.
  • It provides a feature of chartering. Besides, it offers a real-time graph of a company, market depth with providing a facility to buy sell or cancel.

  • It provides you with the facility to set stock price alert once when the set price is achieved, and it will automatically buy or sell that share.
  • Facilities provided by Shriram Netpro desktop version also provides all the facilities provided in the mobile app. It provides the facility of clear chartering.
  • It helps to watch several markets at the same time, with their curves.
  • Except features provided by trading platform company offers a discount on brokerage charges.
  • Shriram Netpro also provides support by email, chatting, toll-free number, and offline support.

Here are some of the stats of Shriram NetPro mobile app from the Google Play store:

Shriram Netpro Configuration 

Here is the Shriram Netpro mobile configuration with step by step details:

Step1: First of all, a login page will come. You are required to fill an input in first login page then after second login page comes asking about the password.

Step 2: Once the login process is completed, the main page will come. The main page can be slid to open different features. The first feature is market watching. On the header, type of market will be displayed. 

Step 3: On the header, itself add symbol button is used which can be used to find any share to add for market watching or trading.

Step 4: After clicking on the company, it gives many options to sea their performance curves. On the left side, the top menu bar is given.

Shriram Netpro Desktop Configuration

In desktop on the header main, order, market, mutual funds, fixed deposit type options come.

On the desktop version, you can watch the market as well as you can read the performance curve of different companies at the same time.

Shriram Netpro Pros and Cons

Shriram Netpro is a good trading platform provided by Shriram insight.

It has some pros as well as cons.

Pros of Shriram Netpro

Shriram Netpro is part of an old firm established in 1974. The trading platform has excellent and user-friendly facilities that have below-mentioned pros:

  • It is highly secured
  • It’s commendable in terms of technology.
  • It’s a platform which provides investment in a variety of trading segment.
  • You can do fund transfer using approx. 50 banks.
  • It charges reasonable pricing and brokerage.

Cons of Shriram Netpro

  • Low exposure/leverages for the trader. They provide maximum 2X leverage.
  • Their research and tips have been rated average.
  • Their customer support is also averagely rated.


Conclusion for Shriram Netpro is

  • Their trading platform is excellent, as it gives so many features
  • They are suitable for investing in a vast range of segments.
  • Transferring funds are convenient.
  • Research and tips are average.
  • They are trustworthy as they are a retail part of Shriram group.
  • Research and tips are average.
  • Average customer support 
  • Low exposure and margins
  • Reasonable brokerage charge

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