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Is Groww not working today? Now think of the situation where you are about to place the order, or squaring off your position at the best profit of let’s say ₹10,000 in intraday trading and suddenly the app crashes.

Wouldn’t it be a kind of panic situation for you?

Sometimes a lag of even a minute can change the entire picture of trading and can leave you empty-handed.

Therefore it becomes essential for you to look for the app to ensure that it works well even during peak trading hours.

Groww is Not Opening

Groww is a discount broker that has acquired a good client base in the shortest time period. But sometimes it too failed in meeting the client expectations.

Now not every time the issue is specific to the app.  Sometimes it is related to a server issue or internet connectivity.

But the problems exist with the opening of the app as well.

Most of the traders complaining about Groww not working today usually raises a login issue.

Furthermore, the Groww app can face some technical glitches because of which the application stops working. According to the users, the stocks are not being purchased and transactions are getting failed.

Before moving ahead to deal with the major issues of why Groww not working today, let’s grab a bit about the Groww app information in the following table.

The traders complained of the Groww not opening. What can be the reasons? So here comes the main reasons for the Groww app not working: With more than 1o million active users, Groww is moving ahead with the sours and sweet reviews of the clients as mentioned in Google Plat Store.

  • The size of the app is not supported by the mobile phone.
  • Because of the internet connectivity, the app does not open.
  • Because of the backend maintenance, the Groww app does not get support.

Apart from this, there might be many problems that are faced by the Groww app users. To know the same, let’s dive into the following segment.

Groww App Problems

No doubt memory management is an issue but on the other side, the lifespan of the software, testing, and fault in technicalities can lead to shutting down of the application. 

So, if Groww is not working today then here are some of the reviews and problems that arise from the software problem.

  • According to many users, the selected stocks are not updated on the watchlist and hence many users asked for increasing the number of watchlists in the app.
  • Whenever the order gets executed or completed, the app takes a lot of time to correct and update the status.
  • Lagging, low accuracy, slow updation of stocks, and wrong current data generate losses to the users.
  • After paying for the IPO through the UPI method, the app does not update the same in the app.
  • The Groww app does not allow the trader to put AMO (After Market Orders) orders.  
  • The app crashes too often that the traders cannot gain more returns on the trades.
  • The price movements will suddenly stop before buying or selling the stock.
  • According to the Groww app users, the balance sheet is so confusing and does not provide the balance history in an adequate way.
  • The users cannot open or log in to the app for the full day because of which they miss out on the perfect opportunity to enter and exit from the position at the right time.
  • The Groww app provides unnecessary advertising notifications to the user.
  • Moreover, the user does not receive the information on the upper circuit and lower circuit prices of the stock thus making it difficult for traders to exit at the right time. 

If the problems are summarized in brief then it can be seen that the app is getting used by many newbies and experts but at someplace the app lacks in the features even after the update.

Therefore, it can be the main reason for the traders and investors to look for the best alternate and proceed further in earning more profits than the losses.


If you too are a customer of the discount broker and usually come across the common issue of Groww not working today then it is time to look for the right solution. 

Either you can post your reviews and wait for the issue to get resolved or can upgrade your stockbroker by opening a demat account with the broker offering the best trading app.

Therefore, stay connected, stay explored, and stay with the best stockbroker.

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