Cheated by Your Broker? Here is how You Deal with it!

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Face the Fraud

  • Have you gone through a bad experience with your broker?
  • Has the customer support stopped taking your calls anymore?
  • Have you just booked a loss due to the trading platform going down?
  • Has your broker placed unauthorized trades against your trading account?
  • Do you need assistance in taking any further action against the broker?

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If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, Well don’t worry!

A Digital Blogger has come up with this initiative – ‘Face the Fraud‘ where we guide and assist our users in taking an action against their broker.

In this free ‘Face the Fraud’ service, A Digital Blogger provides you:

  • guidance on what are the things you should take care of in case you have had a rough experience with your broker.
  • assistance on steps to be taken to launch a formal complaint at SEBI.
  • an unbiased support towards taking an informal and formal action against the broker

The whole process will include escalations at 3 different levels for issue resolution (which will be communicated to you once the registration is complete).

Just provide the details of your complaint in the form below with all the information about the problem you have gone through.

Free Demat Account

Once submitted, you will be provided with an initial walkthrough based on your specific issue.

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