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Chart patterns play a vital role in depicting the direction of stock movements. But sometimes, traders fail to get the timely display of different charts on their stockbroker app. These days people complain a lot about Angel One Chart not working on their devices. 

Now, this failure in the app results in the loss of a hefty amount to the trader. It is therefore important to consider some of the major reasons why stockbroker apps stop working.

Angel One Chart Not Working in PC

Apart from mobile app, Angel One provides a desktop trading app namely, Angel Speed Pro, and a trading terminal to make trade simpler and easier for its users. 

However, many times the app fails to load charts on time and the major reason could be the poor integration of the Angel One platform with the chart pattern sites like TradingView. 

Apart from this, there could be multiple reasons behind it. Here we have presented four reasons along with the solutions for them. 

1. Refresh Your Device Screen

Well, one possible reason why the Angel One chart is not working on your device is because of buffering. First, check the internet connection and try refreshing your device screen. It might help! 

Also, you can revisit the Angel One chart settings and again select the option to view charts. 

2. Clear Cache

Sometimes, it happens that your device cache is not cleared and you end up witnessing technical issues like this. So, you can try clearing the cache and see if it works. 

For this, open the history page on your device and click on clear cache memory. 

3. Allow Cookies for Chart Pattern Sites 

Cookies help improve the browsing experience of users by saving information. One possible reason why Angel One chart is not working on your device is because you have not enabled the cookies for sites. 

Consider doing it and see if it resolves the problem.

4. Open in New Browser or Update Browser

The next solution you could opt for is opening sites in a new browser or updating the browser. It  might rectify the technical glitch and open the charts on Angel One. 

If you tried all the above solutions and nothing works, you can simply contact the Angel One customer care team. 


As we all know how important chart patterns are in analysing stocks. The problem of Angel One Chart not working on your device can lead you to severe losses while trading. And many traders have witnessed it and left this trading platform in frustration.

We advise you to first go through the possible solutions mentioned above. And if you fail to see any positive result, you should consider exploring other options out of the best trading platforms in India.

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